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    Postgame With Gordo

    By Jeff Gordon
    Sunday, September 30, 2007 03:15 PM CDT

    shane gray: Jeff, I have insisted from day one that letting Kevin Curtis go, one of the faster wideouts in the league, for the 6-5 Dane Looker, I mean Drew Bennett, was an incredibly poor decision. Teams had to honor Curtis' speed and quickness. A credible sports stat tracking system did an analysis of Bennett last year finding him to be THE LOWEST RATED RECIEVER IN THE NFL IN TERMS OF PER THROWN AT ATTEMPT! He lacks speed and quickness and again we now have 2 Dane Lookers, basically, and dimished team speed, deep threat, and production. Curtis looked pretty good last week, huh? Nice job, Rams.

    This team should be, at worst, 1-2, giving away the ***** game. Probably 2-1, letting the Panthers come back with the sissy play calling after we had "control" of the game with a 4 point lead like we had a combo of the purple people eaters, the steel curtain, and the fearsome foursome!


    Jeff Gordon: Shaun McDonald is also making "explosive" plays in Detroit, compounding the misery here. Only once did Rams look like the old Rams -- on that quick 24-yard pass to Bruce hitting a seam at full speed.

    Not only is this receiving corps slower than the old Air Martz groups, this offense makes them play slower.
    jjg: Two weeks ago I made a case we really are going to miss Kevin Curtis vertical game because we really don't have any deep threats. Jim Thmas gave me a good dressing down how curtis was not really missed and that after seeing him in week one with the Eagles that it was almost good he had left. How much do you think we miss him?? Do you think any of our recievers will have a game like his last week?.........please!
    I wonder if Mr Thomas feels differently now??????Maybe we should ask Bulger instead?

    Jeff Gordon: Even if Curtis were here, would he be making the sorts of plays he is making in Philly? This offense doesn't do a good job using what speed the Rams do have. Too few passes connect with receivers headed up field in full stride.
    JJG: Even the booth guys are calling for Gus...what's wrong with LINEHAN....ITS OBVIOUS HES TOO HURT TO PLAY AND WE ARE RISKING OUR FUTURE ALONG WITH HIS......AND THE 65 MILLION>>>>Whats your take?

    Jeff Gordon: Linehan only took him out after decided the game was out of reach. And he said the team "will go back to square one" at QB next week. It seems obvious that Bulger needed to come out much sooner, for many reasons. No good can come playing a hurt QB.
    JJG: How many people would take back Martz now????As I stated in week one...5-11 looks opptomistic.....the officials are not helping our cause but challenging Halls call smells of desparation.....can we call the season yet ....its over?

    Jeff Gordon: Sure, the season is over. Now the Rams are just playing for pride. But Linehan and Olson ought to use the remaining time to prove their offense really can get results -- even with the offensive line beat up.
    Robert Smallwood: Why oh they leav Bulger in there. It is so obvious he is hurting. Who knows...maybe oh maybe Gus can pull it out? Then the challege on Dante's so-called catch? Are these coaches stupid? I am just fed up with this team...injuries?, yes, but these stupid calls, these stupid plays..what is going on? When the defense plays well...the offense can't do a darn thing..and then the defense makes that laughable attempt at getting at Romo on that bad snap..and that was 3rd down. Help please!

    Jeff Gordon: Tht Romo play killed off the Rams in this game. Had they run down Tony on that mishap, they might have stayed in the game a while longer. As it was, that finished him.
    jeff in california: Jeff, I had to take the bag off of my head to type this question. Why keep playing Bulger when he is obviously hurting. It must be obvious to anyone but the coaching staff. I was always taught that you play to your strength and even with all the injuries offense is their strength, so why such a conservative gameplan. The season is over so what do you have to lose? I hope Linehan is fired at sesons end. He seems completely overwhelmed. I am TICKED OFF BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeff Gordon: All the injuries provide cover for the coaching staff. They could argue that, like the Cards, they had too many casualties to overcome. Adam Goldberg's injury is just another example. I'm still not sold on the staff, obviously, but there ARE mitigating circumstances now.
    shane gray: It is obvious that Bulger is not healthy enough, behind this line, to be effective. Please bring Gus in a long time ago in this game.

    Finally, we played the run well in this game. Have done a descent job against the pass when we rushed 4 in terms of coverage and getting stops and forcing punts. But then, we KEEP sending pressure, safeties, and giving up TD's. Why? We still aren't getting to the QB so why leave no safety help? It's cost us 2 TD's and if we are covering ok without pressure then so be it. It's better than giving up long TD's twice with no safety help. Didn't we hold them scoreless before we started the safety blitzes?

    Jeff Gordon: The Rams had a little success blitzing earlier in the game, but Romo's mobility makes it difficult to beat him with this ploy.
    JJG: Down 28-7 no hurry up.....what's your take on this with no touchdowns in 28 drives???? It looks like the return R. Brooks.......its almost a joke.

    Jeff Gordon: Olson and Linehan used a bit of no-huddle once the game was out of reach, but the utter futility on offense is alarming. Somehow, some way, the Rams need to find ways to score -- even with a makeshift line.
    shane gray: Olsen ever heard of rolling a QB out of the pocket to buy time? DUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    Jeff Gordon: Rolling out Bulger is not a great idea. He doesn't have the feet for it.
    jake: Oh man... I feel like I'm 10 years old again watching the L.A. rams suffer through another losing season. Jeff, obviously the season is still young, but why won't the rams throw Hagans into the mix a little to see if he can shake things up on offense? I don't know, seems like i'd be throwing everything at the wall offensively, just to see if something would stick...

    Jeff Gordon: At some point, you do have to mix it up. I'm not sure Hall can do much at all as a WR and Hagans does have the ability to run after the catch. Bennett isn't generating much,in part due to injury. Why not change up?
    Rick: Hey Jeff, where can I get a good deal on paper bags for the next home game?

