By Jeff Gordon
Sunday, October 7, 2007 03:15 PM CDT

Billy: Do you think, if the Rams really tried, they could turn this losing streak around? I you do, what do you think the key things 2 work on are?

Jeff Gordon: Given the injuries -- now Jerome Carter (broken foot), Todd Johnson (neck sprain) and Dante Hall (ankle sprain) join the list -- I don't see a turnaround. The schedule gets ugly now.

Jeff Gordon: Alexis is a nice special teams guy, but that aspect of the Rams game has been pretty solid. Minor and Pittman are better offensive players -- which is key with Jackson out. No need to second-guess that decision.
Mike: On the Cards final drive of the first half it looked like Fitzgerald might have been short on that fourth down play. Why didn't the officials stop the game and measure? It was certainly close enough for a measurement and/or a booth review. That play was too important to be ignored by the officials. It's a change of possession. The officiating has been terrible in this game.

Jeff Gordon: The officiating was curious, to say the least. I believe on that play, the ball was touching a yard line -- and the first-round marker was on the yard line. The Rams didn't protest that call. Some of the others, like the "offensive pass interference" on Holt late in the game, they had big problems with the rationale.
Mike: Fahkir Brown see's his first action of the season and looks like an all-pro. Incognito see's his first action and looks like a rookie. He's got a lot of potential but, man this guy make some incredibly stupid mistakes. What's up with this guy?

Jeff Gordon: Good question. His penalties were a killer and Scott Linehan acknowledged that. Rich gets pretty fired up out there, but he still has to find some composure.
J. T.: Gordo,

How bout them Mizzou Tigers!!! I see they are ranked 11th after the thumping they gave Nebraska last night. The greatest show on turf is back...... in Columbia!!!! As far as the Rams, Frerotte looked very rusty, any word how long Bulger will be out with the rib problems??

Jeff Gordon: I'd guess another week on Bulger. Frerotte did some good things . . . and some bad things. The TD passes were nice, but two of his three interceptions were ugly.

Jeff Gordon: I'd like to think the Rams might have won at least one of those games with with better QB play. But then again, Gus got pretty good protectiont today. I'm not sure he could have survived some of those earlier games.
Mike: Props to Linehan, he called a good game today. There's no doubt this loss was poor execution and really poor officiating.

Jeff Gordon: Didn't mind the offense at all. Good job with the run and many targets were used. With now Ike and no Jackson, the 31-point production was pretty good. With even one break from the officials, the Rams likely win this game. But winless teams get no mercy, even at home.
Monty: Jeff,
well we found another way to lose the game. The defense played okay. Special teams played decent. The quarterback play lost the game today. This one hurts more than any of the other losses becuse we had many opportunities to control the game. Can anyone help this team turn the tide?

Jeff Gordon: Frerotte takes some of the blame, for sure, for two ugly picks and some missed passes. But he hit three TD passes. One of his picks hit Holt in the hands. McMichael had a big drop in the red zone. Another of Gus' picks came after Incognito was flagged for holding on a second-and-3 running play, putting the Rams in a bad down-and-distance situation.
Mike: How did Lenny Walls ever make it to the NFL? Why is he still on this team? I can't believe they can't find someone else better than this guy.

Jeff Gordon: The Gridbirds did make a concerted effort to throw his way, no? Lenny made a few nice plays, but boy did he get burned . . .
Bob: I believe the Rams may not win a game this year. Their schedule does not look too favorable.

Will Shaw place that call to Bill Cower soon?

Jeff Gordon: This regime is 8-13 and sinking. Linehan tried to stop the bleeding this week with a couple of big changes, but at this point he doesn't have much to work with. And you're right about the schedule -- it gets ugly from here on out.
Scott: I could not view today's game but followed it online. It was a shame to see New Orleans and Miami both blow good opportunities to win thus leaving the Rams in 1st place for the next draft, but as you mentioned in an earlier post, the Rams will blow that as well. Any idea when Frontiere is going to expire?

Jeff Gordon: Um, no.
Mike: Rams vs. Mizzou. Who ya got?

