Sunday, October 12, 2008 03:15 PM CDT

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Sonny: Why?....with the lead do we keep trying to pass on first down...feed SJ the ball and eat the clock...our "O" is non-existent today. The coach should ream the whole offense!!!!
Jeff Gordon: Well, he should start with Richie Incognito, for sure . . . scary offensive game. Bulger wasn't right. But the Rams won.
mullaniac: JG, Men and Boys need someone to light a fire under them. Bravo Haslett!

Rams Jersey
Jeff Gordon: Indeed, big props for the interim coach. What a difference the change made. The Rams were sloppy, but they played hard.
midnighter67: We won! WE WON!!! We're not the worst team ever! How stupid is Incognito? His IQ is lower than the number on his jersey.
Jeff Gordon: His IQ is fine. His composure . . . not so good. Richie got baited by the Redskins again and again.
Steve W: Incognito has got to go....unsportsmanlike conduct, are you kidding me
Jeff Gordon: It would have been Romberg going into the game for Richie, because Goldberg had to replace Pace after O.P. got nicked. But I would have taken him out of the game.

But the Rams do need Richie's talent.
Christopher Johnson: Okay, Jeff. How did that happen?
Jeff Gordon: Strong defense, overall. Some big takeaways. Washington blew the game, really, but the Rams did enough to take advantage. The passion was certainly there.

Big play by Donnie Avery, eh?
MarkLZCran: Gordo- what's your opinion on this suggestion: Leckey and Incognito OUT, Romberg and Greco in?
Jeff Gordon: Leckey got confused at the wrong time and he had a couple of crappy snaps. Romberg could step in. As for Richie, the team needs his talent. And his passion. He just has to settle down.

A struggling team needs hard-core guys like Richie.
midnighter67: Scott who?
Jeff Gordon: Under Linehan, that last penalty would have cost the team. That is just the way it went with Scott. But there was a nice chance in the team atmosphere.
midnighter67: They didn't play great but they didn't collapse either. It's obvious they'll need to rebuild the Oline before they can compete on offense. If Jackson could get some holes to run through once in a while they could win a few more. I'm happy, though. Now if my Phillies can win tonight everything will be right with the world.
Jeff Gordon: The O-line had a tough battle today. It didn't collapse, but it had a long day. It's too soon to turn to Greco and Schuening, though.
Aaron Hickerson: Hey Gordo

Excellent deffense, now I think you cut Marc Bulger quite frankly you don't pay a guy that much when he sucks. Also Need faster wide reciver, they can keep Donnie Avery only because I belive he is a up and coming player. Get rid of offensine play caller.
Jeff Gordon: Play calling got a little predictable. Maybe that showed Al's lack of confidence in Bulger.
boleil: It looks like for once the team came prepared. The offense was still weak but they came up with a play at the end when they had to. Two of them actually. Avery's big catch and Josh Brown saving Richie Incognito's job with the FG kick. What was Richie thinking??

Good job by Haslett having the team prepared. Until Bulger starts pulling his weight with more consistency though, these wins will continue to be far and few between.
Jeff Gordon: Fair point about Bulger -- he was 15 of 26 for 136 yards and no TDs. On his one big play, Avery came back to get the ball.
Lawarence Marmie: Is Richie Incognito the most stupid man on the face of the earth? What's even more shocking than his utter lack of control that made a chip shot field goal a 50 yarder is the fact that he wasn't taken out of the game after it. Why is their no accountablity on this team?
Jeff Gordon: As noted earlier, they were down to Romberg as the only sub, since Goldberg stepped in for Pace. Still, I would have pulled him. Going forward, he will be under the microscope.
Superjim: Hi Gordo

What a win! Brilliant all through the game, if we keep playing like that we're not out of the division. If you want a snapshot of what a leader is, how about Jim Haslett squaring up to a Redskin following a punt in the 3rd quarter? That attitude is why we won today. I think Linehan might've cried. I'm thrilled, bring on Dallas!!!

Thanks Gordo
Jeff Gordon: Yeah, Haslett was hilarious after the game. "Number 29? I don't worry about that. I'm bigger than he is." Great stuff.
Armen Dacity: Two guys who have quietly become consistent and effective players are Ron Bartell and Victor Adeyanju. I think both should be part of the Rams' long-term plans. Agree?
Jeff Gordon: Agreed. I didn't agree with the defensive holding call on Bartell, but he kept playing hard after that. Nice game. And Victor is the anti-Wroten, a blue-collar guy who just works and works.
Lawarence Marmie: When will the horror show known as the Nick Lecky experiment finally be over?
Jeff Gordon: Yeah, he got a little lost out there. The Rams need to look at that. I liked Romberg at center last year.
Mickey: Do you know if is available? I will start the grass-roots campaign to get him off the team. What was he possibly thinking yelling at the refs and getting penalized. He definitely does not have a team first attitude. He is all about himself. CUT HIM
Jeff Gordon: He is a team guy, he is just goofy. And the Rams can't medicate him before games.
tbodrero: I knew Linehan was bad coach, but was he really so bad that he was holding this team back? Washington is a good team, and the RAMS played them very tough?
Jeff Gordon: Linehan was in way over his head. The team needed leadership that was a lot more primal. Haslett is not afraid to get in faces, or worse.
Alex: Gordo,

