By Jeff Gordon
Sunday, October 21, 2007 06:30 PM CDT
Join columnist Jeff Gordon for a live Rams chat, approximately 30 minutes after Sunday's game ends.

Eric: Gordo, I dont know how you do it (I hope you get paid well), but watching this team is like poking your eyes out with a spoon!!!! The first half isnt even over and I QUIT!!! I'm NOT a football fan. I grew up here in the lou and am a diehard CARDS and BLUES fan. I'm 27 so football was terrible when I was little and now when i'm grown. I am a bandwagon fan, the fan that the team is trying to attract to fill those extra seats. I would not spend my money to watch that even if you twisted my arm!!!! I just hope ownership hears enough people like me, and listens, and finally gets off of their behinds and does somthing to change this team!!!!
Nice stop on 4th and inches, now lets play like you mean it!!!!!

Jeff Gordon: It's more like poking my eyes with a fork, but I get the point. This is just sad, because guys like Ike and Torry have won it all here. And now this!
Ramschic: Hi Jeff -

Thanks for the great job you do with this blog & during the game. It is great for those of us who are outside St. Louis.

Don't understand why Marc Bulger is playing. Clearly he's not 100%; why not rest him until after the bye week? Coaches don't still think this season is salvageable, do they? If not, why risk his health for the future?

This is the worst I've seen the Rams.


Jeff Gordon: Trouble is, Frerotte is beat up, too. Brock Berlin anybody?
Bert: Only 2nd qtr, DC Ram fan watching on the computer at Rams losing in field position, eventually will wear the Defense down. Witherspoon already has 8 tackles. Bulger ineffective, playcalling predictable going, nowhere fast. Does it look the same on television?

Jeff Gordon: The Rams defense was stout in this game. A lot of stops, often while backed up in their own zone. Haslett's group came through, despite the 33-6 score. Solid run D, good pressure on Hasselbeck. But without any help from the O, how much can these guys do?
ronjon: Where do you watch these games? I know we are only down by 10 but this is hilarious. Did you see bulgers smerk towards scott? Fox was all over that and are playing up scotty losing his job. I dont even have a question im just glad some parts of missouri serve beer on sundays.

Jeff Gordon: Quality eye-roll by Bulger. If I'm in upper management of the Rams, that is duly noted. How can this regime turn this thing around now, after all this? This is a bad 0-7 on the offensive side.
Dave: Mr Therapist

I am not able to watch the game but are Bulger's sacks coming because the offense line is that bad or is he holding onto the ball too long (ah la Gus)?

Jeff Gordon: No, this was a line breakdown. But it also appears that Marc is skittish in the pocket, for good reason. He threw a couple of short pases right to Seattle defenders, getting rid of the ball without looking. Sad.
Colorado Springs: How long has Bulger been in the NFL? You'd think he is a rookie by the way he's playing. Will he ever learn to throw the ball away? I realize he has no protection but even when he has some time he still takes a sack rather than throw it away. Why did they sign this loser. He's just as much to blame as anyone else for the Rams' offensive woes. As usual, the play calling sucks. This team needs a complete overhaul - Owner, FO, coaching staff, players. There is nobody in this organization who has even the slightest clue. Fans should prepare for a repeat of the nineties. This team is going nowhere. I wish we played Miami this year so we could prove to them and everyone else once and for all that the Rams are the worst team and organization in the league.

Jeff Gordon: Yeah, a Miami-Rams game would be quite a sight. Not. Bulger is a beaten man at this point, playing nothing like he is capable of. He is heading backward fast. Warner regressed when he got beat up, but nothing like this.
fairweatherfan: Hey Jeff! It's obvious that the Ram's offensive line is decimated, so what do you do in the off season, go after quality free agents for the offensive line, or, do we stand pat with what we have? Also, it seems that an impact linebacker would take this defense to the next level. Your thoughts?

