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    Post Practice 14 – Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo – 8/10/10

    Tuesday, August 10 2010 @ 08:27 PM CDT

    Contributed by: Shaky

    “Really, we got through pretty clean in this practice today. Last night I didn’t visit with you and I know you know (DE) Eugene Sims had a little hamstring tighten up on him, so he’s kind of day-to-day, which is disappointing from my point-of-view because I thought he was doing a really good job. These are reps you’re never going to get back as a young guy. I believe other than that, everything’s status quo. We kind of had to adjust a little bit today and improvise. I thought the guys did a good job. We had planned to go in full pads and then go down to shells, so that part wasn’t any different. We were not going to be in here at the beginning, but I thought it worked out pretty good. I thought the coaches did a great job, the equipment people, the trainers. We came in and had a pretty good practice when…what did it do outside? Lightning though, right? Good, because otherwise I would’ve felt bad coming in. It was the lightning we were really most concerned about.”

    (On if he had to be convinced to bring the team indoors)

    “No, a couple of bolts ran there…(Head Athletic Trainer) Reggie (Scott) gave me the, ‘I think we’re treading on tough territory,’ so we came in.”

    (On how he would characterize his three rookie DEs)

    “Young. They’re all working at it. They’ve all got little things they’ve got to learn. Probably for all three of them, it’s playing what we call a ‘six technique,’ playing head up on the tight end and playing the run game. All three of them flash pretty good in the pass game and they know they’ve got to do that, but it’s probably the run game where they need the most reps and need the most work.”

    (On how he sees the competition at TE stacking up)

    “I’ll tell you what, I was kind of going through that a little bit myself yesterday morning or one of these mornings and…very stiff. We’ve got five guys. The young guys are pretty good football players. You’ve got three guys that have played in the league a little bit. Billy (Bajema) and Danny (Fells) were here with us last year. Darcy (Johnson) has played a lot in the NFL. That’s a good position to watch.”

    (On Bajema in particular and the kind of camp he’s having)

    “He’s Billy; he has a solid camp. The other thing he adds to us is he’s the second long snapper, the second snapper. He does that with (special teams coordinator) Tom (McMahon). He’s made a few catches. His value, just like last year, he’s a solid guy. Came in, could block for us.”

    (On Bajema’s blocking reputation despite his catching ability)

    “I told him not to think that way, that we saw him as a tight end. In this offense, the tight end gets the ball thrown to him.”

    (On DT Fred Robbins)

    “In defense of the offensive linemen, when you only have the shells on and a big…that’s a little bit tough. The other thing you’ve got to remember about offensive line, they’re at a little bit of a disadvantage. We’re not cutting each other. In some of those zone schemes we’re not really cutting each other, but Freddy’s a good football player and I’m glad he had a good day.”

    (On he and GM Billy Devaney discussing K Josh Brown’s situation)

    “Not right now. We’ll probably go for the same route again tomorrow. We’ll have to see when we get close to Thursday/Friday if we have to get somebody else in here to kick.”

    (On QB Sam Bradford’s minutes on Saturday against the Vikings)

    “He’s obviously going to get some. A.J. (Feeley) is going to begin. He’ll get some work with the 1’s, I’m talking about Sam now. Then we’ll see where we’re at. I’m not sure how long into that first half he’ll go. We still want to get Keith (Null) and Thad (Lewis)…we’ll get all the guys some work. We’ll just kind of play it by ear. We’ll have a numbers count in our mind by Thursday or Friday. Don’t have that right now.”

    (On how important it is to get Bradford work with the first unit)

    “Yeah, I think it’s important and we’ll do that.”

    (On if he feels Bradford is where he wants him to be right now)

    “Yeah, and in some throws a little beyond it. He made some good throws today. He sees the field really well. Things are starting to…the game is slowing down. Now, I say that…this is practice now. I should say the practice is slowing down for him. We’ve still got to get him in a game.”

    (On if he takes into account the opinions of media members on when Bradford should start)

    “Everybody should have an opinion. That’s what makes the NFL game here interesting. We’ll do what we think is right and we’ll do it based on what’s going on on the field.”

    (On CB Ron Bartell)

    “He did some individual, and I think he did some other stuff against receivers on a low…he’s just going to work his way in there.”

    (On his rookies from the University of South Florida, DE George Selvie and CB Jerome Murphy)

    “They’ve got a long ways to go, they’re both rookies. Both of them are playing tough positions. A defensive end in the NFL and a corner in the NFL are on that island. It’s not easy to do as a young guy. I think (Defensive Backs Coach) Clayton Lopez is doing a good job. (Coaching Intern) Sam Madison is here helping him out. He’s been a big help for Jerome.”

    (On if OT Jason Smith has progressed to the point where he’s fully practicing)

    “It’s a day-to-day thing. Today was a one-a-day, so he would go the whole practice. When we shut it down to shells, you feel a little bit better about him getting in there so I think Reggie felt like he could get most of the reps. Every day you get him a little bit more and then find out how the foot responds when he goes in there so I’m sure Reggie’s asking him right now.”

    (On if Smith will play on Saturday)

    “I would say the percentages are low. That might be a little extreme. You don’t want to push him out there and have him set back, but Reggie will kind of…Reggie and Jason will kind of make that call.”

    (On if it’s good to see Smith with the starters)

    “I think it’s good for those guys to all be working together, making calls with each other, going in some…not live bullets, but a little bit of speed on defense. We all need the reps. Coaches need the reps. I need them. We do that fourth quarter drill and you’re doing the clock and all that, we all need them. We’ve got to get back…back oiled up, get ready for the season.”