Mike in Ballwin

Jeff Gordon: Lenny Walls would throw a blanket on Franklin. Chillar would be all over Rucker. Carriker would swollow Temple whole. The Rams would win.
Zack: Where do the Rams go from here?

Jeff Gordon: Hades in a handbasket . . . seriously, Linehan just has to take the offensive gains and go from there. Perhaps Tye Hill could return, thus allowing Bartell to stay at safety and fill in for the injured Chavous, Carter and Johnson. I liked Leonard today and Wilkins got his stroke back. It's not all gloom and doom. Just mostly gloom and doom.
RamsFanSince69: Jeff,

That first TD was a complete botch by the refs. Either James is down at the 1 or Wade has a touchback. How can they call that a TD?

Jeff Gordon: No idea. One referee seemed to be blowing the play dead at the 1. Then a couple of officials seemed to let the end zone scrum continue after Wade was touched down in the end zone with the ball. Originally we were the officials gave James the TD, then it was changed to Wells. A lot of chaos out there.
Mark Jones: A lot of local Rams fans had to follow this game via the web or mobile phone, so we couldn't get a decent grasp of the Rams' performance. Overall, was this the best effort by the Rams so far this season? If so, how ugly could next week's game at the Ravens get?

Jeff Gordon: There were positives, for sure. The Rams gained 5.3 per rush. Frerotte threw three TD passes. Brown had the two picks in his first game back. Hall came THIS CLOSE to breaking a TD return that would have changed the game. But the injuries at safety offset Brown's return and left the Rams second vulnerable to a veteran QB with good targets. A couple of bad interceptions, some big penalties and some curious officiating made the difference in this game.
SkyRam: Could they switch Incognito to the interior D-line where he can use his, ah, aggresion to smash thru the line? That, with Ryan would free up AC to move to end.

Jeff Gordon: I still like Richie at guard. He does have to calm down. But the run and pass blocking was much better in this game overall. Frerotte attempted 43 passes and got sacked just twice.
JETT JACKSON: hey i don't care if the rams loose EVERY GAME. THESE RAMS

Jeff Gordon: The Rams will win a game or two with this group . . . unless the injuries continue at this clip. This roster is starting to look like a NFL Europe squad.
ColoradoRamsFan: Jeff:

I was really impressed with the effort today, and feel that maybe Linehan still has a hold of this team. I am curious as to what the ruling was on the Edgerrin James TD in the second quarter. He was CLEARLY down by contact!

Jeff Gordon: The officials said there was no evidence to overturn their call on the field. Unfortunately, it wasn't clear what they called on the field, since there was some differing opinions among the zebras.
Vinny: Gordo,

Can it get any worse for the Rams? Let's just tell ownership to cut all the BS and look at this team from the bottom up and make the required changes before we go 0-16. Todays performance wasn't as bad as the others but somethings gotta give!!


Jeff Gordon: There isn't much you do with this injury-riddled roster now. As for the off-season, sure, there will be lots of changes. There always are. Linehan made some big changes and the changes helped. The players ought to have more belief in the offense now, after a 31-point game.
Doug: Jeff,

Not so much a question, but an observation. Looks like that crazy "when the Rams have a 100 yard rusher they always win" stat hasn't amounted to squat lately. I believe this is the second game this year they've lost when a back has gone over the century mark.

Jeff Gordon: Too bad they wasted that effort by Leonard. But turnover negate any advantage. So do untimely penalties.
smitty: Jeff, another pit in my gut with Gus throwing the ball into triple coverage instead of scrambling for a first down, throwing to a wide open Arizona defender, and getting hosed by Gerry Austin who should retire. After today, when do you think the Rams can win their first game, cause it's not coming the next two weeks.

Jeff Gordon: Wilson made a great play on that pick, but why did Gus force that play? That was truly desperate. Vince Young he is not.

After the game, the officials admitted that the Wells "touchdown" was really a touchback. During the review, Austin didn't see the replay that proved Wade was down with the ball in the end zone. Later, he did.