Jeff Gordon: The key to the O-line will be getting Pace back, since he is making large money. Also Setterstrom's return next year will help. They need to add a quality young tackle, for sure, because Goldberg wasn't great before he got hurt. McCollum moves on due to old age, so there will be money to spend on reserves.

I agree about the LB corps. Add a hammer at MLB and this defense would be very solid. The D-Line is coming together with Carriker, Ryan and Wroten inside and Adeyanju improving at DE. The corners are OK. The safeties aren't terrible.
Mike: At least Wroten is showing some signs of life. He's worth every penny if all he does the entire season is pummel Hasselbeck for a game. Hopefully, after the game, he'll pummel Bulger in the locker room, too.

Jeff Gordon: Ouch! Marc has suffered enough. Let's not pile on.
shane gray: Hi Jeff:

First, I am ready for "Scott to Trot" on out of town. Enough already. I like him but that is beside the point. He is losing the team, has not adapted to injuries, has failed to successfully adjust the offense, etc. Him being rated as the worst coach in NFL by a national poll seems accurate.

Why are we sending 2 people out on routes? It leaves very limited options and WE STILL don't block so why not send out 3 or 4 including a tight end (since we have 4 of them they must be vital including a big free agent signee, a 2nd AND 3rd round pick none of which we attempt to throw to. Also, whatever happened to a quick slant. And WHAT THE HECK, everyone gets constant pressure but WE NEVER try a halfback screen? WHAT!!!!!???? Are we the only NFL team every to not counter the blitz with a screen pass??????


The bigger problem is Torry's decline who has fallen off dramatically, the loss of Curtis who's speed forced teams to cover us differently, the signing of the 6-5 Looker (Bennett) and of course the injuries to Bulger, the O-line, and Steven Jackson.

The ones to let go would include Glover, Chavous, and maybe Little. Maybe trade Bennett for Curtis (RIGHT!!!!!!! like that would happen) or trade him for some potato chips. We need to put a high draft wideout with Bruce rather than without him. I would have to say Holt has dropped off much more the last 2 years than Bruce, especially this year. Torry may never recover, and I love Torry, but Isaac may be playing longer than big-game Holt due to Torry's chronic knee problem.

Jeff Gordon: I like Ike, but the Rams need to get younger at WR. Also, there is the matter of paying him veteran money when the team has so many needs to fill under the salary cap. I'd love to see him stay under a cap-friendly deal, but you have to wonder if he would play along for a team that needs this much work.

As for the limited passing options for Bulger on a typical play, I agree. The Rams are easy to defend right now. This offense couldn't be further from what we saw from Martz.
Brandon: This offense can very well be the worst in history. It is worse that the Raiders from last year. It makes you want to throw up watching it. Even if the Rams come back and win this game in the 2nd half I hope we have a new coach come next week

Jeff Gordon: Things are so bad that Linehan can't expect to finish the season unless he rallies the team. His attempt to rally the vets this week obviously fell short.
Mike: How is this game even close? Nevermind, Burleson just returned a kickoff for a TD as I typed that last sentence. Right on cue, the Rams choke again. The Rams need to move again and, please, don't tell anyone where you're going. Just hide in shame, you suck.

Jeff Gordon: Come on, the NFL is still the NFL. You don't really want to lose this team, do you? Remember, teams can turn quickly in this league. Ask the Browns fans when they come to town.
Johnny: Well..........that kick-off return says it all! Please tell me Shaw is about to pull the plug on this clueless coach ??????? Shaw should be as upset right now as the rest of us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jeff Gordon: I'm sure he is . . .
Bert: DCRAMS FAN: The pattern the last several weeks is the Rams opponent immediately scores after half time. Whats this, the clock still shows 15 minutes left in QTR3 but the Rams have already given up a touchdown. Will Lineham make it thru the season. What should be the Rams #1 priority in next years draft-Quarterback or Receiver?