    Jeff Gordon: Paper or plastic -- take the paper. Much safer.
    Darren Fagan: Hey Jeff
    Long time ram fan who is disgusted by his head coach. This guy has no backbone and obviously no motivation skills. I cannot recall a Ram team that has this much talent and ever looked this bad. When there is a quality proven winner like Marty Shottenhiemer waiting in the wings its time to move on from Linehan before he is no longer available. At least give Haslett a chance if nothnig else. I am making a official plea to Marty on your website to please consider my prayers.

    Jeff Gordon: Chargers fans may be making the same plea, no? It did appear that the Rams came out ready to play this game. But this was a big mismatch, so it was jus a matter of time before Dallas opened up a big lead.
    Reynill: This rams team is so pathetic that the tv station in my area switched to the Vikings/Packers game because its so one sided. Oh, and how many times will we see an interception in the end zone before this year is over? Do you think the Rams will pull off any major trades to get back into the season or will they just keep having the same guys on the field, loosing.

    Jeff Gordon: You don't see many major trades during a season. So they will have to work with what they have, plus any fill-in players they can find loose on the streets.
    shane gray: Sorry, Jeff. Next time I'll wait until the end of game and submit one comment. Anyhow, the playcalling was more aggressive at times so I give them credit there. However, it is and was obvious that Bulger is not healthy enough to play so isn't that another example of poor coaching? If you have a proven and healthy backup, why not put him in when we are still in the game?

    Jeff Gordon: It would have been interesting to see how much more competitive the Rams could have been with Frerotte playing.
    Joe: I didn't expect to win, Gordo, I expected to compete. They didn't even compete. I am officially on the "Fire Linehan" Bandwagon. Injuries, I get. Quitting I don't. Putting Bulger out there to take another beating when he's got broken ribs, I don't. Defenders whiffing on simple wrap 'em up tackles, stuff you learn in pop warner, I don't. Others may point to the draft, but you only have to look at DeMarcus Ware pancaking Joe Klopfenstein (Againf)( just happened again) to know that personnel evaluation in the front office is equally clueless to the coaching staff... I'm going to invest in paper bags.

    P.s. I'm writing this before it's midway through the 4th quarter.

    Jeff Gordon: It's tough to judge a lot of the personnel moves because so many guys are hurt -- and there is reason to question whether the offensive coaches are putting their players in position to succeed. Barron, Incognito and Setterstrom might be nice long-term building blocks for the O-Line -- but they need to stay healthy and stay in one position.
    Go Phillies!: I've had enough. Who cares what the reason is, this team (stinks). See you next year (maybe).

    Jeff Gordon: Go Phillies indeed. Nice Sunday for the Mets, eh?
    Mike: This team has way too many holes to fill to turn it around in one season. Age is hitting the WRs, Little, and Pace. Our LBs and safeties can't play. We have no depth anywhere. This is starting to look like a major rebuilding project.

    Jeff Gordon: Witherspoon actually did some nice things in this game. So did Atogwe at safety. So did Wade at CB. Walls? No so much.
    Dean: What is understood; doesn't need to be discussed.

    One of the worst Rams team in recent memory...and ... season over.

    Jeff Gordon: Can't dispute that.
    Im glad Im in Omaha: Go Blues!
    Go Illini!
    Great game coming up between Mizzou and Nebraska!

    I am not sure there is anything else worth cheering for.
    Why do we even care about the Rams anymore?

    Jeff Gordon: Well, there is always the '08 NFL Draft to look forward to.
    Greg: Gordo,

    I am trying to keep in mind all of the injuries that have fallen on our O-Line and Jackson not playing. I did not expect the Rams to win this game. Yet the illogical decisions to keep Bulger in there when he is clearly not anything close to 100% and the continued lack of efficiency on offense is bordering on lunacy. No TDs in the past 30 plus offensive drives? This season is only 25% of the way over but I am having a hard time believing this team won't be among the first five teams picking in the draft next April.

    Jeff Gordon: Their red zone inefficiency IS stunning. They have no confidence whatsoever when they get down there. And then Wilkins misses the chip shot FG . . .
    Mike: Last week I complained that Dante Hall was a mistake. I was wrong. Unfortunately, he and the punt coverage teams were the only bright spots. With this offensive line the Rams could set a record for scoring futility this season. Only two touchdowns in four games and nothing positive to build on. Will they be able to attract quality free agents?

    Jeff Gordon: The coaches will have some selling to do. Some players will make their FA decisions based on dollars, but many players look for the best competitive fit. Since this offense shows no spark at all, signing guys could get tough.
    Scott Whiting: A new low. The Rams were getting humiliated so badly the Fox network cut the game off with a full quarter to go in my viewing area (and we know how the networks love Dallas viewers). First half defense was acceptable for a time. Rams drank the hemlock at the half. Another horror to endure. Was Linehan wanting Bulger to get his whole rib cage caved in so he can blame the whole season being a disaster blaming it ALL on injuries? I am sick of this state of affairs.

    Jeff Gordon: Can anybody remember a worse second-half time than the Rams? What do these guys do at halftime -- eat pizza?
    ramfan:*(: I'll tell you what, if I was on that Rams defense I'd quit too. The offense is SO inept, so mismanaged, that they can't even score when the D hands them the ball on the opponents 27 yard line.

    They need to rest Bulger the next couple games, not only is he injured but he's getting skittish and throwing the ball off his back foot a LOT. Linehan should have put Frerotte in at halftime or maybe even earlier if he wanted to salvage this one. It was obvious to everyone including the telecasters. As much as I hate Joe Buck and the biased Aikman they were right on that one.