Rams fan in Dallas: Any chance we can get Martz back???? At the same time I am happy for Warner.

Jeff Gordon: Geez, Martz stock dipped again after the Redskins game. As for Warner, he may play the rest of the way with Leinart injured. Good for him.
Joe: only 12 weeks to go before it mercifully ends. Didn't get to see it due to the black out, but it sounded like the Refs were atrocious today. Leonard sounded like he ran the ball well. Gordo, with the season done, who are the bright spots as we start to think about next year's club?

Jeff Gordon: Well, Leonard looks legit. Ryan and Carriker have big futures. Wade ought to have a nice future as well. A lot of kids will see a lot of action from here on out.
Scotto: Hey Gordo,

Well at least it looked like they had a pulse today. The running game made a surprise reappearance, and Frerotte was able to move the offense and get some Td's going. However, it's all for nothing if you don't protect the ball...which he didn't. Even though they gave up quite a few yards, the defense looked a little more aggressive today. The points were somewhat skewed due to the good field position Gus Frerotte kept handing the birds. He basically broke the defenses back with his pick to Adrian Wilson with 7 minutes to go. The game was still winable up until that point.
If nothing else, it's good to see the team hasn't quit on Linehan yet though how long that stays true, who knows?

Jeff Gordon: Yeah, there was plenty of fight today. No reason to knock the spirit to the gorup. But a few of these fill-in players are in over their heads . . .
Matt: Why do NFL teams (and by extension, obviously, the Rams) continue to run the two minute drill in dink and dunk fashion all the time. Anyone who has played Madden in the last 20 years knows to pass towards the sidelines, but Linehan doesn't? There was no sense of urgency at all on that last drive, and even if that somewhat miraculous McMicheal catch sort of saved it, why did it seem like they weren't even trying?

Jeff Gordon: I agree -- the ball has to go downfield more when a team has a two-score deficit. You have to find a way to get bigger chunks.
Randall: Hey Jeff, did not Wade have the ball in the endzone on the fumble touchdown? It sure looked like it on replay and even the announcers said it appeared the offensive lineman took it a way from him. If so, once he was touched and on the ground isn't the play dead? At least that is what I thought and the announcers stated this as well. If so I guess the Rams will get another sorry from the league around wednesday.

Jeff Gordon: After the game, the officials said a replay showed that Wade had the ball for a touchback. They claimed that replay wasn't made available to the video review.

The big problem on that play is the officials thought the play was dead and didn't get in position to blow the whistle when Wade got the ball. That was just terrible work.
Keith: When we get the 1st overall draft pick. Do you think we should trade down for more picks.

Jeff Gordon: No, take an impact guy and go from there. This team will have depth next year when everybody heals. It needs more impact players.
Matt: Why is it that when McNabb randomly decides he is being mistreated as a black quarterback we have to hear about it discussed seriously for a week but when the first white halfback in four and a 1/2 years starts (Leonard) no one talks about it? Is that path too scary for the PC media?

Jeff Gordon: Leonard is a bit of a novelty being white and all, but I see where the big news story is. We've profiled the guy and noted his whitenes.
Greg: Is there any data on exactly how blacked out games affect team revenue, TV ratings or advertising dollars? I still don't really understand the NFL's stance on the rule. Obviously they want the venue full, but they must pay a price for not broadcasting it locally.

Jeff Gordon: If there were a LOT of blackouts in the NFL, advertisers may squawk. The networks might squawk, too. But right now they are pretty rare.
Zach: Hey Gordo,

I live in Arizona so I actually got to watch the game on t.v. What can the Rams do about the offiating? Replays show that Edgerin James was down on the one yard line and even if he wasn't down the rams recovered the fumble and the player should have been ruled down by contact before the ball got ripped out of his hands. The announcers were baffled by this not being reversed by the refs.
Not to mention the play at the end of the half.
Also, replays show Torry Holt was not blocking downfeild before the pass in the third quarter....another bad call. Just when you think things can't get any worse now the refs help the Rams lose the game. Do you think the NFL will hear from the Rams this week regarding the horrible officiating? Thanks Gordo!