Jeff Gordon: The Rams also need to shore up the OL in the draft. It will be interesting to see what hole the Rams try to fill with thier high first-round pick. They have many options.
Royce Kendall: One word describe this Lambs team, DISPICCABLE, if that is how you spell the word. This coach and his staff have no clue as to what to do to get this team started. First the Lambs need to pull Hanifan out of the booth and see if he can straighten theoline out. Than I hate to say this but kiss Mike Matz's feet and ask for forgiveness, give him his team back with Haslett as his assistant. Sorry for calling this team it's other name but until they show some guts and fight that's what they are.

Jeff Gordon: I'm Hanifan is dying to jump in and slap around some of those offensive lineman. It's ugly watching those guys get beat again and again and again . . .
sonny: Jeff

Thanks for the venting session you provide week in and week out.

First you got to be kidding me. We are well into the 7th week of the season and we can't convert in the ( No Touchdown) Zone. Well it's not the red zone to me anymore!!!

We use to look at this offense as the Saviors...Remebering when we can get them the ball and score like it's Madden 2K?. Now we are lucky to even have a side to cheer for ( The "D" that is). Let's face facts...injuries stall teams from production BUT Coaching is inexcusable to find some sort of chemistry to put together 1 touchdown in the RED ZONE.

WHEN do we make a change? Sheeeeeez why not call running plays on passing and passing plays on running downs all the time?....OH! wait we are doing that!!!


BTW...this is written in the 3rd quarter...So if by some miracle we do get aTD from this stagnant "O" please disregard this.....LMAO

Jeff Gordon: No, the Rams didn't score a touchdown. So the post stands!
Dave: New fantasy strategy:

Pick up the defense that is playing against the Rams
You are sure to get monster points

Jeff Gordon: Too bad you can't get points for opponents field goals missed. That would be the clincher!
Craig Engleman: It seems like of all the units to quit for the Rams it has been the offensive line. I know they've had the most injuries, but these guys are horrendous. They are getting flagged for holding, but it doesn't even matter. I mean, it's not like TD's are being called back, the Seatlle D is still getting sacks. It's no wonder the running game is non existant, these guys aren't even trying to run block either. I realize Seattle is bringing their guys balls to the wall, but I think with a little more effort you could keep them honest. What do you think is the problem here? It has been evident to me for years, even during the few bad seasons with MM as head coach, that when this teams faces adversity, they become complacent. They don't try. Normally, it has been the defense; now it's offense and special teams. Is this coincidence that 2 head coaches in a row can't rally the team past adversity, or are we just not finding guys with enough passion and pride?

Jeff Gordon: Mind you, the Seahawks defensive front isn't one of the all-time great units. And the Rams looked helpless against it. HELPLESS! Yikes.
GoneGator: 3 simple things:

One, this is the worst offensive line EVER. Barron is a joke. He can't handle the speed rush just like his days at FSU.

Two, it is evident Scott benefited from his Minnesota days, just like Daunte Culpepper, because of Randy Moss. That has to be the reason he's looked upon as an "offensive guru".

Three, it is amazing that Jim can field a lesser talented D and be pretty good week in and week out. Scott CANNOT. His play-calling is ridiculous. It coaching people. And it HAS to change.

I've been a Rams fan since '74 and have never seen anything like this.

Jeff Gordon: The Linehan/Haslett contrast is interesting, no? Haslett's guys are playing hard and making things happen. Linehan's guys . . . not so much. Barron is a colossal disappointment, an offensive Jimmy Kennedy.
Mike: I have to agree with Burwell. The Rams need changes at the top. The Rams have had 4 winning seasons in the last 18. These guys must have some culpability. Frontiere obviously doesn't give a sh**. Fans need to boycott all games and refrain from spending so much as a penny on anything Rams until she gets the message and makes changes. This whole situation is ridiculous. Would Vermeil be open to a front office? What about consultant? Would anyone good want to come to this unprofessional organization?