    Whats up with Jeff Wilkins? Three misses in a row is just not in his character. Is this just a mental thing for the team now? Bad luck and bad spirits begets more of the same of each?

    Jeff Gordon: I'd let Frerotte have his run with this offense while Bulger heals. If Gus plays great, leave him in. Nothing good can come from playing a QB with broken ribs, lost confidence and broken mechanics.
    Mike: Hey, I just saw Corey Chavous on the bench with his pads off and his shoulder/arm wrapped. It was the first time I smiled since the punt return TD.

    Jeff Gordon: Wow, it's getting cold in here.
    Mike: Is there any chance we could get Jason Garrett after Linehan is gone?

    Jeff Gordon: So what does Jerry Jones do with Garrett? Given his a successor deal like the one Martz got here workng under Vermeil?
    Chris: So who do we want as our Number one Draft pick next year, looks like its one of those years ladies and gentleman. I am a lontime Rams fan living in orange county, still a huge Rams fan eventhough you have them in St. Louis. I have been through many years like this, it makes the 99 Rams that much sweeter when it comes around again, which it will. I am thinking we need to spend some draft picks on another offensive weapon.

    Jeff Gordon: WRs, young QB, more line help, another impact TE -- yeah, I can see the Rams going big on offense in the next draft.
    Jeff\San Jose: Hi, Jeff,

    This was bad. The last two games have been worse than anything I saw in 98. 3 points by this offense in two games. Even with the injuries. Unbelievable.

    Can you describe the spin job Linehan had to have given in his post game post mortem?

    And do you think he's lost the team? It sure looked that way the last two weeks.


    Jeff Gordon: There was no spinning, just painful non-answers.

    I'd say this second half was about as bad as it gets. I'd argue there were worse overall games back in '98.
    Dennis: What games do you see the Rams winning this year? Is 0-16 that unrealistic?

    Jeff Gordon: Not is they keep playing like this. Look at how Atlanta played this week.
    Joe: oh and I forgot to ask...where do we get players who don't break as easily? What a bunch of paper tigers.

    Jeff Gordon: I don't know how you can dog the players for suffering some of the blown out knees and torn muscles. I'd had to be convinced that this anything more than really bad luck.
    Mike: This score wasn't unexpected but that didn't make the game any easier to watch. I switched to the Lions game and that was fun to watch. I think I might start watching more of their games. Their offense is much more exciting.

    Jeff Gordon: Can we get Fox to feed us the Lions games from now on? Some of the remaining home games figure to be blacked out, so it would be nice to see Mad Mike do his thing.
    Bruce: Bulger needs to sit until he is healthy. What are these coaches thinking playing him when he is obviously hurt and totally ineffective?

    The Cowboys certainly are the class of the NFC.

    Jeff Gordon: Dallas ought to roll to the top NFC playoff seed and home field advantge. What a team.
    Andy Winford: Is Greg Olson excellent at calling the exact play the defense is expecting or what? 2nd and 25 from the 50 and he calls a run. Midfield is not the spot to be playing for field position. Those 2 yards Leonard gained on that play were incredibly valuable weren't they? BTW, I don't believe the painkillers are helping Bulger that much. Finally, they need to CUT Lenny Walls NOW. If you can't make a tackle on a 7 yard hitch pass, you can't run with WR's and you get juked you don't deserve a job. Linehan needs to make a statement to this team by firing Olson and Walls. If he doesn't he doesn't deserve a job.

    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, this was not a good day to be Lenny Walls. Not at all.
    bodat: Jeff, it is my perception that we have been close in the 1st half of every game; however, after the other team returns from halftime, their game plan has changed to match our weaknesses. I do not feel that the rams coaching staff is able to do this on offense. Secondly, the lack of offensive has to deflate the defense physically (more time on the field) and emotionally, as they cannot trust that the offense can win a game. What is the relationship between offensive and defensive player and coaches?

    Jeff Gordon: The defense knows the offense stinks, so that can get a bit, um, awkward. And you are right about the staff's inabiliy to adjust when their opponents adjust. Their second halves speak for themselves.
    J. T.: Gordo,

    The final score did not suprise me or anyone I would think, although I really hoped that the offense would have gotten on track. The only question that I have and I'm sure that every Ram fan has is why in the heck was Bulger left in the game to long when it was obvious he could not make the long throw?? With the right hit his career could have ended right there in Texas Stadium today.

    Jeff Gordon: He was a beaten man in this game -- and beaten men are more likely to get hurt.
    Mark Jones: Real quick, Jeff. Will next week's game be blacked out? Who would want to see this mess of a team live?

    Jeff Gordon: Let's hope some company doesn't step up with the bright idea of buying the reamaining tickets so everyone can see this game on TV. Why make so many people suffer?
    In Linehan, I don't trust: O-16 starting to look like a real possibility.

    Once again killed in the second half, now the tally is Rams 9 Opponents 72 in the second half of games.

    What is the chances Frerotte starts next week?

    Jeff Gordon: If Linehan wouldn't yank Bulger when this game was still on the line, you have to wonder if he would really yank him as a starter while he is still "healthy" enough to play. But it would be smart move, allowing Bulger to regroup while giving Frerotte a chance to spark the team.
    Ryan in Columbus: How can the front office justify not firing Linehan? This team has been pathetic on all fronts, and hasn't scored an offensive touchdown in over two and half games.

    Jeff Gordon: Easy: With so many injuries, management could argue he had chance this season.
    JBoal: Hi Jeff,

    Finally I got to watch a game on the east coast. Ouch. Seems like one of those "anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" seasons. all the injuries (never seen a team so completely decimated so quickly), together with poor performances all around have doomed the season only 4 games in.
    Anything to look forward to the rest of the season?