Jeff Gordon: Linehan was really miffed by the Holt call, which was bogus and costly. We've touched on the James fumble. The play at the end of the half was another "judgment call" as Linehan put it. It's tough when a number of these things go against a team. After a while, players become resigned to their poor fortune.
David: Frerotte's decisionmaking sunk us. The last interception did not need to be thrown. He was out of the pocket and could easily have thrown the ball away. Instead, he throws it into a crowd of red.

Jeff Gordon: Yeah, that last pick was a rookie play, not a veteran play. But Frerotte did do a lot of nice things, including that two-point play. The Rams were a different team in the red zone with him at the helm.
Ryan: Jeff,

First off, I just want to say that I love reading your aticles on I'm a Rams fan in PA, so there are few places to go to find out about the team, and I appreciate your insights.

Here is my question. In prior discussions, you and other columnists have downplayed the likelihood of Coach Linehan being replaced at the end of the year. I believe the prevailing opinion is that only a disaterous 0-16, 1-15, etc., record would likely end in that result. I am not trying to jump on the "Fire Linehan" bandwagon just yet (but then again I support Martz until the end too), but isn't this a very real possibility at this point? We are entering into the "tough" portion of our schedule, have a large number of injuries to key players, and sem to lack any fire/heart as a team. Who do you think this team can beat at this time?


Jeff Gordon: If the Rams play like they did in this game, showing that the coach hasn't lost them, then Scott may survive a terrible record. His outrageous injury list provides cover. But you're right about the schedule. They could beat Cleveland and surprise a better team or two -- this is the NFL after all -- but I can't imagine them being favored.
Rod: The officials were the #1 reason the Rams lost today. They can't even get it right after taking a VERY long look at replay! At the very least James was down inside the 1. If it was a fumble, then Rams had control in end zone, as confirmed by replay....How can they screw that up?

Jeff Gordon: I dunno -- and you won't like the officials' explanation. Lame.
Mike.F: I got direct Tv just to watch the Rams , an I dont even care to watch them. could all the injuries be what is going on with the rams or is it coaching ? Lost in Ohio...

Jeff Gordon: When a team is winless, no single factor explains. Injuries are a big piece of it, but the coaching wasn't good enough earlier this season. And there are some key veteran players making big mistakes.
David: Another officiating curiosity: do the officials report to Warner now? At the end of the first half, when the clock ran out (or so we thought), the officials were walking off the field and Warner ran and "told" them to get back out there. Interesting.

Jeff Gordon: You have to like his veteran leadership.
Virginia Tom: So our record looks like it will be a high draft pick this year, which is all I have to look forward to at this point in the season. I hate to see the picks constantly going to defense, but a great impact linebacker and a blazing wide reciever to stretch the field are whats needed. And maybe a new defensive coordinator with some imagination and attitude. Haslett is ok, but I don't see him getting this team to where it needs to be defensively. Where is Mike Singletary?

Jeff Gordon: I think Haslett has done OK. He is playing lots of kids and a few suspects as well. He is getting some stops and turnovers at good times. You're right about the need for an impact LB.


Jeff Gordon: Linehan threw some pretty good fits on the field. After the game, ripping the refs will only get you fined -- and maybe create some grudges as well.
dave: What was the deal with the 2 minute drill, is that not something they practice?

Jeff Gordon: Yes, they practice it. Yes, they need to get the ball downfield more quickly, in bigger chunks.
Mike: The injury epidemic that's hit the Rams this year is unprecedented, at least in the 30+ years I've been watching the NFL. At least we didn't lose any more lineman. I have some sympathy for Linehan now. If they play hard through the end of the season and he continues to keep the offense moving, I won't be unhappy to see him as coach next season. This bad luck has got to end sometime. Honestly, what's your thinking on Linehan's situation?

Jeff Gordon: He needs to get big efforts the rest of the way, and lots of improvement from young players. He needs to make something happen, because the wins aren't going to come. This team has to show a lot of spirit to assure Linehan another chance.
Chris Daly: Jeff: Why are they not putting in players like McMichael and Hagans until the end of the game? With Bruce + Looker down we all thought Hagans was going to see more time on the field.

