Picture if you only saw 1 quarter of this game. Depending on which quarter it was, you would have an entirely different perspective of this team. There were some great moments, and some...well, other moments.

But I think we're all trying to put a finger on this teams identity and it hasn't fully found itself yet. Some are touting the play of the D. Others are looking at the fact that we squeeked by some below average teams.

I think the only thing we know, is that this team has twice now found a way to win a close game. That is something to build on. Also, they are 2-1 and although we would prefer 3-0, I think we would all take this if offered at the beginning of the year. (just might have thought it would have been the Cards stealing one at home.) Either way, 1-1 in the division.

Looks like Barron will begin to take over the RT, and apparently we are more concerned about the offense than the defense right now. Again, I think I would take that if you offered it at the beginning of the year.

Playing well vs. the run is a good thing. I don't see facing a better team "exposing" anything there...just perhaps move a down a few notches in our run defense ranking.

I think this team is now getting into regular season form (which wasn't the case in game 1) and can start to show it's identity.

Let's hope it's a run stuffing, opportunistic defense, with an explosive offense and a special teams that is not below average.