    -John, DC

    Jeff Gordon: Not really.It will be interesting to see how some of the kids respond to the challenge, but that's about it.
    Mark Williams: Why did we trade the young quarterback from Harvard, Ryan Fitzpatrick?

    Jeff Gordon: Apparently he was too mobile for this offense. But seriously . . . Linehan wants Bulger and Frerotte to be 1-2 again next season, so Fitzpatrick would have left anyway as a free agent after the season.
    Bert: This was a ugly game, but we can't blame the defense for the score. Its pretty difficult when the home team offense can't score touchdowns. The coaching seems to be very slow in making moves for some reason. They don't tend to recognize talent and continually underutilze talent.
    1) Wade obviously more talented than Walls. How can I guy get beat as many times as Walls yet is not yanked
    2) Where is Byrd, can't he make some contribution here
    3) Why wait so long to get an obviously injured Bulger out of the game. When it was 28-7 and Bulger initially does not see an open Holt in end zone and then throws an interception in the end zone on next play the game was officially over.

    Jeff Gordon: I'm not a big Byrd fan. He has physical ability, but nobody knows if he will ever work hard enough and consistently enough to earn a regular role in the NFL.
    Ron: This reminds me of the season Warner went down. As I remember it there were several line injuries, Faulk was out, and Martz didn't change his offense. Warner kept getting killed with no backs held in to protect him. His play deteriorated and he broke his hand, which has bothered him ever since. As I remember it Bulger's success occurred when he came in at a time when Faulk came back and the team was playing the softer part of the schedule. It now seems that the tables have turned. Bulger is now the one trying to play hurt with no one to protect him. The team needs to make sure that they don't have a repeat of what happened to Warner.

    Jeff Gordon: Good point. I didn't like Marc's play or his body language during this beating.
    scott: The past is done,so what now.Looking ahead ,what games do we see that we can win?Arizona?With this Offense not able to score,do we ask the Defense to pull off a shut out? We amy be lucky to win 2 games this season.

    Jeff Gordon: This particular performance could not have beaten anybody. Hence all the calls for change.
    Jeff H.: It's official Gordo. The Rams are a laughing stock. They pose no threat offensively or defensively. Coming from a die hard fan this is hard for me to say and harder for me to do but I'm done. I suspect most fans are.

    The biggest disappointment for me is the dismantling of the once great offense by Olson and Linehan. We knew the Rams defense wasn't going to be that good but the offense...I just can't watch anymore.

    Jeff Gordon: Injuries and age have diminished the offense too, but so far Linehan's scheme has failed miserably here.
    Journeyegb: OK. Enough is enough. How many games of non-existent offence does it take for the coaching staff to realize Mark is affected by his broken ribs? Now that Gus was finally put in, will they finally give him a chance, and rest Mark, so he can heal? Gus at this point can do no worse, and they can try to open the offense back up, having someone healthy throwing the ball. I believe in Mark, but I don't care what he or anyone else says. The rib injury is affecting him both physically and mentally.

    Jeff Gordon: And you think the coaches would notice that.
    joe passamonte: well, i was so looking forward to my trek to the midwest from ny next week....never figured this...bulger is hurting, injuries are mounting and the offense is nowhere. i do question the coaching at this point though...everyone has injuries...the team just looks totally unprepared on a weekly basis. something tells me i will witness a kurt warner rebirth next week as we woefully lose again, can you at least suggest a nice restaurant to go to saturday night?

    Jeff Gordon: Kemolls is a good call. Kitchen K is excellent. Gittos's is always strong, if you like Italian.
    JJG: No offensive tds in 29 Qutrs. ...its not just injuries on the offensive line. In your opinion should the head coach go?

    Jeff Gordon: I think this offense must be blown up and rebuilt. If Linehan can't make major changes, then he really will move to thin ice with everybody.
    chris: Ok..its safe to say the team has hit rock bottom.Injuries,bad coaching, bad players have made the season over. What will it take to get this teams confidence back?

    Jeff Gordon: Win a game, any game. It starts there. But the more you lose, the harder it is to break through. Losing streaks take on a life form of their own.
    RCJ: Well, obviously the special teams are todays bright spot. It's disappointing but not surprising that the defense finally has a bad game. Yet again, though, this offense is not inspiring. I see the picture starting to clear that we will finish in the bottom 4.

    My main question is what really took so long to take Bulger out?

    Jeff Gordon: Linehan hates to yank his QB. He just does. But in this case, it was the prudent thing to do.
    YoMurphy: Gordo, please tell me that there is one game that we can win this year.
    Do you think that Linehan decides to go against common sense just because he wants to prove that he is the coach?
    He reminds me of someone else in this capacity...
    EVERYONE knows that he should have put Gus in this game from the start.
    EVERYONE knows their strategy on offense is just not to lose.
    I think our #7 defense is now debunked as myth. Good defenses like the Ravens in years past stepped up when the offense wasn't helping. It is not as if there is no precedence for teams to have a defense that stands up and wins even with a lot of time on the field. These guys play like they have no pride. They gave up today, last week, and the week before that and the week before that. I'm not sure what Lenny Walls is doing on our roster. He isn't fast enough for the practice squad.

    One more request: Tell me there is SOMETHING that we do well.

    Jeff Gordon: We've mentioned Dante Hall's returns before. And Donnie Jones can punt the heck out of the ball.
    Mike: WOW!!! This team would have to climb 3 flights of stairs to get to bad. Is there any help available for the OL? Recently retired? Practice Squad?? Local flag football team??? Anything???? I never thought a RAMS team would make Bidwell's circus of incompetence look good until today.

