Subject: Ground game comparision

Portis ran for 136. The Rock ran for 118. And Jackson? He ran for 24. That about sums it up, eh?


Subject: Fitz again?

Well, it Martin starts, Fitzpatrick will have to relieve him -- because Martin will get killed by a blizing linebacker or safety. The Rams continue to struggle with their recognition and execution vs the blitz.

Fitzpatrick DID look like a rookie in this game. A good rookie, but stil a rookie.[


Subject: Defense

In his post-game news confernence, Vitt cited the missed tackles. "We'd stop them on the run five, six, seven times, then they break a big play," he said.

That about sums it up.

Vitt did address pride: "If people don't want to play, let us know, we'll put somebody else in," he said.


Subject: Secondary

Vitt was exasperated by the poor secondary tackling, since the team works on it in every single practice.

"We were in positive five times to make plays and we missed the tackle," he said. "That's not the structure of the defense, that's not the call."


Subject: Vitt mad

For what it's worth, Vitt got pretty fired up during his news conference. "I'm not here to make any excuses for our failure," he said. "We got our butts kicked."


Subject: Injuries

Coakley is headed to surgery for a broken fibula and separated ankle.

Trev Faulk had the flu, so Chris Claiborne got some of his workload. Archuleta didn't feel good Friday at practice, so Vitt decided to leave him inactive to protect him from major injury.

Just as well, eh?


Subject: Fitz going forward

If Ryan does start again, Vitt suggested the Rams need to move him around more by deserve and exploit his mobility, He also vowed a thorough review of the running game -- and why it went nowhere. He admitted giving up on the run because the Rams couldn't run-block the Redskins.


Subject: Motivation

Vitt seemed exasperated by his team's meltdown. He felt they came out to play, but lost that edge when they allowed big plays late. He was at a loss to explain the lack of urgency or desperation.

So, yes, performances like this will be held against Vitt when the team looks for it's next head coach.


Subject: Next year

Yes, Martz would have to fire the defensive coaches to come back next year. And he would have to accept some help in picking their replacements. And, yes, he would have to work without an extension. So that's why we all assume Mad Mike will move on.


Subject: Worse than 1999?

Not quite. There are some cornerstones here on offense. Admittedly, not many on "D' past injured CBs Fisher and Butler, who would be solid as a No. 2 and a nickel back. Little is still a player, although this season turned into a wash. After that . . .