Thursday, September 23 2010 @ 05:53 PM CDT

Contributed by: Shaky

“Let me update you. I’m not going to give you everybody because you know about most of them. (S) Craig Dahl, when he was exerted yesterday (Head Athletic Trainer) Reggie (Scott) thought kind of showed some symptoms. Now I think I might have misspoke and said that he didn’t. So he was shut down today. He’ll do the same thing again tomorrow and then we’ll see where we’re at. (DT) Cliff Ryan wasn’t here today. He’s consulting with another doctor today and we couldn’t get it timed up such that it wasn’t in the middle of practice. That’s why he wasn’t here, so he’s over there doing that. (CB) Kevin Dockery got in there a little bit today. (TE) Danny Fells got in. (WR) Laurent Robinson didn’t practice. That foot is still bothering him. When he comes out…he tries to get himself to the next day, but when he comes out it just doesn’t feel right. He doesn’t feel like he can run, so we’re better off getting that thing right. (RB) Steven (Jackson) was limited. (S) O.J. (Atogwe) was limited. I think that’s just about everybody. I thought we had a pretty good day. What we did today a little bit was we’ve got a situation here at some positions - tight end, the safety position - where some of the younger guys are taking reps with the scout team and Rams offense and defense. So we kind of went two at full speed, then we kind of did two at a little bit more of a jog-through. We’re trying to be smart about it yet get ready to play a football game. With that I’ll open it up.”

(On saying yesterday that he was optimistic about DT Clifton Ryan practicing today)

“He does feel good, but you know what with migraines you want to be sure. You just don’t…we want to be sure. This is really more than anything for Cliff, for the player, more than anything.”

(On if Ryan’s specialist was based out of town or in St. Louis)

“This one’s here in St. Louis. That’s why we thought it was going to be easy having practice, but it didn’t work out that way.”

(On S Craig Dahl’s recovery process)

“You guys are going to get me with this whole process thing. Let me see if I can get it right. I never get them right, but the way Reggie explains it when you have a ‘concussion’ you’ve got to rest them, make sure they feel OK first. Once you get past that, then you’ve got to exert them and make sure there are no symptoms. When he exerted him yesterday, Craig still thought he had symptoms. So you’ve got to give him a whole complete day of rest before you do the exertion test again. So we’re into tomorrow to do another exertion.”

(On if Dahl will visit a neutral doctor tomorrow)

“No, there’s no doctor involved now. That has to happen after Reggie feels like the exertion and symptoms are free. That’s the next thing.”

(On if it’s possible that Ryan can play Sunday)

“I think so. Cliff’s…in some regards, maybe the rest has helped him. I don’t know. You know how guys get fresh legs and all, but yeah we’re not ruling that out. But we want to make sure on all those guys.”

(On if Ryan what type of specialist Ryan saw)

“I don’t know that. I don’t get the names of the types. I just know we’re doing the right thing for Cliff.”

(On how important the crowd will be this weekend)

“I’m kind of glad you asked that. I tell you what, I do think our guys got some juice out of that. I do think it helps. I know it’s greatly appreciated. I’m hoping we get the same thing. Then what I’m really praying for when I’m on my knees is the reward will be given back to the fans for being out there, because we all know the reward is winning. We all want winning. The players, the coaches, the media, the fans of St. Louis, we’re all trying to get the same thing. I’m hopeful we can do that.”

(On how TE Fendi Onobun has come along this week)

“Good. He’s being fed some offense right now. Now, we’ll see when we get to game day what’s the best way to go with 45 at what position. So we’ve still got to make that decision, but in the event that we have him on the 45 we’re trying to give him things that he can run.”

(On whether TE Daniel Fells will play on Sunday)

“He was limited there today, so hopefully he’ll get a little bit more tomorrow. We’re hopeful.”

(On DT Darell Scott’s absence)

“He’s in the boot. He actually was out here doing some stuff with (Strength Coach) Rock (Gullickson), and then rather than stand around with a boot on, those guys went inside.”

(On if he knows Washington Defensive Coordinator Jim Haslett at all)

“I’ve just met him. I really don’t know him real well. I know he’s a good football coach in this league and he’s had a lot of success, so I’ve got a lot of respect for him.”

(On if he is expecting Haslett to blitz a lot)

“I don’t see why that would change. That’s the nature of their defense, so…”

(On how close the team came to making the deal for WR Vincent Jackson)

“You’d have to ask (General Manager) Billy (Devaney) on that one. I know there was talk about it, but I don’t know the extent of…”

(On if negotiations never got to the point where he was notified of the deal)

“No, but the personnel department is doing what they should be at this time of the year in all regards, all positions, all people.”

(On if WR Mardy Gilyard will get playing time this week)

“I hope so. He’s been out there getting plays.”

(On if Gilyard has shown a better understanding of the system)

“Yeah, I think so. I’d have to see the tape there today, but he seemed to get lined up there right and seemed to be running the right routes. He’s doing a good job.”

(On the record number of low-scoring games throughout the league)

“This is the cop out, but it’s really a play here, a play there. I’m not saying that…but really when you come down to it, it’s a dropped ball, it’s a dropped interception, it’s a non-turnover. The NFL is like that now. I think it’s always been close. Very rarely do you get a blowout football game in the NFL, just because they’re all pros. They’re all getting paid. Everybody’s trying to win a football game.”

(On if it’s unlikely at this point that Dahl will play on Sunday)

“Not unlikely, but each day that goes by makes it a little bit more challenging. I wouldn’t use the word unlikely. I’m going to wait. I just always wait to get past that part then get them back out on the field. We’re going to make sure the player is OK first.”

(On if Dahl would still have to see the doctor if he is OK tomorrow)

“That’s part of it anyway. That’s part of what the league set up a year ago, so that’s not going to change.”