(Opening remarks)
"I know you're interested in (RB) Steven (Jackson). He was just still a little bit
sore, so it's day-to-day. We'll wait and see what happens. Everybody else was
pretty much the same as yesterday. (S) O.J. (Atogwe) feels better, but really not
good enough. Same thing with him, we'll try to get him to practice tomorrow. The
other guys were just like they were yesterday. I thought they came out pretty good.
We had a lot of third down today and I thought they did a pretty good job with
that. Saw a lot of blitzes and brought a lot of blitzes and had a pretty fast
practice. So with that I'll open it up."

(On rules about veterans being able to miss practice and still play)
"There's never been a steadfast rule. I don't know where that ever came from. You
want your guys to practice, but we just take each position a little bit differently.
Steven last year had a number of weeks there, but we'll assess it. A little bit
depends on how much new game plan has been in. Has the particular player had enough
reps at it? Do you feel comfortable? Right now we have a lot of guys that are
injured, so we're kind of in a different situation. We've got to be smart and get
the best people out there and play."

(On his level of confidence in RB Kenneth Darby)
"My level has always been high, and certainly last week proved that he can carry
that kind of load. A lot of that falls on the other guys around that particular
position, especially the offensive line, and then being creative on offense and
finding ways to score points."

(On what Darby is like as a person)
"Kenny's great. He's a quality guy. Since I've been here, he's been one of those
guys...I'm not sure he's ever missed anything to be quite honest with you. I'm
talking about an offseason workout, a weight workout, he's always in here. He's one
of those old-time gym rats, but he loves playing. Every time I talk to him he's got
a smile on his face, so you've got to love that."

(On having players that want to play but not being able to let them due to risk of
further injury)
"There's a lot of things involved here. It's the fourth game of the season. It's a
running back with a lower extremity injury. We want him out there. I know he wants
to be out there, but you certainly don't want to have the setback. You want to get
them healthy, that's what you want to do. So those are all things we'll be faced
with when it gets down to really Sunday morning."

(On the involvement of RB Chauncey Washington)
"He got a few reps there with the 1s. It takes a little bit, but they're feeding
him what they can and I'm sure he's digesting as much as he can to try to get

(On if Darby is quiet)
"He's what you need in a player. When you've got 53 guys, you want 53 like Ken
Darby and I think you've got a pretty good football team because he is a workhorse

(On Darby being upset that he couldn't participate in the Lindenwood scrimmage due
to injury)
"Yeah, he wanted to play. That's him. He always wants to go. He never wants to be
out. He always wants to be playing. It doesn't matter what role, now. I vividly
remember last week in the game, he's carrying the football now because Steven's hurt
and he's goes down and splits a double team on the kickoff team and just gives
everything he's got. It doesn't matter what he was doing. That's the kind of guy
he is."

(On the status of DT Clifton Ryan's injury)
"About the same. Again, we're not going to do anything until he feels right, until
he's a hundred percent right."

(On at what point he'll have to make a bigger decision about Ryan)
"Well, we're not there now, so...the roster's getting tough with all of them. We've
got to find a way to get 45 guys out there on Sunday."

(On maybe not being able to field a 45 man roster on Sunday)
"I know (laughs). Believe me I know. I wasn't a math major, but I can do the
numbers on this one."

(On S Craig Dahl's injury status)
"He was much better today and I think he took most of the reps. He's cleared from
all the doctor standpoint, so hopefully he'll be OK on Sunday."

(On what Seattle KR Leon Washington can do)
"He's pretty scary. He's already brought two back for points. Aside from that,
they lead the league in kickoff returns, and so (Special Teams Coordinator) Tom
(McMahon) and (Special Teams Quality Control Coach) Derius (Swinton) have focused on
it. I think we've worked on it on both days out here, which is what you've got to
do when you're facing a team. But they're good in special teams all across the
board. They're punt return team, they're really good. They do a nice job coaching
and scheming it up and they've got good players, so we're aware of it and hopefully
we can do something about it."