What was the Washington defensive back Torrence getting into Haslett's face over? I have to admit, it was fun watching Haslett go off on him. That's energy a fan enjoys seeing!
Jeff Gordon: Haslett laughed it off as one of those spur of the moment things. Lots of talking out there. Haslett is wired into the game, just as he was as a player.
Randy Centorani: WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!

Ritchie Ingonito is and always will be a bonehead.......But we won anyways despite his best effort to try to cost us a victory again......

Can't we find someone to take his place?????
Jeff Gordon: The team needs Richie right now. The kid is physical and the Rams need more of that. But he can really be thankful that Brown saved him.
PhredRam: Incognito is a complete moron. He just kept jawing at the refs even after Jackson and others were beging him to stop. He needs to be benched. Who would replace him?
Jeff Gordon: If he did get benched, it would be Goldberg (if he's not filling in for Pace) or Greco.
Lawarence Marmie: Did Al Saunders catch Linny Pox when he came to St. Louis? This guy's playcalling has been mind-boggling to say the least...
Jeff Gordon: Again, that might have something to say about his confidence in Bulger. Dude had the happy feet again. A lot of work ahead with Marc. Al really tried to play it safe -- and that almost cost them the game.
Still a fan: Finally a win!!!! I'm glad they won but when will Haslett realize that Bulger was better on the bench? That final pass was NOT a Bulger completion but an Avery catch!!! It was good to see the defense come ready to play a full four quarters.
Jeff Gordon: Bulger wasn't great, but Green did nowhere near enough to dislodge him.
Hef: Jeff,
just one game- and we certainly have the same deficiencies we had before- but what a difference an infusion of attitude makes, huh!
This game merely reinforces what we hear about the NFL and its teams, meaning that there is truly not a lot of difference between most of the teams.
Also, Incognito should be cut tomorrow morning.......let the boys enjoy their evening, then cut him. He's just too stupid to be effective.
Jeff Gordon: I kept insisting that the Rams have more good players than you think. Today that showed, mostly on defense. And with Avery at the end.
Redzone20: Hi Gordo,
We won! I don't care if we had 200 net yards and 8 first downs. Linehan would have lost this one. Cut Incognito or demote his a%#!! What part of the offense and what part of the defense do you think played better than their usual self?

Jeff Gordon: The depleted secondary held up well. Too bad Manning got hurt on that one blitz, because he adds a nice element playing inside in nickel and dime packages. He isn't fast enough to line up outside on the island, but he is physical enough to help inside.
joe passamonte: its a step in the right direction....nice to not have to bash linehan this week.
Jeff Gordon: Yes, a nice change for sure.
jose in Portland: Gordo,

It was long overdue..... not the win, but that the rams did not wilted in the 4th quarter. Even if they had lost, I think it would have been a very good sign. But I am still very concerned about the lack of mental focus by the Rams, specially the offensive line. What the heck was Incognito thinking? It could have easily cost the team the game! Those guys in the O-Line need to shape up and shut up. At least Barron did not commit one of his signature penalties.
Jeff Gordon: Yeah, Alex is silently smiling about that. For once, fans are complaining about somebody else.
Rampage88: Incognito- Why is he on the team again? It's not like he is a great player who opens holes for Jackson. Our offense is putrid. Too many 5 WR routes. We need to keep in more blockers and send a few guys deep. Looks like Linehan left his playbook. Al Saunders scheme is not as advertised. Anyway, the D played pretty well. Run defense had some problems though. Glad to get a win.
Jeff Gordon: Klopfenstein isn't much of a blocker, so that's why the team went to more WRs - to force coverage. When Joe was there blocking on pass downs, there were issues.
Billy Waddy: What was the difference with the defense today? Even Chavous looked like he was worth something...
Jeff Gordon: A week of no-holds-barred coaching paid off.
AG: Hey Jeff,

What a day huh? How did Bulger look, was he still throwing off his back foot scared of the rush? Good to see top picks playing well, Long and Avery!
Jeff Gordon: Until Marc scrambled out of the pocket and made that one heave that Avery came back for, he had a terrible day. He is still not stepping up and throwing with much authority.
rams1017: great win, Bulger I feel is getting more confident, wasn't the greatest of games by Marc, but it's a start. Your thoughts on Dante Hall, everyone was dissing him pretty hard but he came up with some nice returns.
Jeff Gordon: Hall saved himself. The timing was right, too, with Stanley up from the practice squad and dressed out.
midnighter67: Under Linehan, that last TD would have cost the team. They didn't fold under Haslett, though. Great play at a critical point in the game for Avery.
Jeff Gordon: Avery established himself with that one. I like the fact the Rams looked to make him a focal point.
Jack J: Gordo,

Coach Haslett said the team would play hard and he is right they sure did. Hats off to Haslett and his coaching staff for this win. Even Chris Long's father, Howie Long, said hats of to Coach Haslett for his first win and in a very difficult place to play against one of the best teams in the NFC.

