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    Re: Possible Rams Free Agents: Running Backs ..

    I would love to see the Rams get Darren Sproles it will bring a nice element to the O.


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    Re: Possible Rams Free Agents: Running Backs ..

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadlock View Post
    You said he was mediocre.
    Then when confronted with evidence via statistics you said the statistics were over rated because he had long runs.
    Then you say the long runs aren't often enough. Which is it? Are they not often enough or do they distort the stats? You can't have both. They are either statistically relevant or they aren't.
    Lastly you say we shouldn't count his receptions when he had a premier QB yet Bradford is a premier QB. Why reduce them to being unimportant? Can he catch the ball as a 3rd down back or not?

    Steven Jackson caught a lot of balls at one point, does that mean he no longer can catch the ball because the Rams aren't utilizing him in that way to the same extent?

    It seems you are looking for excuses for why Tim Hightower isn't right but the excuses aren't holding water.
    A career high of 739 yds in a season as a starter isn't mediocre ? I wasn't confronted with statisticS; it was one stat which is meaningless without context. Or are you saying that SJ's lower average last year means TH is a better player? An average based on such a small sample ( about 150 rushes per season is looooow for a starting NFL RB even in a two-back system.Look at KC, for an eg) that doesn't throw out data that are both so rare and so different from the rest that you have to look for other factors to account for them IS statistically distorted. It's not my opinion, it's stats 101.

    The AZ vs ATL game last year is a good eg. An 80 yd TD run then 35 yds on 10 carries after that. Great average on the score sheet but did he help his team overall? So which number is typical; the one 80 yd run or the 10 for 35? Since TH averaged 46 yds rushing per game last season, I'm gonna go with the latter.

    63 catches sounds spiffy but TH's average was only 6.8 for a total of 428 yds, zero scores. Yeah, he's a real YAC-chewing homerun hitter.....As a matter of fact, TH has never had a catch that went for more than 26 yds. Sproles had catches of 66,81, and 57 in the last three seasons, 5/4/2 tds per respective year. SJ had an average of 9.0 per catch over 90 grabs,806 yds total, and 3 TDs in the year to which you referred.Who was just the guy benefiting from a great QB/scheme/unit and who added that something special? It's like saying Amendola's high catch total puts him in the same production weight class as guys who have a similar number but hundreds more yards.

    Sproles is the prototype specialist,imo.He gets very few chances but makes the most of them. TH does not excel in any area. He's just another of the mass of so-so guys like Darby that we've seen languish on The Rams bench forever.

    I dunno if TH would be effective as a 3rd down back with a stud like SJ in the same backfield- my crystal ball is in the shop- but I do not believe that the quoted stats of his average per rush and one season tally of catches prove that he is worth anything like someone like Sproles who gets it done just about every time his number is called and is also a dynamic returner. A different class & value altogether,imo. How are you, once again, improving this team by adding another Darby? Maybe McD could find an effective niche for TH but I just don't see the quoted numbers indicating that he would be a significant upgrade as a specialist because he isn't special; he's....wait for it....... mediocre..
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