Press Conference - Rams RB Steven Jackson - September 30, 2010

(On how he's feeling)
"Day to day. Today in rehab, the leg's still tight, the groin's still tight. So it's
just one of those injuries where just time is what's really going to heal the
injury. The most I can do now is still mentally prepare myself as if I'm going to go
Sunday and help Chauney (Washington) or some of the younger backs that may needs
some advice."

(On what has to happen for him to play Sunday)
"I don't know. I'm just going to continue to rehab and continue to be smart with
it. I think that's the biggest thing is to be smart with the injury."

(On if he can treat this injury the same way as his back injury last season when he
"willed himself" through the pain)
"This is a little different. Last year's injury was more dealing with the nerve and
there's no really pain medicine for that, it's just your threshold of pain, where a
groin injury is somewhat like a hamstring, soft tissue. It's really hard. It's
really hard to deal with because certain things are just so limited because of the

(On if he has to factor his long-term health when deciding how much he can push
himself physically this week)
"That's definitely what we're going to come down to this weekend is one, seeing if I
can get through the game, and weighing...this is a huge game for us. This is Seattle
at home where we're only one game back in our division. Although it's early in the
season, this game has a lot that... come out victorious, that does a lot for us in
our season. That definitely will be weighed. I think Coach (Spagnuolo), myself and
(Head Athletic Trainer) Reggie (Scott), we've been smart about it and I think we're
going to continue to be smart about it. If I so happen to sit out Sunday, I've just
got to make sure that I'm helping the young guys, make sure they know what they're
doing and be an extra set of eyes for them."

(On how similar this injury is to the one he had three years ago)
"The groin injury I had in 2007, I actually tore the groin. This one here they say
is a grade one strain. Some people say a strain is still a tear. It's microscopic,
so it's a lot less minimum than '07, yes."

(On how he'll try to gauge the injury Sunday before the game)
"Sunday we'll definitely go out before the game, warm up, see how I feel. Ideally I
would like to get a practice in either tomorrow or Saturday. So we still have two
days of practice that I could go out and try it, but say Friday or Saturday it
doesn't happen, I will be there early Sunday seeing if I can run and cut and seeing
if I can go out there and give my team a lift."

(On how frustrating the injury is)
"I don't view it as a hiccup. I just view it as in the road to success, this is just
another detour that I'm taking. I'm mentally in tune to the game plan and getting
ready to face Seattle. If my body doesn't respond the way we want to, I think it's
best to play it safe and prepare for the next coming games."

(On if he has tried to run this week)
"We have not run at all yet. We have done all pool exercises and rehabbing and
non-weight bearing. Really it's not running. It's the range of motion. That's where
my hiccup is and that's where cutting and doing the things that you have to do on
the football field is kind of scary."

(On if his acceleration is affected by the injury)
"No, because although you need to push off and have acceleration, you can kind of
cheat yourself and shorten your stride a little bit to protect the groin. Once
again, it's the range of motion that a groin brings a little difficulty in the
things of being a running back."

(On how badly he wants to end Seattle's win streak over the Rams)
"Our first goal coming into the season we always said to win the NFC West and having
lost to Seattle 10 straight times and to the other teams as well in our division, to
achieve a goal, you have to one, take care of your division. So it's a huge test for
us I think. I think guys...we look mentally sharp right now and I think guys are
prepared. We still have some days to go, so we feel pretty good."

(On RB Kenneth Darby's personality)
"Darby's a young guy that's pretty eager. You can tell he wants his chance at
playing in this league. He's pretty excited. I was really happy for him on Sunday to
get his first career touchdown. You can see those different things, it sparks him.
He's preparing all week hard. If he has to start, I don't think that he would be
someone that we couldn't lean upon in our running game and in our passing game as
well. He's an excellent running back out of the backfield. He's someone that one, I
think he's looking eager to the chance of possibly having to start Sunday."