Richie Incognito is a bum and doesn't use his head. Haslett will have to do something with him. There is no room for a players with out of control attitudes like him in the NFL. I know he is a good player but if the personal foul would have cost the Rams the game, how long would you put up with this nonsense.
Jeff Gordon: Richie will have to reform during the rest of the season and suffer the consequences.
Say WHAT??: Hmmm, Donny Avery may just be the sparkplug to help this offense huh?? Sloppy, but wow was it fun to be my hometeam IN WASHINGTON!! Do you think Saunders will adjust the offense to go down field more now??
Jeff Gordon: IF he can get protection and If he can get Bulger snapping the ball with more oomph!, then, sure, throw it downfield. But Bulger didn't inspire that sort of confidence today.
midnighter67: Cut Bulger? Brilliant, you really know your stuff, AH.
Jeff Gordon: Bulger still gives the Rams something to work with. The throw I liked the best was the third-down strike to Avery over the middle, in a tight window, with pressure up the middle. THAT is the guy we got to know earlier in his career.
moneyburna: i missed the big donnie avery play everyboedy is talking about..can u tell me about it? by the way,i asked you about donnie avery one time and you just bashed him and said he shouldnt of been the rams pick
Jeff Gordon: I can't recall bashing Avery. I've liked the kid. Picking that high was iffy, for sure, and the early payoff wasn't there because of injuries. But he is a good kid and well-respected by the staff for his mental approach. He had a lot to learn coming from a spread offense. His route-running was raw.

I also wondered why the team was so down on DeSean Jackson, who had a big early impact in Philly.

As for the catch, Bulger underthrew a deep ball. Avery read it, put on the breaks, came back in front of the DB and made the lunging grab, cradling the ball with one hand and keeping it secure when he landed. Just a great play.
kielejocain: Hey Gordo,

What was the deal with the Washington player getting up in Haslett's face? Any idea what was going on there?

And I think I speak for most of the out-of-towners when I beg you to go back to the quarter-by-quarter format for your Game Day blog.
Jeff Gordon: I'll take to the bosses and see what they think about the format. The trouble with the quarter by quarter was updating the same post frequently while users were trying to post comments. That seemed to slow the machinery down.
venerableseed: makes you wonder what would have been had Linehan been axed after last season's 0-8 start (if not earlier). How could the Rams management not have seen that its team refused to play for poor Scott?
Jeff Gordon: Chip Rosenbloom is just too kind-hearted. So was Georgia.
Cristian: Hey Jeff, greetings from Italy! I enjoyed the game tonight, huge game, huge win! We needed a good game to show fans that this team has heart and tonight they did it! Excellent defense (but Portis is hard to stop), good Qb pressure but the main point is the offense: Bulger's level of play is awful, he threw two/three passes that should have been intercepted (Fletcher dropped an easy interception) and in my opinion he seems lost on the field, he makes bad decision when he has to throw under pressure and also when he has time, his throws are not the one we were used to see. What do you think about him?
Jeff Gordon: Still work to do with Bulger. Washington got to him. That is a good D, but Marc needs to be more decisive and more confident with this throws.
Clay: JG, The Rams obviously have a ton of deficiencies. I will say, however, that you're not going to be called Nostradomus anytime soon, because you didn't predict them prior to the season starting. ANY critic (read journalist) can blather about them in hindsight. With that opinion in mind - I think you should man up, and eat those "they're a bunch of losers" column you wrote a few weeks back. So here are my questions....

1. Are you man enough to eat those words?
2. How do you like your crow cooked?

Jeff Gordon: Dude, the Rams lost 17 of 20 games. Seventeen of 20. Champions they are not. Their head coach wasn't good enough, but the players folded repeatedly. So it's a little early to rev up the bandwagon.

I have repeatedly noted that there are good players on this team, players who would look good in better scenarios. Given Haslett credit for changing the atmosphere here to give these guys a chance to compete.

Remember, I've been writing that this team would win games when most posters were predicting 0-16. Today we saw why they can win games.