Jeff Gordon: If Marv Levy can keep working, why not Dick V? But that is wishful thinking. It would be tough to imagine him leaving the good life on his ranch for this.
Bert: Late 3rd Qtr. Once again the defense is keeping us in the game and I'm sure getting worn down as the offense can't score a touchdown. I was shocked to learn that there was at least one team (49rs) more inept at scoring than the Rams.

Jeff Gordon: Yeah, some division, the NFC West. And the Rams are the worst. How bad would it be for this team in the AFC North?
Keith: I can't believe that Bulger got caught with that stupid smirk on his face after his conversation with the coach. He has to know the cameras are always rolling. He's the one stinking up the joint (obviously he's scared out there). Maybe, he should give some of that money back this off-season for help on the O-line.

Jeff Gordon: I can't blame the guy. The offense collapsed around him and you get the distinct impression he isn't a big fan of this offensive scheme.
shane gray: Jeff, watching this game on tv I see the sideline shots and I almost feel sorry for these guys. The D was over there pulling hard and cheering hard for the O. Chavous was cheering with all he had, as was Draft. Witherspoon is always a class act. Little gives his all. McMichael caught the 1st down and he is giving high fives. I see some good character guys on the team. I see that Bulger is down emotionally, etc. BUT I do see the guys still fighthing. I GIVE MAD PROPS TO THE D. ONE, THEY BRING IT EVERY WEEK REGARDLESS OF THE SCORE, ESPECIALLY LATELY. TWO, THEY ARE STILL PULLING FOR THEIR OFFENSE AS HOPELESS AS IT SEEMS. HASLETT DESERVES MORE CREDIT, AND HE IS FINALLY GETTING SOME, FOR THE JOB HE IS DOING.

We just attempted another field goal. Way to go down with your best shot, Scott Linehan. It just shows, again, that you do not have that aggressiveness even with your back to the wall.

Jeff Gordon: This team could use a few guys like Kurt Warner, who played with one arm Sunday and almost rallied the Gridbirds to victory. THAT was heart. The Rams' offensive effort Sunday? Not so much.
Ramschic: Jeff -

How can the Rams actually get worse week after week? Is that even possible? Linehan has taken one of the best offenses in the game's history and reduced it to the league laghing stock. I know teams don't like to change coaches mid-season, but what other choice do the Rams have at this point? Will Georgia step in and make changes at the top? Someone PLEASE wake me up from this nightmare!

Jeff Gordon: We feel your pain. But don't look for Georgia to intervene. It's up to Shaw to address this mess at some point. Will it be sooner or later?
Bert: Does it look as ugly on tv as on the computer. Its 3rd and 11, 4th qtr down by 3 scores. A pass to Minor for 5 yards, Wilkins misses a 42 yard field goal. Are we even trying to win this game? Goodnight folks, can't watch anymore

Jeff Gordon: Later on, the Rams did take some shots down the field. But those shots didn't so much work.
Mike: Wilkins is a joke. He just adds to the misery. Why even bother attempting field goals at this point? They might as well bring back Lovell and get him some game experience if they are going to attempt field goals and actually expect to get points from them. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Jeff Gordon: We all love Wilkie, but he's in the same boat as Bruce. To retool this team, the Rams will have to look at all their veteran salaries to see where more cap room could be freed up. At this point, Jeff is no better than a kid like Lovell. it's not like Jeff is making clutch kicks anymore.
Zack: My daughter says "The Rams Stink", when a 6 yr old tells you know things are pretty bad. The defense is holding its own, I say give Haslett the rest of the season to run the show. I think all the fans need to boycott the next home game to show Mgmt that this is not acceptable

Jeff Gordon: How many Browns fans will magically end up with tickets to the next game. The Ed could turn into one giant Dawg Pound. But I do think upper management already has gotten the message about this season. Something will happen at some point. It just has to.
Stacey: Gordo,
More of the same dull offense. We need some real playmakers. Why is Marques Hagans not used more. The guy seems to be a real sparkplug for this offense yet we dont even have him in the game. More bad decisions.