Jeff Gordon: I agree -- get Hagans the ball and see if he makes somebody miss.

I need answers and would like to know where to get them.. The officiating cost the rams this game.. It wasn't one call but a whole bunch of them!! Mistakes can be made but this was too obvious!

Where do I go for answers or who can a fan talk to to get these answers! Not only do fans not need to show up and show their displeasure with the Rams but more for the NFL!! The fix was in for this game!!

Jeff Gordon: I'm sure the league's official review of this game will confirm that mistakes were made. But what can be done about it? Nothing, really.
jerseyram: not upset at all today no stupid wr throws at line. we played with a backup qb who is a backup for a reason rookie rb 31 points not bad i like our secondary when healthy minus chauvous tye comes back and we should have some ints.ryan and carriker look good. any lb worth the number one pick also martz should be back!!!!

Jeff Gordon: Fans can keep call for Martz, but he's not coming back. Let's move on people . . . Sadly, I was rooting for the Cardinals so we can get rid of Linehan and restart. I only feel bad for the veteran players whose opportunities for the post-season games dwindle as they get older.

Everyone says give Linehan a chance,e.g. look what Vermeil's record was when he started. But Vermeil didn't start with as talented of an offense as Linehan. Get rid of Linehan. He might get better over the next couple years but even then he's not going to get this team very far.

Jeff Gordon: What's left of the offense now is about what Vermeil had at the start. That goes a long way to explain why the Rams are 0-5. But Linehan DOES have much to prove. This is an enormous challenge for him. We'll find out if he is truly head coaching material.
Lawarence Marmie: Is there really any chance that Scott Linehan comes back to coach the Rams next season? I mean even if he wins a bunch of worthless games at the end of the season like he did last year, all it does is hurt our draft position. Winning those games last year certainly didn't give us anything to build on for this year apparently. I really can't think of anything this guy's done different since he's been here than Martz other than stiffle the offense.

Jeff Gordon: The strong finish last year gave the players more belief in the system. But these losses stripped most of that belief away. Each year is a new year. Momentum good or bad doesn't carry over.
jsnack: The fault for this poor excuse of a team lies with the front office. Being a fan from Los who had season tickets for over 25's like deja vu all over again, as they say. John Shaw & company are bottom line men, not football men.

They have once again put together a house of cards. They talk a good game and have all the right answers. But they are masters of mediocre. It takes much more money to produce a winner than it does to produce a contender. That means less profit for the front office.

They followed this same script to a tee here in Los Angeles/Anaheim. The Super Bowl team was an anomaly, it reminds me of the movie, The Natural". They won in spite of themselves. You notice how quickly they let that Super Bowl combination dissolve. Why do think Vermeil left?

So, prepare yourself for another decade of disaster. Shaw and company are steering the ship...and according to their plan they are right on course.

Jeff Gordon: These guys want to win. And the Rams had one of the better football operations for four or five years, not one. But Shaw and Jay Zygmunt are certainly on the spot now. What will they do to get this franchise back into playoff contention?
Samm: Jeff:

Linehan did all he could do--do you agree? He didn't make bad calls by the referees; he didn't throw two stupid passes; he didn't get called for multiple personal fouls!


Jeff Gordon: He still has to prepare the team so the players don't take such terrible penalties.
Christopher Fedail: Jeff, do you think this season could be a blessing in disguise? I mean, with all the injuries and the horrible coaching, the Rams could be in line for a top pick in the 2008 draft and maybe the Rams hire a coach who actually knows what to do with the weapons they have. In all reality, once healthy . . .The Rams are a couple of players away from being serious contenders. Maybe they get those players with high draft picks?

Jeff Gordon: Maybe, but a terrible team has trouble landing free agents -- and that is a big part of the rebuilding puzzle.
shane gray: Gordo:

I really, against my own sense, had some optimism that with a win today perhaps we could string a few together, get a few guys healthy, and fight back to .500 and at least be in the fight. Well...