Let's not forget that Washington helped them out with a ton of uncharacteristic mishaps, many of them unforced.
Armen Dacity: It amazes me how many people react to a Rams win by critiquing Bulger. When the Rams give him time, he produces. When they don't, he does not. That can be said for just about every QB in the league. Meanwhile, did I mention we won?
Jeff Gordon: Yeah, they won, but there is work to do with Bulger. Protection is part of it, but he also has to get better.
LaughingLion: The Rams need to hire someone to teach Incognito impulse control. Someone less volatile than Incognito. I understand John McCain is likely have a lot of free time after November 4.
Jeff Gordon: Sounds like a question for the political writers . . .
pman: Has TOrry Holt lost some speed? He doesn't seem to get seperation very often. Do you think the reason Donnie Avery does not start is because he hasn't learned the offense yet?
Jeff Gordon: Avery is learning the offense and he plays a ton. Even if Bennett comes back, I expect Donnie to play a lot. Holt isn't as fast as he once was, but he is drawing heavy coverage. Saunders moved him around, trying to give him a better chance to get off the line of scrimmage.
jon in kentucky: Wow what a weight off our shoulders, our first win, not pretty but nevertheless a tally in the win column. Will the momentum carry over to next week? Will we be signing Fakhir Brown or another CB this week to fill in for Manning Jr.?
Jeff Gordon: The team repeatedly tried to sign Brown since the coaching change, but the guy's agent really wanted to make the Rams pay for letting him go.
Dakeman: I think Haselett and his defensive staff laid down on Scott L. This defense all of a sudden could stop drives, force turnovers, and hold the score down! ( I'm not saying I liked Scott L) but come on...
Jeff Gordon: There was lots of tanking under Linehan. Don't blame Haslett, because his job was on the line, too. When Linehan dumped Brown over Jim's objection, that sealed his doom with that unit.
moneyburna: i think donnie avery has to be in the top 3 fastest and quickest recievers..what do you think?
Jeff Gordon: He would be one of the pure speed guys in the league, yes. He is way faster than the others here.
YesMan: Shouldn't the Rams seek a replacement for Incognitwit or Barron this summer? Each usually makes one drive killing penalty per game that either erases a first down or puts the Rams in long yardage situations. Having two guys like that is just too much.

They should add a wideout like Maclin too, right?
Jeff Gordon: The Rams have two young guards they like, so OT will be a draft priority. Let's see how Avery, Burton and Stanley play this year -- because that may the answer at WR.
Mark J: Ok. Did the Rams earn that win or did the Redskins basically hand it to them, in spite of Incognito's best efforts?
Jeff Gordon: It's a combo. Washington was charitable. But the Rams worked hard to the end, so they deserved the handout. I really liked how the offense responded after a frustrating game. That last scoring drive showed some character.
GoneGator: So it was my birthday this weekend, and I get two gifts. One, my Gators demolish LSU. But the biggie, today's game against the Skins. And my wife is a Skin's fan at that!

Anyway, GREAT job by Haslett. I don't care how we won. Or the fact the O is sputtering. A win is a win. Biggest thing for me, they DID NOT lay down the second half. Haven't seen that in quite sometime. We really need another big WR, though. Gordo, have you heard anything being addressed about that? Seems like it would really help the O out. GO RAMS!
Jeff Gordon: A big target would help, especially with McMichael out for the year. He played that role in the offense. Too bad Bennett can't stay on the field or produce.
jon in kentucky: After Haslett opened up practices to the media i expected a glut of information and stories to be posted since you could watch so much more of the team and have more access. But that didn't seem to be the case, in fact it seemed to me that you all wrote less??? Is this due to the bye week and trying not be repettitive and beat a dead horse, or was it because you wanted to keep your credibilty and not predict too much either positive or negative and save face. Wait to see the results of this weeks game to start forming your own opinions or what?
Jeff Gordon: Sure, there was a better atmosphere at practice. So what? The games are decided on Sunday. We've seen spirited practice before, following by awful games. The Rams still had to prove it in competition. And they did.
Bill: Incognito, What the f#%& ? Wow, we did our best to blow that one. Nice to be on the other side of a Josh Brown game winner. Haslett may get my vote for coach next year based on this win alone. To go into the house of the hottest team in football and win is pretty impressive. Ugly win, for sure, but could we expect any different from Haslett? Regardless, I'm stoked.
Jeff Gordon: It was just nice to see the team compete. And it was really nice to see a lot of the younger guys (like Avery and Atogwe) respond with big plays.
John: Jeff, what is the extent of the Orlando Pace injury? Its time to get Richie calmed down and put him at center and lets see what Greco has a RG, lechey is not a nfl starting player, thanks
Jeff Gordon: We'll know more on Pace tomorrow. Goldberg did a nice job filling in for him. Leckey's status will be reviewed, I'm sure. Maybe Richie would be less crazy at center, who knows.
Superjim: Hi Gordo

With the injury to Manning any chance we try to trade for Lito Shepherd before the deadline?

