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    On a positive note?

    If Devin Hester didn't score those two TDs, it would've been tied, and yeah their offense sucks, and it shouldn't have been amazing against us, well we should've stopped them more at least. But its good to know that our offense scored more than any other team against a phenomenal defense, and at basically an away game...

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    Re: On a positive note?

    I agree with that...what a frustrating way to lose...after schooling their D.

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    Re: On a positive note?

    If you would have told me before the game that we were gonna score 29 points then I would have thought we would win.

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    Re: On a positive note?

    Actually if he didn't get those Two TDs we'd be down by 1. Missed an XP (28 - 27)

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    Re: On a positive note?

    Yes well.....that just goes to show you that the special team needs to play the game also.

    It would have been a close game without those returns....yea....another close game.

    The Rams are bad, but not that bad. They aren't getting blown out by any team, including da bears.

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    I don't think their D is that great,it's good, but not great. We ran on them quite easily, and the only reason we had to abandon the run, was because we were playing catch up. Consider also that we have a patchwork O line. They will get exposed in the playoffs.

    In addition to that, our receivers were catching on them, quite easily also. Yes we had our drops, but this is supposed to be a "great" defense.
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