I have softened a bit on Linehan. Not to excuse the first three games in particular where he should take massive blame, but he did try to move the ball and be a little more aggressive. We did lose sight of balance in the 2nd and 3rd when Leonard barely touched the ball after running so well.

Our D is obviously improved (a rare bright spot) over last year. The injury forcing Walls to play safety hurt us bad. We may have to release him and bring in some real safety depth.

The D line and front 7 are improving much versus the run. When we have everyone healthy, I believe our top 4 corners are very good now.

We have some bright spots but trading Fitzpatrick for a conditional 7th round pick? Another poor move.

Jeff Gordon: I don't believe Fitzpatrick was ever going to play to play here, in this system. They moved him this year and created a roster spot they needed because of injuries. Otherwise he would have departed after the season.
Johnny Maaz: I think rams played ok w/what they were given but i doubt gus would've been any better than marc the first 4 games

Jeff Gordon: Frerotte had time to throw today. For the most part, Marc didn't have that time.
Bryan: Man I know Linehan doesnt think injruies are an excuse but when you keep losing players every game and have to go to the streets to get more then its really tough to come back. I have to say now that injuries are the biggest cause of our bad season.

Jeff Gordon: You are right, although the coaching and playing could have been better.
Lawarence Marmie: Do Incognitio's positives really outweigh his negatives? For two seasons now this guy has killed us with stupid penalties in critical situations and he hasn't seemed to learn a thing from previous experiences. It's not like the guy is a pro-bowl player- he's decent at best. Can't we let him go and hope one of our division rivals picks him up so that we can get 15 yd penalties going our way for a change?

Jeff Gordon: The caliber of blocking went way up with his return. Don't give up on this guy.
david b: gordo, you have the #1 overall pick and you run the rams, who ya got?

Jeff Gordon: Mel Kiper has a couple of DTs, an OT and a DE at the top of his draft list for next year. The Rams have plenty invested in each position. Would they take a QB instead?
Mark "Eldrick" Ferry: It looked to me like on the final play of the first half that the Cards center knocked the ball into the end zone where (I think) Bartell walked into it. The half should have expired there. The replays were inconslusive- any light you can shed on it? Thanks.

Jeff Gordon: The officials didn't see the Cardinals center move the ball, but they did believe the Rams kicked it on purpose. The Rams disagree, but what can you do?
Sid: Linehan has now accomplished something even Rich Brook's never did- fail to sellout and cause a TV blackout TWICE in a year and a half. I recognize the team's problems aren't all his doing, but how long do you think ownership will continue to back a regime that isn't selling tickets or TV commercials? Do you see any change eminent in the front office so that our drafting and free agent signings don't continue to be such jokes?

Jeff Gordon: The personnel decisions of this regime would look better if half the team wasn't hurt. I honestly don't think it has been THAT bad. But it is far to wonder if Linehan has the leadership ability to turn this situation around. He is still learning on the job.
Armen: I am the founding member of SLOP (Scott Linehan Opposition Party). We advocate 2007 being the final year of the Linehan regime and hope to see a proven Head Coach in place next year.

Any chance we'll get our wish?

Jeff Gordon: Linehan is 8-13 and counting so, yes, there is a chance.
Paul Wasmund: Good teams find a way to win and bad teams find a way to lose and that was typical of todays game. With that said and an 0-5 record with no releif in sight do you think ownership would consider putting this franchise up for sale. I mean they hand picked this regime and it is going nowhere, Georgia is getting older and obviously doesn't need the cash. Do you think this could be a possibility?

Jeff Gordon: Almost no chance of that. Georgia is loyal to her group and wants to keep those folks in place. The Rams are her identity.
David: The Good- Rams Score! Ferrotte runs an up tempo offense that keeps the chains moving. Dante Hall had some good returns. Leonard's leap was fun to watch. The return of Brown helped the defense.

The Bad- The defense still doesn't get enough pressure on the quarterback. The offensive turnovers continue. Too many costly penalties.