Thans Gordo
Jeff Gordon: That's always something to look at, because in the NFC West, all things are still possible. A week ago, fans were clamoring for a sell off to get a few more picks. Funny how things change.
jon in kentucky: Third down and bulger chose to throw to Klopfenstein who dropped the pass as he was hit. Should bulger have ran for the first instead of throwing it to an unproven tight end?
Jeff Gordon: Bulger running is almost never a good idea, although he went for a nice jaunt on a play erased by penalty.
Martin (UK): Great win Jeff, lucky maybe but the Rams displayed plenty of guts today and perhaps earned that luck. So credit to Haslett for instilling some desire back into those players. A healthy Leonard Little makes a massive difference to the defense and if he stays healthy then we may win a few more games. I say "may" because the collapse of Marc Bulger's play just continues at an alarming rate. But we'll worry about that tomorrow eh, the dreadful prospect of 0-16 has vanished and that alone is something to celebrate!! 2-4 after next week!!
Jeff Gordon: Tough game next week. Tough game the week after that, too. There is still much to do.
Lawarence Marmie: Craft blew, but he's still an upgrade over Tye Hill. His absense is addition by subtraction. It was a shame that Manning got hurt- he's made some decent plays for this team. Any movement on bringing Brown back?
Jeff Gordon: Haslett wants him, but the agent has been in the way.
Mark J: What a thrilling victory. Incognito is a knucklehead. That about sums it up

Do you see the Rams coming home with a full head of steam, ready to smack the Cowboys around and pull off a second upset?
Jeff Gordon: This team will need a 200 percent offensive improvement to make that happen. The Cowboys will go right after the beat-up secondary.
tbl41tv: I thought Haslett MADE the Rams sign him to a contract that does NOT call him INTERIM... maybe we are seeing why? He seems to give the team the backbone it has lacked for 3 years... Could he help Bulger regain his confidence, does he have a track record doing that?
Jeff Gordon: Yeah, well, he is still the interim coach. But he could earn an extension for another couple of years by coaxing similar effort from this group the rest of the way.
moneyburna: who would you give the gameball to?
Jeff Gordon: Jim wanted to honor the support staff for helping cheer up the atmosphere at Rams Park. But Brown was the hero, thanks to Richie's antics.
wehumble: What does it say about the leadership on this team that with a game winning fieldgoal on the line and Incognito mouthing off, that no one was able to get him to shut up? Is there no leadership from Bulger/Jackson/Holt or are they just completely un-respected.

And I just want to say that Washington gave this one away. 368yds, 21 first downs, almost 200 yds on the ground, only give up 200 yds of offense; You have to work to lose a game like that.
Jeff Gordon: Jackson tried to move Richie out of harm's way, but Richie is a big man who does not listen. Brown, who has known him since college, also slapped him around.
jon in kentucky: When Haslett got into Torrence's face though and pace and others stuck up for him was a big moment to me. No one ever seemed to stick up for linehan or even be close to him, he was on an island, there was no team unity, but to see haslett stepping up for his team and his team returning the favor showed a new chapter in this revelation? Did you feel the same or would the players just see this as something that happened?
Jeff Gordon: Linehan tried to become more fiery, but the players shrugged. The players know that Haslett is still a little crazy. They get that he once played.
Rich: What about Incognito on the last set of downs ,,,, would you have pulled him just to shut him up?
Jeff Gordon: Yes, definitely.
Jeff Wade: Hey Jeff, what a great win! I'll tell you, it is hard listening to Jim (Mr. Offense) Hanifan complaining constantly about the defensive play on the radio today,especially when they scored the only touchdown of the game, and our offense gave up a touchdown. Trent Green 2 touchdowns, Marc Bulger 0 in last two games. Marc was lucky today that the Redskins kept dropping his passes. The defense is under a lot of pressure with the continued lack of offense, Bulger must go.
Jeff Gordon: Bulger has to get better. I like Green, but he didn't show enough to take the job away.
moneyburna: i think saunders play calling is getting too predictable..5 yard passes everytime? less than that..i want to see the ball getting launched downfield to holt and avery..that will open up the running game for steven jackson.what do you think?
Jeff Gordon: Sure, IF you can protect Marc and IF you believe Marc can deliver those downfield throws against a top defense. Those factors contributed to the conservative play calling.
wehumble: Is not lineing up correctly a 'Barron signature penalty' or is it just false starts.

