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    PMMRD: An Unexplained Phenomenon

    There is growing evidence that the Mike Martz system is the NFL equivalent of Red Bull. It results in a quick burst of energy, followed by a major crash into lethargy. Call it PMMRD or Post-Mike Martz Regression Disorder.

    Look at the examples:

    Rams (Martz OC/HC) - GSOT followed by the current era of futility.
    Lions (Martz OC) - Short period during which Kitna looked like Kurt, followed by 0-13 (and counting).
    Chiefs (Used Martzian System Under Vermiel/Saunders) - High-powered offense followed by Highly Offensive Offense.

    Is Mike Martz the anti-King Midas of football? Does everything he touches eventually turn to crap? If so, why?

    One thing is certain...

    This does not bode well for the future of the Whiners!

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    Re: PMMRD: An Unexplained Phenomenon

    One theory would be that Martz' coaching prowess helps average talents overachieve. Not to say that he hasn't had some great talent to work with (Faulk, Bruce, Holt, Calvin Johnson or for Vermiel in KC, Gonzalez, Holmes, LJ), but the system often gives less than stellar players impressive stats as well (Furrey in Detroit, Kennison in KC, etc.).

    It should also be noted that for the most part, these teams weren't good before the system was installed. St. Louis was bad through the '90s, Detroit was bad before and after Martz, the ***** have mostly been a cellar dweller since TO left. Martz comes in, Quarterback X throws for 4,000 yards a season, and after a few seasons management gets tired of Martz's lack of balance on (and off) the field. Martz gets fired and moves on. Meanwhile, the underlying issues like management and scouting that were holding the team back in the first place have been going on all along, so when Martz' performance enhancing effect is gone, the team returns to the status quo.

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