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    Polley's Resurgence, and other Random Thoughts

    After being benched to start the year, and despite a rib injury, Tommy Polley has really stepped it up and contributed in the last three weeks. Over that span, he has 18 tackles, 2 sacks and a forced fumble. Nice to see him playing to his potential again.

    The last two drafts have really started paying off with several contributers, including Pisa Tinoisamoa, Kevin Curtis, Sean McDonald, DeJuan Groce, Scott Tercero, Steven Jackson, Anthony Hargrove and Brandon Chillar.

    I worried about a lot of things during the Seahawk game, but one thing that I did not worry about was whether Jeff Wilkins would make the kick to send the game into overtime. He is, indeed, money.

    As much as I have come to dislike the Patriots, I hope they take care of the Seahawks this week.

    I hope we see more screen passes to Jackson. Its great watching him run in the open field with smaller D backs trying to tackle him.

    Is there still a Rams-Bucs rivalry? I guess we'll see on Monday.

    On the Manumaleuna TD - I was trying to think of the last time I saw a man that big go that high up to grab a ball. I'm thinking it was when Charles Barkley was playing.

    The cuisine report for Monday night's game: Chicken wings - probable. A green vegetable (other than celery sticks) - questionable. Carb-free BBQ sauce - doubtful. Tofu - out.

    Am I the only one who thinks that Travis Fisher's return will be a huge boost to the defense?

    Did you notice which RB picked up the blitz on Sean McDonald's game winning TD? I'll give you a hint... it wasn't Marshall Faulk (though he probably learned that from Marshall).

    Anthony Hargrove will get his first NFL sack this week. Write it down.

    Less than two weeks until the Rams visit me here in So. Fla.! Can't wait!

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    Re: Polley's Resurgence, and other Random Thoughts

    You're right, it is good to see Polley playing football again. On Sunday I thought I felt an earthquake here in NorCal, but it was just Manu landing after that TD grab. Hopefully he can keep catching the ball. Monday could end up being a good night as we could end up a half game in first place if we beat the Bucs. Which would be pretty nice since they have been a thorn in our side the last couple of years. If there is one thing we can say about the Rams this year...they are not boring. Of course, we have been able to say that for a couple of years now.


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