But at least he didn't have his number called more than once.
Jeff Gordon: Yeah, not lining up right was just a lack of concentration in a highly charged environment. It is a related offense to the false starts.
Bret: In defense of Bulger our O line needs plenty of work and our receivers are not much either. Holt is usually double covered, so what's left? Avery is a rookie and they are doing the best they can with him. Eddie Kennison? C'mon.
Jeff Gordon: Yeah, Eddie is still trying to figure out what is going on. This team needs to get Burton back -- and also use Stanley as a WR.
moneyburna: when drew bennet comes back do you think he gonna take his starting job back from avery? i hope not..avery is one of the key players on O..that kid has speed and talent..
Jeff Gordon: Drew Bennett is coming back? Really? To this point, Bennett hasn't done a thing since he's come to St. Louis to merit starting. I'd rather see all the young guys instead.
Lawarence Marmie: No handoffs or reverses to Dante Hall today- what's up with that?
Jeff Gordon: The Rams tried one to Avery and the Skins sat on it. I believe Washington has looked at game film.
interference: How much of an impact do you think this win will have on the teams ability to gain confidence, or "resilency," as the sports pschologist put-in in an earlier STLToday article?
Jeff Gordon: It just has to be a huge relief. Is it a building block? Maybe, but the offense has to come around in a hurry.
Lawarence Marmie: Do you think the only person more disappointed than Jim Zorn and Daniel Snyder today was Scott Linehan?
Jeff Gordon: Ouch . . .
lonewolfsportsfan: Gordo,

I thought that with two weeks of rest, the firing of Linehan, and the support of Haslett, Bulger would regain some confidence and return to old form. Obviously, he didn't. Is it possible that he is done as a quality quarterback?
Jeff Gordon: Done? That is harsh. But he has a ways to go to be his old self. Warner was written off as done, but he came back to life last season.
Jesse (Santa Cruz, CA): WE WON!!!!! The defense definitely won this game for us but will Bulger bounce back?
Jeff Gordon: Well, we'll see. That play by Avery should energize him.
Dan Buffa: hey jeff,

People will jump to conclusions about this win Jeff, thinking its going to flip the season on its head. We know this, when you are facing desperation, hope shows up and overzealous expectations usually follow. How important do you see it though? On a flat footed level, with both feet touching the floor. I see it as a huge win that cancels a winless season out and reaffirms Jim Haslett as a fiery worthy head coach who turned around the Sains organization and can help here.

How much of a lift do you see this upset win giving us, according to upcoming schedules, divisional play, and the attitude of this team? Thanks, and the smooth info packing columns are great. Keep em coming.
Jeff Gordon: This is a huge lift. It makes the team viable against the Cowboys and Patriots. But the real benefit will come within the division, where the Rams have a chance to win some more games.

Can you imagine if they had lost this game, due to Richie's blunder? That might have devastated the group.
jon in kentucky: The answer isn't to cut Incognito but run him to death next practice, put some tape over his mouth and make him run, let him now that next time he will run for two practices, and the next three and eventually he will think twice, hopefully sooner rather than later
Jeff Gordon: That's old school!
Lawarence Marmie: Watching this offense work is like watching Keanu Reeves try Shakespeare. It's painful to watch and both look like they don't have the skills to do it. Al Saunders doesn't look like a Mike Martz disciple- he looks more like an unwanted stepchild who was left on the porch of an orphanage in Afghanistan.
Jeff Gordon: That's a little harsh. There are some players there. At Washington, they were struggling to match up physically. Jsckson got better as the game went along. So did Holt.
Josh: Jeff,

I'm not one to give up on a player without giving them their fair chance, but doesn't this Marc Bulger deal look like it could be devastating for the franchise? We have him locked up for 6 more years at near 10 million a season. This hurts us because we can't draft another QB and pay him that much and we can't really cut him without absorbing a huge cap hit. Bulger has proven that he can be good and I don't want to throw him under the bus because not much is good around him, but if he doesn't turn it up a notch he is going to be hated by every Rams fan on the planet.
Jeff Gordon: Because so much of his money is salary, the cap hit wouldn't be all that bad. This won't cause huge long-term trouble.
Steve A: Interesting... Haslett becoming head coach results in a defensive win.