    Jeff Gordon: Anybody have a phone number for Tom Nutten? Maybe he'll try one more comeback.
    Bill: What was the deal with Linehan continuing to play Bulger? Why would we risk further injury to our franchise QB? I know Bulger is a tough dude and everything, but anyone who was watching the game (besides the head coach) could see that he wasn't right after the first series or two. It's not like Frerotte is some clown of the street. With our defense making stops in the first half, we could have actually opened up the offense with a healthy QB and maybe stayed in the game a little bit. Also, I know injuries are part of the game, but, our O-LINE? I mean, c'mon. I was half expecting Carriker to line up at right tackle at the end of the game. Hey Adam, I know this is going to sound weird, but...

    Anyway, next year's draft should be exciting!

    Go RAMS!

    Jeff Gordon: Who know what might have happened had Frerotte come in to make some plays when the game was still (sort of) in the balance. This might have been a fun game to watch.
    felixthecat53: This had to be the most depressing game I have watched the Rams play. The play calling was poor, as it usually has been the last three weeks. Bulger played badly, like he had absolutely no confidence in his offensive line, and just wasn't himself.
    Linehan should have his head examined to allow a player with broken ribs to play.
    Greg Olsen's play calling was, as usual, lousey,
    To save honor, or face, Linehan, and Olsen should resign, or at least fire Olsen for impersonating an offensive coordinator.
    Management should spend the money for a talented, experienced offensive coach.
    From Arkansas, I can smell the stench of the Rams' play.

    Jeff Gordon: And that is saying a lot -- because the wind usually blows the other way.
    David: Two things that really disturb me about this team. First, key players have fumbled and bumbled the game. Bulger has personally given away the ball in the red zone several times. He should have set himself down if he can't make the plays do to injury. Wilkens continues to stink up the joint. Holt fumbles again, although he did recover. Jackson gets a bye this week since he didn't play. What is up with so many key players who look like they don't deserve a roster spot at this point? I know the injuries are ridiculous but many of these mistakes had little to do with that.

    As to the coaches, they need to learn that you can't give away any games by playing key players when they are hurt. Last year we were forced to watch Pisa flail away with an arm that couldn't tackle anyone. This year, Bulger's injury, combined with a decimated offensive line, forces a dumbdowned preseason type offense. We have lost several games as a result of this and he will never get any better unless they sit him and let him rest. The only two people that really stand out as still having heart this year are Haslett and Steven Jackson. Steve is out and Haslett's playing days are long past so the rest of the team better start executing or heads should roll! Ok, Dante Hall and Donnie Jones had a great game today!

    Jeff Gordon: I believe we should make "dumbdowned" a new word. I like it. The word that is, not the offense.
    Pete: Does anyone really care about this team anymore after today? If you do then you need serious help too. From hardheaded coaches who would rather restrict the game plan to accomodate an obviously injured quaterback rather than play a healthy one, to a defense that gave up that late first half touchdown when they should have had Romo pinned deep, and then surrendered in the second half again, I've had it with this organization. Does anyone want to buy two very good lower bowl north end zone PSL's and remaining tickets for the season? I'd rather spend my sports entertainment dollars on the Blues!

    Jeff Gordon: Somewhere, John Davidson is smiling.
    Doug: Jeff,
    I gotta ask, do you think that even after reading Bernie's article from a few days ago that we need to rethink Linehan as coach? I mean yeah there's injuries, BUT there's just too many stupid mistakes that he's responsible.
    1. Bulger playing ineffectively with broken ribs, why is Ferotte put in earlier?
    2. What was up with that pathetic challenge on a clearly dropped pass? wasting a time out and last challenge.
    3. More inept play calling that is a waste of our offense abilities.
    4. AND this one I think alot of people missed, but what about that first timeout early in the game cause Bennett had no idea what was going on and wasn't in the huddle? AND on top of that, it was Dante Hall that had to let him know to get into the field, not a coach. Isn't that there responsiblity to get the right personnel on the field?
    5. Finally, I gotta ask, doesn't it also seem like every week that the players are giving less and less support to Linehan? Isn't that a key sign there that the coach is a lame duck if his players don't support him?

    Jeff Gordon: All these points are fair ones. Does Linehan have command of the situation? It didn't appear so Sunday.
    Curious George: Hey Gordo,

    What is your take on the injury situation? Is it the trainers, lack of preseason playing time for the starters, or is it just bad luck?

    Jeff Gordon: Just bad luck. Much of this training staff was also here for the good times. I don't know how training camp could have been handled differently.
    Nyika: This season is gone. How about exploring the rest of the depth chart, Antonio Pittman anyone?

    Jeff Gordon: He is still learning the offense. But why not roll him in for a few plays? I suspect Jackson will miss a few more games, so that would make sense.
    Jeff H: Linehan has absolutely no precense on the sidelines. He looks expressionless and when he does show any thing close to an emotion it seems to be at the wrong time. He's lost this team. He looks like a cordinator, not a coach.

    Jeff Gordon: I don't know if you need to be Dan Hawkins on the sideline or anything, but, no, he doesn't project a commanding sideline presence.
    Greg: Jeff, this team is getting steamrolled at almost every position. We don't match up at almost any position.
    No speed, no strength, and very little fire.

    Alex Barron, my goodness. Absolutely NO FIRE! NONE!

    Where is Leonard Little. Did he play today. I watched the game but never noticed him.

    James Hall doesn't finish plays, EVER!

    How does R. Smith ever get on the field. His attempted tackle on Romo was absolutely not to be missed.

    It's a train wreck. Forget injuries, forget them.

    THIS TEAM HAS QUIT! THERE IS NO EXCUSE. These guys are getting paid to perform, not lie down. What the heck was Corey Chavous doing sitting on the bench at the end? How does that guy stay employed. What is it he bring to the table.


    Your supposed to step up during hard times, not LAY DOWN!