Jeff Gordon: At the end of the game, Hagans got some more action. The Rams might as well play him to see if he has anything to add going forward. What does this team have to lose?
Mark "Eldrick" Ferry: Hi Gordo:

My observations after watching the Rams this season:

Milford Brown is worse than John St. Clair- he cannot block anyone.

Marc Bulger’s body language tells me that he realizes his O-line is not up to NFL standards (which it isn’t). He is looking every bit as gun shy as Warner did in 2002-03. Maybe his injured ribs are to blame but I sense he realizes this is a lost cause.

Joe Klopfenstein is worthless- he runs like a crippled ox and cannot block anyone.

The Rams defense should tell the Rams offense to take a knee 3 times and then punt, which would be more productive than a typical “drive” (which often loses yards or results in a turnover) . Given the total lack of support from the offense I refuse to criticize the defense.

Half the Rams problems this year can be blamed directly on injuries, especially to the O-line. Losing Pace, Setterstrom and Steussie have been insurmountable.

The other half is Linehan and Olson. Unless the Rams win 4 games this season, which seems unlikely, they must be fired. Not only do the Rams lose every game but also they’re barely competitive.

The only bright spot is the NFC West is the worst division in the NFL so the Rams could easily improve enough next year to win the division!

I welcome your comments on these points.

Jeff Gordon: Good point about the NFC. A quick turnaround is all the more possible in this group. Love the St. Clair reference -- Brown truly can't measure up to the "Beast", which is scary. In fairness to Brown, though, he IS a natural guard. He is just trying to help out at tackle, albeit not very well.
Erik: At this point there is no reason to even think about winning a game, could it really get any worse? Do you see ownership doing anything either during the season or in the off season to try and keep some sort of fan base, most of the time I think the people in charge know better than fans and media, but this is just simple the worst run team in any stl sports fanchise in my memory.

Jeff Gordon: The injuries magnified whatever issues were there -- just as we saw with the Blues when that team collapsed. The men running this franchise HAVE won before in the NFL, but they did it by giving strong leaders some room and some resources to work. That will be the only way out of the current mess.
rusty: hey gordo i apreciate your discussion sorry you have to sit through this game. so is it time to send wilkins walking ? and on the one he missed what good would a field goal have done anyway ,what was scott thinking.

Jeff Gordon: Scott is just trying to get points -- and trying to avoid a certain-doom play on fourth down, which only demoralize the offense more. It's not like this unit is going to accomplish anything going for it.
Stacey: Gordo,
How much more can Bulger take. The poor guy is getting hammerd. Wave the white flag.
We need offensive linemen ,and now. cant we make some trades?

Jeff Gordon: No, the time for that has passed and there wasn't much available. The guys you could get off the street, off a practice squad or off an inactive list are no better than the guys here now.
Bruce: Wasn't this the Seattle team that got handled by the previously winless Saints?

There is no way we are better than Miami, they put up 28 points against NE. If even that was there second string guys, I dont know if the Rams could score on a high school team

Linehan needs to resign
Haslett and his defense deserve a trophy or something for what they have to deal with. There is absolutley no hope to win a game and they go out and bust there tails off. It's impressive he can motivate them. Scotty should take a page from his book

Jeff Gordon: Again, the contrast between the defense and the offense in these tough times is glaring. Haslett deserves much praise. So do the guys currently playing with some pride.
Mike: I cannot believe Shaw is going to keep Linehan around another year (according to Jim Thomas). Two years of questionable game management, poor play calling, and bad player acquisitions isn't enough? Oh, wait, that sounds just like the Martz regime and he got 6 seasons. Come to think of it, Martz wasn't any better. He took a great team and turned it into a bad one. Linehan inherited a bad team and turned it into an inept team. I guess I should expect this from a less than mediocre organization like the Rams. It's obvious Frontiere and her white knight Shaw couldn't care less about winning games. So I guess I couldn't care less about spending money on this team. This franchise is a waste of time.