I'm still suprised the Rams didn't find a QB to develop in this year's draft. Rumor has it that Beck is available from the Dolphins. Any chance the Rams look in to it?
Jeff Gordon: Long-term, the franchise will look for somebody other than Brock Berlin to develop.
gjsandifer: Gordo, Nice to see a win, an at the expense of one of the leagues better teams, and in that teams home for a change. Some of the positives today I saw were, the play of chris long, he keeps getting better and better, carriker, bartell, atogwe, better o line play, and finally a couple of catches from klopfenstien, it was nice to see the team show up and play for a real football coach, there may yet be hope for this season. I was impressed that the team did not give up today on defense even when they were behind.
Jeff Gordon: Can't say enough about the D. Gave up some yards, but got some big stops and they were ready to pounce on mistakes. Little makes a difference, but Adeyanju and Long were disruptive, too.
Redzone20: It had to take a lot for an official to throw a flag and move the Rams back 15 yards at such a crucial last minute of the game. Incognito for all his energy and craziness figured out how. What could have been an easy kick turned out to be 49 yds. Brown is good but he can't be perfect. If the Rams had lost, Haslett wouldn't be getting the props he's getting on TV as we speak. Cut Incognito and send a message. We need him but we need to get back to winning more
Jeff Gordon: I agree with Haslett, who believed that was a bad time to make that call -- especially when the Redskins were repeatedly involved with post-whistle stuff. Haslett can send a message by slapping Richie around and getting him to behave. Jerry Glanville used the phrase 'borderline trained killer" to describe Richie. Guys like him are useful in the NFL.
Charlie Connors: Don't you think a solid #1 Reciever would help Bulger significantly?
Jeff Gordon: The more weapons he has, the better. Losing McMichael was a blow, because they worked well together. The more weapons the Rams can use, the more space Holt will get.
Joe Stafford: Jeff, all I can say is WOW! This team played with fire, the defense swarmed to the ball, we won the turnover battle, and even Haslett is looking for a fight! I know it is only one win, but it is a start.
Jeff Gordon: And a welcome change of pace.
Josh: So if this game didn't make it apparent that the team quit on Linehan I don't know what will.
Jeff Gordon: No kidding. How glaring was that?
Randy Centorani: I know its a long shot but any Chance of Tony Gonzales or Roy Williams coming to St. Louis????
Jeff Gordon: Fans earlier asked about dealing for Gonzalez, who finally appears to be getting his pass out of K.C.. But I see him going to a contender. As for Williams, he has the body and skill to help this team, but what about effort? I'm a big Burton fan. Play him when he heals.
Lawarence Marmie: It will be nice to look at the Power Rankings this week and not see the Rams at the bottom of the heap!!!
Jeff Gordon: Who could have guessed that Mizzou and Illinois would be the bummers this week and the Rams would save the STL sports weekend?
Chris B: Hi Gordo,

I think the Rams need to continue to clean house. Richie Incognito needs to go. This isn't the first time that Incognito has had an unsportsman like conduct penalty at the critical end of a game. I remember a couple of years ago he cost the Rams a game against Seattle with the same type of penalty. He once had four penalties in a single game against Arizona.

This guy's had nothing but problems in his college career too. He was thrown off of the Nebraska team then transferred to Oregon. He never played for Oregon because he "Broke team rules."

How many screw-ups does this guy get before we decide that he's not worth it!
Jeff Gordon: Yeah, but he is a beast out there. Against physical teams he is very useful. He hasn't played great and he hasn't done enough to get a new deal here, but it's tough to discard talented linemen -- even when they are crazy.
Jack J: Gordo,

I just heard that Ricky Manning Jr will probably need surgury and may be out for the rest of the season. If this is true, do you see Haslett bringing in Brown this week? Brown can almost write his own check on this one. Thanks Scotty!!!
Jeff Gordon: Brown's agent apparently agreed. Too bad about Manning -- Haslett liked him and Venturi was giving him plenty to do.
libertadrocks: for weeks everyone has been complaining about the lack the attitude on the team and calling riche a "teddy bear" but when he shows his mean streak half of the posters call for him to be cut. sure he about cost us the game but its a little hypocritical isn't it
Jeff Gordon: That's why I would be in no rush to cut Richie. I'd rather have players you need to settle down than guys who are sleepy.
Lawarence Marmie: Can you believe they actually made a show out of those stupid Geico caveman commericals? That must have been a harder sell to get that made than Linehan trying to sell that Bulger and Fahkir Brown were the problem on this team.
Jeff Gordon: Larry is here all week, ladies and gentlemen . . .
Clay: JG, You said it. It was unfair. It was a bad call on your part. You cannot characterize an entire team of players as "losers". Your words.

Now... be a man and eat those words. Or are you Incognito's uncle?
Jeff Gordon: The team has lost 17 of 21 games now, after this big victory. If the Redskins hang onto the ball, the Rams would be 3-18 in their last 21. So, no, they haven't shed the loser label. Lots of work to do yet. This team can't blame all their prior failure on their admittedly inadequate coach.

When lose and lose and lose and lose and lose and lose and lose and lose and lose and lose, then you are losers.

Can they become winners? We'll see. There is still a lot of soul-searching to do, starting with some of the highest paid guys on that team.
Mr Faithful: Tony Siragusa called it on FOX in the 1st quarter: Incognito could hurt the Rams later. Why didn't Haslett grab him by the facemask after the unsportsmanlike penalty and throw him to the sideline? This guy is just out of control. When an 0-4 team that you're on is about to win, turn around and shut up!! Will Haslett have a long talk with him do you think? We lucked out this time, I'm certain that Wilkins would've missed that kick after the penalty, thank god we signed Brown.
Jeff Gordon: I imagine Haslett will do more than just talk with Richie.
Lawarence Marmie: It looks like the philosophy of our defense is to play on our heels and pray that other teams make the mistakes that cost them the game. If the Skins offense isn't so stupid- this is yet another blow out and embarassing outing by the defense.
Jeff Gordon: And then, just like that, Larry turns ugly and spoils the fun. The Rams D had a tough physical match-up and it showed. But after watching Pisa jar the ball loose from Pete Kendall, how can you doubt them?
Michael Gordon: jeff, was it venturi calling the defensive plays today? or haslett? I hated haslett as a Defensive coordinator. but as a motivator im not sure you can find anyone better.