    (On the injuries to the offensive line)

    “It feels like last year. We’re doing the same thing. Hopefully, knock on wood, the good Lord will take care of us and these things are just what we’re going to get now and we’ll get this team healthy.

    (On if the injuries last year help make the adjustments now)

    “Some of those guys aren’t here now. It’s a whole new deal. When you do get injured, guys get opportunities so guys become a little bit versatile.”

    (On if WR Laurent Robinson has picked up where he left off)

    “I think he’d tell you that he’s probably not running a hundred percent yet. When he does go full speed here, in his mind it’s not bothering him. That’s a good thing. I think it’s later on when he’s jogging around or walking off after practice is when he feels it.”

    (On if he liked what he saw in Robinson last year)

    “Oh yeah, I thought he was climbing.”

    Post-Practice 14 – QB Sam Bradford – 8/10/10

    (On whether the heat was catching up with the team)

    “Yeah, it was definitely toasty out there last night. It was going to be hot out there again today, but to come inside, it’s kind of a nice break from the routine of being outside.”

    (On whether the heat becomes a distraction)

    “I’ve got to say I’m pretty fortunate at my position that the heat’s not nearly as big a factor as it is for our big guys and some of our skill guys. I mean, I can’t imagine what it’s like to run as much as a wide receiver does, or to be one of the big guys in the trenches battling it out in the heat out there. So I’m sure it does affect those guys, but definitely. Even a quarterback, it does get to you at times toward the end of practice.”

    (On whether practice has slowed down for him at this point)

    “You know, I think it is slowing down a little bit. I think that’s just because I’ve had more reps. I think I’ve repped about everything we have now. So after you do that, you go back and you run things for the second and the third time. Obviously, you’ve learned from what you’ve done the first time so you can get back to your third and fourth progression. So I really think that that’s helped. I think just me being comfortable has maybe slowed things down a bit.”

    (On how he anticipates he will feel before the game Saturday)

    “I’m probably going to be a little nervous. I’m definitely going to be excited. It’s going to be the first time I’ve gotten to step on a field for a real game since last year before I got hurt. It’s been a long time. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m really not sure how I’m going to feel, but I definitely know I’m going to be excited for it. I’m already looking forward to it and I can’t wait for Saturday to get here.”

    (On whether he has seen Tim Tebow’s haircut)

    “I have seen pictures of Tebow’s hair. Yes.”

    (On whether he’s concerned about rookie hazing)

    “No. It’s part of being a rookie, but I really hope that the guys around here haven’t noticed that and don’t plan to do that to me, but if they do it’s all part of it and I’ll take it in stride.”

    (On what rookie hazing has already taken place)

    “The first night I got here in front of everyone, they put me up there for punt returner one day but they told me not to touch the ball. So that really wasn’t that bad. It hasn’t been bad, but I’m sure as this season gets closer, things are going to pick up.”

    (On what the rookies have planned for a talent show Thursday)

    “I don’t know yet. It’s our rookie show, so we’re going to have to come together as a rookie class and put together something good. We haven’t really talked about it yet, but I’m sure tomorrow night we’ll probably be in there for awhile getting something together.”

    (On whether he has any singing talent)

    “Absolutely not. I think I can. I sing a lot when I’m in the car, I sing by myself, but I really don’t have a good voice.”

    (On whether he gets any special exemption from having to run a lap after committing a penalty)

    “No. We ask everyone on the team that, if you mess up, to take a lap. I messed up, took a lap, and that’s part of it.”

    (On whether he thinks that policy is a good idea)

    “Yeah, I think it’s a great idea. It keeps everyone accountable for their actions. It makes sure everyone is one the same page. Pre-snap penalties, we know that they hurt us, so to eliminate those is something we need to do as an offense.”

    (On whether it’s fun to play with a young receiving corps)

    “Yeah, definitely. It’s been exciting for me just to get to gel with this wide receiving group. I think we have a great corps of receivers here. It’s been fun to see their progress with mine in the last week, week and a half. I think they’re really coming along. When you watch the film and you see things coming together, and you see the timing quick and you see the routes that week talk about in meetings. When everyone starts running them the right way and I anticipate and the quarterbacks anticipate things the right way, it really makes things fun.”

    (On whether he’s picked out a song to sing in the rookie talent show)

    “A song to sing? No, not yet.”

    (On whether Brandon McRae is the type of receiver who is able to use his size to his advantage)

    “Yeah, he’s definitely made some plays for us. I think a great instance of that was we were in the red zone last week and I threw a corner up to him, and to be honest I really thought I missed it. He went up out of nowhere and just grabbed it. So I think you’re right, I think he is a big body who has got a lot of athletic ability and can go up and get the ball.”

    (On whether the light switch went on for Bradford last Thursday)

    “If it was at that point, the only thing I can think of is you know, I was five or six days into it. Like I said, at that point we had repped a lot of things. I was starting to get repeat reps at certain plays. I really think once you start to get multiple reps over certain plays is when you really start to progress as a quarterback.”

    (On whether he thinks he’s ready for Saturday)

    “Yeah. I think I’m as ready as I’m going to be. I think, obviously, we have three more days of preparation for it and I think if I continue to make strides like I have up until this point I think I will be ready. But until we get out there in a game situation going against a different defense we’ll never know. So we’ll find out Saturday.”

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    Re: Post Practice 14 – Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo – 8/10/10

    All the injuries drive me crazy! We are overdue for some luck in the lack of injuries department.

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