The Ugly- I give this one to the Zebras. Overall they called way too many weird (in some cases non-existent) penalties at key points in the game. Normally, I don't like to blame the refs, but they were awful today!

Jeff Gordon: You captured the game in a nutshell.
Robert: Hey Jeff,

Didn't see the game I kind of expected this to be a loss anyway's but we finally got a touchdown!! now if we could only have a quaterback that can manage the game without throwing an interception instead of throwing away or running for a few yards!!

Props to Brian Leonard for running hard!! I really don't foresee the Rams winning the next five games, unless the other teams lay on egg for them to take advantage!!!

How soon does Shaw need to realize that this season is over and start making calls to either Marty or Bill Cowher?

Jeff Gordon: The Rams still need to see how these guys handle extreme adversity. As for the high-profile unemployed coaches, they will have their pick of jobs. So they will want a lot of power.
Paperbag: Never thought I'd see the rams as the worst nfl team this year. Fans waste money to go in a bad looking dome to watch this pathetic football team, lose. The only positives in this game is that the fans have a faster 2 min. drill in leaving the game. Any major changes for next week or should I put 0-6 on my paperbag.

Jeff Gordon: We saw major changes this week. We saw progress, too, but just not enough. Now they will have to regroup with addition defenders on the injured list.
Bench Incognito: Why does Pisa celebrate when he makes tackles 6 yds downfield on first down? Why does Torry Holt smile when he drops passes? Why do the Rams defensive players joke around with Cowboy players after the game right after being drummed 35-7? Do these guys not realize what their record is?

Jeff Gordon: Sure, but being miserable doesn't make you a better players. They take losing hard, regardless of what the cameras may catch on the field.
Richard: You know there is an ancient Chinese proverb if the fish is rotten it starts at the head meaning the Rams problems start and end in the front office. Georgia Frontiere holds ownership to this team because she likes the limelight of being the only broad in the NFL boardroom with the boys. She doesn't know B from BS about football and therefore only trusts John Shaw to run the franchise. Since there aren't any palm trees in St. Louis he prefers to spend almost all his time in LA where they still have a ticket sales office. He hates St. Louis and has no passion to develop a winning franchise, just take the money, and he is loyal Jay Zygnut who quite apparently cannot judge football talent thus the long record of draft pick failures. It begs the question why isn't an intelligent football pro like Marshall Faulk in the front office selecting football players? This franchise is doomed until Georgia decides to quit with the status quo, let Shaw stay in LA and she needs to either get involved running this franchise or let Kroenke have a larger stake and say in the operations of this team. It is no coincidence that the golden years for the Rams involved Martz, Armery and Vermeil and they are all gone. As for St. Louis' fair weather football fans. Shame on you for not giving full support to this team which is obviously still trying. You would never treat the baseball Cardinals like you do the Rams. Silly question but any chance of major changes in the front office, especially with regards to Faulk?

Jeff Gordon: If the Cards struggle again next year, don't be so sure about their fan loyalty. We could see a lot of empty seats at the new Busch.
Virginia Tom: Alot of talk about Linehan staying or going after this year, and some of it seems to ride on more than the record. The big question is can he hold onto this team. If that question is being asked when the team is 0-5, what will be said when they are 2-10, or worse. So far, he has proven to be a mediocre coach. If that is the standard this organization wishes to strive for, then I say bring him back and extend his contract, and you can have it for a long, long time.

Jeff Gordon: Again, these guys want to win. That's why they paid their top players top dollar to stay.
Sid: Now that Walt Jocketty has some free time, do you think he might consider running the Ram's front office?

Jeff Gordon: Since he brought Cardinal Nation Kip Wells and Adam Kennedy, do you want to turn him loose on football?
Vic: If there is a way to lose the Rams will find it, PERIOD!!! It doesn't matter how much better they play, if you don't win, it doesn't mean anything. I'm already looking at draft prospects.

Jeff Gordon: Yeah, it's not every day you lose a game on officiating calls like these.
Virginia Tom: Jeff, the easy answer is to say injuries, but what do you think is the real problem with the Rams 0-5 start and what will seemingly be a horrible finishing record? This team looked horrible in the pre-season and it looks even worse in the regular season. What happened?