    Jeff Gordon: What -- there is nothing bad to say about Brandon Chillar, too?
    smitty: Gordo, watching the game and again watching the play calling makes you wonder about 3 and 15 and running the ball, i know Bulger's hurt, but giving up to just to punt the ball, again for the 4 straight game you have to question the play calling. But all the nay sayer's about Dante Hall can back off.

    Jeff Gordon: Yes, at least the Hall bashing will subside for a week. He greats a break.
    Disgruntled Ram Fan: Jeff, your opinion please.

    I don't think this team likes Coach "Lively as a brick wall" Linehan. At least when they were losing under Martz it was exciting.

    Couple the blandness of the "Probably have a new name next year" Dome and Linehan, how is this team going to recover?

    Move 'em back to LA and give us a franchise.

    Jeff Gordon: Don't say that. It's not the NFL loves St. Louis. If the Rams did leave, replacing the franchise would be difficult.
    Steve: I think that they really need to keep Bulger on the bench, regardless of whether he thinks he can play or not. The only hope to salvage this season and maybe end up with a semi-respectable record would be to let Bulger get healthy(Keep him on the bench until he is healthy), then when Jackson comes back and the offensive line gets abit more healthy, maybe then they could pull out some games and play a spolier role. At this rate, it's only a matter of time before Bulger gets seriously injured.

    Jeff Gordon: I'm not sure this line will ever be healthy this year, so, yes, Bulger seems doomed to more serious injury.
    danocooper: Gordo: Watched the game with 3 season ticket holders today. All 3 have many of their remaining tickets for sale online. 1 of the 3 of us will not renew next year if Linehan is back. Another is on the fence. Pass the word to Shaw that keeping Linehan around another year will affect ticket sales.

    Jeff Gordon: I think he'll get that message when the no-shows start piling up.
    Stacey: Fire Greg Olsen now! The play calling couldn't be worse! And Bulger should have been man enough to stand up last week and say I need to come out of the game. He sure shouldn't have tried to start this week.

    Jeff Gordon: You want athletes to want to play. It's up to the coaches to tell them they can't.
    Scotto: THIS is one ugly football team. Injuries, poor coaching, poor execution, etc...etc...insert your cliche here. It pains me to see it stemming from the offense. First the starting offense and now this legion of backups they have playing in there now. Issac Bruce and Torry Holt had to look in the huddle in the 4th quarter and wonder if they were next! Talk about paper tigers. The Defense tries but they were never going to be more than average at best. They seem to keep the team in the game for a quarter or two waiting for the offense to show up which it never does. Before you know it, offensive juggernauts like Patrick Crayton and third string running backs from Tampa Bay are looking like hall of famers. I thought it was bad the last three weeks but I had to cringe today. With this team, we don't even have the luxury of demanding the backups play when the starters tank as the backups are all already there. Sadly, I don't see a lot of difference between their play and that of the starters. It's going to be a long season.

    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, since when is Patrick Crayton a game breaker? Must have missed that memo.
    patrick in honduras: can linehan.....this offense is pitiful.

    Jeff Gordon: A dissenting vote all the way from Honduras. There are tough times for the coach.
    RAMFAN501: jeff thanks for calling it like it is durring the game do you really see us winning any game with these players. even at the end of the first half would you play man coverage with 16 seconds 3rd down and romo running like he capible

    Jeff Gordon: This team should win at least a few games with these players. Getting Brown, Hill, Wroten and Incognito will help a lot.
    sonny: Just wondering if you seen Holt open down in the Red Zone...twice...with Newman playing off you figure Marc would just throw a quick slant on the first..then again on the second...Just "HANGIN" my head now.

    Jeff Gordon: I'm not sure what Bulger is seeing these days, especially in the red zone.
    Go Rams!: I am still a loyal fan......but WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE RAMS??? 2+ games without an offensive touchdown? Unreal. As I watched the short passes I could only feel like I'm in the movie Groundhog Day.....same offensive plan week after week......and I'm sorry, but with our O-line, why do they keep running the ball right up the middle? I know I'm spoiled by the Glory Days of the Greatest Show on Turf, but darn, can I at least see the Rams compete? I'm still a loyal fan. Go Rams.....!

    Jeff Gordon: In fairness to Greg Olson, the Rams did take some shots down the field today. They just missed most of them.
    Bill: I've never been a big fan of Bulger. Even w/o the injury his success in the past has been due to the success of the offensive line & the ball carriers (Jackson, Faulk, Holt, and Bruce). Bulger is NOT a leader as a QB should be and it dissappointed me that the Rams signed him to such a large contract.

    Today... he should have been taken out much earlier and should probably sit next week vs. the Cardinals.

    Linehan is doing what he can and is coaching with his hands tied behind his back. Yes, he's made some stupid calls, but which coach hasn't. When you are 0-3 (soon to be 0-4) you have to reach for something. Similar to LaRussa getting ejected in a game to get the Cards fired up.

    Jeff Gordon: Give Marc credit for earning the deal he got by throwing the ball very, very well . . . until this season, when the whole offense collapsed. He is certainly far better than he has shown this season. He had a lot of help being successful before, just as he's had a lot of help failing now.
    don Schaeffer: The team looks like they have no confidence at all. I think Scott has ruined this team. All this talent and nobody can do anything, yes people are hurt but with all the talent still around you would think someone would step up and take over.
    Bruce and Holt just look dumbfounded. Do you think they will fire Linehan anytime soon.