What is the go with carriker also, he is getting no push. He has been my biggest dissappointment of the season...
Jeff Gordon: It's hard to get an inside push against that line. But, no, Adam wasn't one of the difference makers in this game. I liked Ryan and Adeyanju, though. And Long, of course.

Venturi ran the D. A few calls backfired, like the one late blitz, but he had to mix it up on a good ball-control team.
Paul: I only watched the first half, so I apparently missed whatever Richie Incognito did late in the game. My question (related to Incognito) is: What about those low snaps in the first half? Shouldn't somebody have said something about that out there on the field? That certainly didn't help Bulger or the offense any.
Jeff Gordon: Leckey had a couple of terrible ones, then he was to blame for a delay of game penalty. He is under some scrutiny now, given the options at center.
Dan Lum - Honolulu: Has the Haslett fire been unleashed? Can he instill a little of the bad guy attitude in the Rams now that he's in charge?
Jeff Gordon: For one game, he did. Let's see if the Rams can build off this.
dasvig: When I watch the game on my TIVO I often watch each play in slow motion. I am always impressed with Stephen Jackson's effort. He's always clawing kicking scrambling for that last inch. He doesn't always have a hole and sometimes he dances just a bit too much, but with a good blocking line he could absolutely take over a game. Is he a leader on this team or just a guy with big motor who stays to himself?
Jeff Gordon: He tries to lead, but he is no Faulk in that regard. He only got caught going east-west a couple of times. Otherwise, he did a nice job hitting the line.
AZRAM: Sorry Jeff, I can't agree with your comment comparing Marc's return to Kurt's return. As I said before, I believe Marc is done. He's lost his guts. It's all about guts. Marc is playing exactly like Jim Everett did when he lost his guts. Kurt never lost his guts.

On a lighter note. I really like the intensity of our team today. They didn't give up and I think it will stick with them for the next game.

Jeff Gordon: Warner never, EVER lost confidence. So you're right. Marc still looks tentative. But credit him for being tough at the end. We overlook that.
Josh: Wasn't it nice to see the head coach get fired up about the game? He got in a players face from the opposing team even. I'm not a big Haslett fan and I'd rather not keep him after this year, but his attitude today was such a morale boost for both fans and players. Scott Linehan should be taking notes on how to have emotions. Haslett jumped up and down and did some fist pumps after we won. Great to see a coach who actually cares.
Jeff Gordon: Scott cared, make no mistake about that. He just couldn't inspire the group. For a game, Haslett got it done. Let's see if it carries.
Pauline: Greetings from DC. Deep despair here, but count one DC resident (not a Redskins fan) as being very happy for you! It's a shame that some of the Rams' FGs weren't touchdowns instead, but the final score is what counts. For me, the moment of the game was when #29 of the Redskins (can't remember his name at the moment) trash-talked Haslett. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Although I also agree that Incognito is a problem for you guys.
Jeff Gordon: There was a lot of stuff flying around the field, which was nice to see. Doesn't excuse Richie, but his antics didn't occur in a vacuum.
Mr Faithful: Jeff,

When I watch players on other teams compared to the Rams, they just look like better athletes. They are faster, bigger, stronger, smarter, more resilient. A good example is one play where Jackson broke a long run down the sideline and was chased down at the 5 by the Giants. It just feels like any other back would've had the speed to go all the way. Is this team the result of drafting subpar football players solely for speed, and if so how can the Rams change this?
Jeff Gordon: Jackson got caught on a play on his fifth touch in a six-play sequence. His athleticism was evident today when he plowed into the teeth of that D later in the game. Jackson is a better physical specimen than almost any back in the league. He just has to put it to use (while hanging onto the ball).
Kevin: The defense showed us this week that they can get things done, but the offense really didn't do ANYTHING good besides a few good runs by SJax and ONE catch by Avery(and it was a bad throw). Don't you think the rams should change things up on the o-line? and get those young guards in the mix that they supposabley like?
Jeff Gordon: Believe me, the Redskins are not the team you want to send rookie guards against. They would get killed. In time, Greco and Schuening will get to play.
Mr Faithful: I'll have to call Lawrence Marmie out on blaming a "stupid" Washington offense for the Rams' win. The D created those fumbles with hard hitting and some solid tackling and a hint of a pass rush. Even when Campbell fumbled that snap the Rams went after the ball and one guy went after Campbell to keep him away from the ball. You create your own opportunities in the NFL and today the Rams did.
Jeff Gordon: True enough. It took more than luck to win in Washington. The Redskins had been one of the most solid teams in the league this season.

And with that, I will bid you a good-bye until next time.

Thanks for all the questions and comments.