Jeff Gordon: The preseason is irrelevant. Aside from injuries, the Rams lost their offensive aggression. They quit forcing teams to react to them. Instead, THEY reacted to their foes.
Rick: Five passes in the middle of the field during the last 2 minutes was inexcusable. Enjoyed seeing Kurt again with some of the "Show" still intact.

Jeff Gordon: Imagine Kurt when he has Boldin, too. He could go to the Pro Bowl.
Glenn: Hey Jeff,
I hate to say it but I feel better about this loss (compared to the others). Aside from Frerotte making a couple bone head plays, we should have won that game. I really thought I'd be happy with Incognito returning until I was reminded how penalty prone he is. The good news is we won't make the super bowl and at this rate we won't make the toilet bowl either, we shouldn't go 0-16. Could you please tell me what that ruling on the field was on the first Arizona touchdown?
How is Johnson doing?

Jeff Gordon: We've covered the call extensively. Johnson has a neck strain. Not sure when he'll play again.
Ship: Lenny Walls is horrible and shouldn't be playing!! Also, Dante Hall is not an option as the 3rd receiver. He dropped some catchable balls today. Can't the coaching staff come up with some better options?

Jeff Gordon: Marques Hagans!
Henry: Hi Jeff,
First of all I want to Thank You for listening to all us fans complaints as we know this team could play a lot better.
My question is I havenít seen this team with a vocal leader for a long time, either on offense or defense. The last time that I can remember they had a vocal leader is when they went to the Super Bowl. Thatís when they had on defense London Fletcher, Todd Collins, Grant Winstrom and to some extent on offense Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk. There is no one on this team to get in the other playerís faces. And on defense when they make a great play I donít see them doing hi-fives. There is no emotion on this team. What do you think?

Jeff Gordon: The Rams swarmed the ball pretty good today. Carriker and Ryan were solid in the middle of the D. Brown was great. Walls . . . not so much.
Bill: Wow. Jeff, are we just snakebit this season or what? Kudos to the Rams, who really showed a lot of fight today. I hate to blame the officiating for the loss, but those 2 touchdowns and that pass interference call on Holt? When it rains, it pours, I suppose. Anyway, there were some positives. Fahkir Brown looked good. B. Leonard had a nice game. Our run D held up pretty well. Am I reaching here? I need something to feel good about. Have a good one.

Jeff Gordon: Those plusses have been duly noted. It wasn't a terrible game.
David Carriger: I realize this season is lost.Why hasn't the front office been held accountable for all the stiffs that have been drafted over the past 4 years? Is it possible for the PD to post the transcripts of the post game interviews with the coaching staff ?

Jeff Gordon: The post-game comments are brief. The Monday stuff we post is far more extensive, since they have a chance to review the tape.
Corey: Jeff: The injuries are killing us, the coaching is mediocre at best but despite all of that what is really killing us is the veterans more than these guys filling in. Look at all of the losses. In every one there have been key mistakes by VETERANS! Wilkins missing easy field goals, Steven Jackson & Torry Holt fumbling, Bulger and Frerotte throwing costly picks, drops by all of the veteran TE's and Receivers. We can blame the injuries, penalties, refs and front office but the Rams could easily be 3-2 or 4-1 if the VETERANS of this team would make the routine plays they should make and have been making for years.

Jeff Gordon: You can't have players dropping passes in the red zone as McMichael did today, for instance. It's not all officating and coaching.
Jeremy-SoCal: The Rams aren't a horrible team despite the record and I still have faith in Linehan and Co. With today's starting O-line and a healthy Bulger, I think we win this game even with the poor officiating. This team isn't too far away from being good again, but this year is definately a proving ground for who can play. Oh, and Lenny Walls should never step foot on the football field again unless its special teams or to bring someone water!

Jeff Gordon: Last answer of the night . . .

This was a winnable game with the playes the Rams had. Just one fewer bad play and the Rams win. The Rams looked more like the Rams for a change.

Check back tomorrow for more . .