    Jeff Gordon: Right now, the lineup holes may outnumber the lineup stars. But, yes, Linehan needs to get much more from the group.
    Ron: This year is over. Linehan has not been able to motivate this team and he won't be able to do so now. Get Bulger out of there and let him heal. As for Jackson, he's going to be gone for awile too as he needs to heal. Is there something in the way the Rams train and prepare that leads to all these injuries in the O-line year after year? This team needs to be tougher. I know they won't pu out the money for a Cowher but they need a coach who will get in their faces and toughen them up. This is beyond humiliating

    Jeff Gordon: I don't think a coaching staff can toughen up a team so it is less vulnerable to injury. This team trains hard like every other team. There is no pattern to the injuries, which are mostly occuring in battle. I still believe it is more bad luck than anything else.
    Freddie Melvin: I have to admit that I had this one checked for lost in preseaon, but never in my wildest dreams did I think the offense would be this bad...We are injury riddled but the play calling ablysmal. I am a long time Ram Fan from LA and I sure didnt see this coming. Linehan needs to wake up and take charge and stop looking lost on the sideline..He's trying to get Bulger hurt for good.

    Jeff Gordon: Yes, Scott does look a bit bewildered. Maybe it's time to bite the head off a chicken or something.
    sally colburn: Gordo

    Have been a rams fan for 30 plus years. In my opinion Mike Martz was the best thing that ever happened to this team.

    Now that he is gone we are back to being one of the worst teams in the league. Which has been a characterist of the Shaw and Zagnut era.
    I am assuming we are stuck with them even though this team is a shambles.
    Will Lineham get every opportunity to succeed plus some just because once they fire him the light will shine to brightly on shaw and management.

    Detroit and its offense is doing well.

    Jeff Gordon: Yes, the Lions are explosive. And, yes, everybody in Ram Nation has noticed it.
    Houston: All these injuries: anyone done a statistical analysis on the likelihood of having so many players injured in the first quarter of the season? Can the injuries be the result of bad coaching? Conditioning? Lack of knowledge on basic body positioning on the line to keep yourself from being injured?

    Bulger's injuries, it may be argued, are due to OL's injuries. OL's injuries could be due to use of old guys and using new guys too soon?

    As it is, I figure to have another 3 hrs on Sundays to get some work done around the house.

    Jeff Gordon: Again, I don't know if there is a pattern to any of this. These guys are playing the positions they're trained to play. Things just happen in the game.
    ian: How much longer must the Rams suffer this man in charge?
    I'm one of your English fans. Maybe you in the U.S.A cant see it but Bulger and this coach are just not up to it. Get rid and rebuild.

    Jeff Gordon: A dissenting vote all the way from England! Getting rid of Bulger isn't practical, because of his contract, or logical, given his past excellence.
    Jim: Why not start Gus Frerotte? He can't do any worse?

    Jeff Gordon: Can't argue with that.
    JJG: Do you think its time(i suggested after last weeks debacle) to start trading players for draft picks because with the number of holes the team has and lack of talent(we are 0-4) we need a lot of help on both sides of the ball.This is no easy fix>>>Maybe Parcells can come in as some sort of consultant......who wants to watch 2004 Houston Texans......thats what we have become????

    Jeff Gordon: That is not a strong idea. There aren't many healthy players capable of fetching draft picks in a deal. And those players other teams value have great value here. How do you replace a Torry Holt or Leonard Little?
    stlsportster: Jeff - What do you think is going on with Wilkins? Injury? Never seen him miss like this before.

    Jeff Gordon: No idea -- but it is disturbing.
    Cory: Troy Aikman saw that Bulger should not have been in the game with two broken ribs. Why can't Linehan? Do I need to get the coaching staff a HDTV with DirecTv HD to see the pain in his Bulgers face?

    Jeff Gordon: Or, the staff could go over and talk to the guy and read his body language.
    rfa77: This game is a mirror of the season:
    1) Coaching staff are playing withs bags over THEIR heads with Bulger. The guy is hurt; he can't make the throws. Yet, they are insistent on keeping him in.
    2) Defense has an opportunity for a big play, and they let Romo get away??? Incredulous. I don't know who it was, but when the two Rams in pursuit ran into each other, the guy left standing looks down (instead of continuing pursuit) like he wants to help the other Ram up or at least apologize. What the heck???
    3) Coaching staff calls for a review of the Hall bobble out of bounds??? Need anything more be said?

    This is coaching all the way. Forget the injuries, these guys don't know how to coach. Throw my name in the hat. All I want is $100k a year, and I'll do a better job.

    Jeff Gordon: Coaches work about 18 hours per day, or more. You might want to ask for $200,000.
    Dave Fuchs: How many of these injuries are just minor ailments that provide an excuse to not play or play hard? You see guys play with pain when teams are winning. They want to be in there!

    This team has more injuries than whole divisions. Bulger's pass in the end zone that was picked off look almost intentional!

    Please help me understand how one team, of which most starters didn't play in preseason, can have this many injuries. Obviously no fear of the coaches or job security!

    Jeff Gordon: You're mostly talking about torn ligaments and torn muscles, as in the case of Jackson. And a lot of players (like Bulget)are playing in pain because they want to be in there.
    Rick: Why would Linehan have Klop blocking Ware 1-1???? For that matter why have Klop doing anything? What a bust he's been.

    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, he's not the best blocker ever.
    WIRAMFAN: Hey Jeff
    Ram fan for the past 33 years. From Tommy Prothrow to this joker Linehan.. Since I live up here in Wisconsin I really don't get hear the local media and player responses. Even the NFL Network doesn't cover the Rams, they cover real football.. Anyway here is my question.

    What are the chances of the Rams feeling a big backlash from Ram fans? Just not showing up for home games won't make a difference... How the fans there going to show their disgust? I have ideas but I had better hold them for now.

    Jeff Gordon: Fans will send a message by not showing or by booing if they do come. It'll happen.
    David Gonzales: It is very hard to watch these Rams games. I am a die hard fan but these games are so tough to watch. It seems like Drew Bennet is always on the wrong page. Are defense can only hold for so long. Lenny Walls looked terrible. What kind of talk was that? It looked like he was giving him a pat down. Jeff wilkins had been off lately. I guess when it rains it pours.

    Jeff Gordon: Maybe it take into next season to integrate Bennett into the offense correctly . . .
    Jay Zavarella: Hey Jeff,

    Where do the Rams find these guys? I'm talking about Lenny Walls, Chris Johnson (former Ram), Antwan Edwards. We've had to suffer far too long with bad personnel moves. Also, what's up with Adam Carriker? Don't tell me he'll be a bust. And why don't they start Clifton Ryan? Not much to gain playing La'Roi Glover. He's clearly past his prime. Poorly coached football team in all aspects of the game regardless or injuries.

    Jeff Gordon: It's way too early to write off Carriker. He getting too much playing time and dealing with expectations that are too high for this season.He'll be fine.
    tony: Is it to early to start looking forward to the draft??? I have never been more excited for a Blues/ Coyotes games. I only hope we dont "pull it together" around mid season and end up with a middle of the road pick. Who is going to be on the top of the draft board this year?

    Jeff Gordon: It's too early to look at the draft. But it's not too early to gear up for Blues and Coyotes!
    Henry: The ineptitude of an offense with pro-bowl level talent at the skill positions has brought down a defense with youth and injuries of its own to overcome. Bulger struggled in the redzone for the past 3 seasons and we give him a 65 million dollar contract. Gus should get the start next week but the coaching staff will not make a change. Maybe I'm not being subjective enough but I noticed a number of plays today where Bulger could have planted his feet after 3 steps and hit an open receiver; however, he continued the drop and ultimately was sacked, hurried or simply delivered an errant throw. If his injury eliminates his ability to be competitive why, why, why is he stil playing. I simply can't understand this.

    I have been a Rams fan for 31 years and I must say that this is the most frustrated that I have ever been; even going back to the infamous "Lamb" days. When Bruce guarantees a victory and the team responds in this manner how can any Rams fan find anything positive to salvage from the season.

    Rams Management needs to make a coaching change before seasons end. Allowing this humiliation to continue does not serve the organization well.

    Thanks for reading my rant.

    Henry - Ontario, Canada

    Jeff Gordon: Marc is not comfortably and that was obvious to everybody watching the game.
    stephen dreher: I assume the Front Office knows they are systematically destroying their fan base, their income base and their exposure on national television for years to come? Are they maneuvering to move the team out of town?

    Jeff Gordon: No, these guys want to win. They can make lots of money here with their stadium deal. Good luck getting that deal elsewhere.
    Roy: What's Up Jeff? You say there are mitigating circumstances that the Rams are dealing with, agreed. Yet, most of these back ups played more in pre-season than the first team. The injury bug has hit this team big time, yet, and I am not a coach, it just seems, the coacing staff does match the players with a scheme that is geared to their skills. I do not want to dump on the HC, but he is responsible for how the players play at game time, that is a direct reflection on him and hs staff.

    Jeff Gordon: I'm with you on the offensive scheme this year -- it isn't getting the most out of each player. And, yes, that reflects on the coach.
    Duane: If this team is as bad at the end of the year as it is now, could Linny be gone? I fear that we might get on a run and win some meaningless games, and in turn, keep Linny from losing the job that he so DOES NOT deserve.

    Jeff Gordon: I'm not sure late victories will change the scenario much. If Scott survives, it will be because the management decided to give him a third season to sink or swim.
    Saffron: Plastic would say so much more than paper. Maybe a noose scarf as well.

    Jeff Gordon: Come on, it's never THAT bad. This is just football.
    calram: When was the last time Bulger looked off a receiver? He seems to key on one receiver and never look off of him. Holt was open in endzone and he throws towards Hall. Next time he looks for Bennett who was covered and still throws to him. My wife doesn't want me to waste our money getting nfl package to watch this horrific showing.I can't blame her.

    Jeff Gordon: So why not get the NFL package to watch the Lions play? They're fun to watch.
    chris george: i'm a long time ram fan who can't believe what the hell is goin with the rams. It seems like evry week we lose a linemen and offensive play-calling gets worst. I think the front office needs to get rid of the H.C. and the O.C. there both not doing ant good for the team this year. i understand that he gave play-calling duties up to focus more on the team but to me i think after this game, all that just went out the window along with his job next year!!

    Jeff Gordon: If Scott does survive this, he will have to make offensive changes to do so. This is a disaster and the O-Line injuries are only part of the issue.
    RememberConradDobler: Even Troy Aikman, during the TV broadcast, noted that Lenny Walls (after the nth Cowboy reception to his side of the field) showed "where he stands in this league when it comes to cornerback".
    Yet, wait .... didn't I see Lenny Walls jumping and glad-handing in the first few minutes of the game after he had made a decent play ?
    When he did that, I turned to my son and said, "The Cowboys are going to fry him during this game".

    ....and I was right, and I'm not a football genius.

    For Linahan to start Bulger in this game was, at the very least, incompetent. It bordered almost on the criminal.

    I've predicted that the Rams will win 6 this year. I may be too optimistic.

    Jeff Gordon: Poor Lenny. He never know what hit him.
    Virginia Tom: The Rams lack fire. They take offense when people in the past have called them soft, but that is what they are. They need to find talent for the defense. I don't care what the ranking is this year, they play good and then give up the big play every game that is a backbreaker. They need to get people who know how to tackle when the stop needs to be made.

    Jeff Gordon: That missed tackling got ugly late in the game. Who knew that tackling was so difficult?
    John: Jeff,
    In a season this bad, every player is fair game to be traded at season's end. Doesn't S. Jackson's contract expire at the end of '08?

    Jeff Gordon: Gotta keep Jackson as part of the future. Replacing guys like this is very hard.

    This is my last answer. I have to move on to other duties.

    See you next week!

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    Re: Postgame With Gordo

    instant classic

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