Jeff Gordon: That timetable will change if the losing continues. It just will. These people don't like to be made sport of, on or off the field. Believe it or not, they have a lot of pride.
DBQIA: Who's holding for Wilkins? Is Looker still active and serving as holder?

Jeff Gordon: Looker is out, Donnie Jones holds.
Scotto: Agh...Gordo!

I don't know if I can finish watching this horror show for another half a season. The defense is trying but what can they do when the offense is this bad. Bulger looks like a beaten man, both mentally and physically. But what can you expect when your offensive line consists of backups, headcases, swing gates or that bust of a first round draft pick , Alex Barron? His resume is so full of false start penalties, referees who work his games need to get checked for tendinitis from throwing so many flags. But it's not all the line. Bulger is holding the ball to long and not seeing the game. I guess when you're so worried about taking another pop to the ribs, it's hard to see the field. Shamefully, there is no other competent option as we all know what Gus Frerotte brings to the table and it's not the bacon. Time to put in....Brock Berlin. Bulger needs to get out of there before he suffers a career ending injury.

Jeff Gordon: At 6:04, the first call for Brock Berlin! At this point, even Jeff George or Tony Banks might be better . . .
Disgusted: Worst team ever? It's hard to believe any team could be worse than the first year Buccaneers team. This team can't even execute a simple screen pass. Every week is an offensive comedy of errors. Today we got embarassed by an average-at-best Seahawks team. Can anything prevent a return to the nineties in the near future?

Jeff Gordon: Well, changes at the top, a good draft and thorough roster housecleaning could have the Rams competing in the NFC West next season. The defense is good enough to build upon.
Bruce: With the first selection in the 2008 NFL Draft, the St Louis Rams select......(You Pick)

From the University of Louisville, Quarterback Brian Brohm

From the University of Michigan, Offensive Tackle Jake Long

Jeff Gordon: No. 2. The Rams will add a young QB, but paying a guy first-round money AND paying Bulger is too much. And I see Bulger sticking for a while wit that contract.
Dru Zee: Jeff,

How much more will it take to fire this current coaching staff? Can it get worse?....Please don't answer that! I'm afraid of the answer. This team has quit, including Bulger.

Jeff Gordon: Some guys may have quit, but the defense is holidng up OK. Bulger's body language and facial expressions aren't the best. That bears watching.
steve huff: Seriously, Jeff....this collection of players is not even an NFL team anymore. You can't fire the players, so how many more weeks of misery remain before Linehan is given the pink slip. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but a major change has to be made very soon, in my humble opinion.....(Disgruntled Rams fan of thirty years in Louisville, Kentucky)

Jeff Gordon: Despite what Shaw said earlier, I've got to beleive a mid-season chance is still possible -- especially with Haslett available for that task.
Bob: Six points.....6 lousy points. This team is horrible. They are stuck overpaying for a QB that has lost his confidence and a coach that can't coach.

0-7 and counting.

Jeff Gordon: Yes, Marc has officially lost his confidence. His tenative throwing might be a bigger issue than the ribs.
Hugh: Gordo-

Is there any game this year that Donnie Jones shouldn't have gotten a game ball? And how much more of a beating can Bulger take before they either put Frerotte in for the rest of the year, or sign someone else?

Jeff Gordon: Again, Gus is beat up too. Marques Hagans running the veer? Is that an option?
Monty: jeff,

The defense really played to win today. I asked last week if head coach had lost this team. What is the inside scoop? It seems that the defense is playing for Coach H and the offense has packed it in.

Jeff Gordon: I can't disagree. That offensive unit has no belief right now -- not in itself, not in the coaches, not in the scheme. It is in the state of total collapse.
Alan: Jeff,
I cringe every time the Rams take the field now. Notwithstanding injuries, Linehan has clearly lost this team. There's a point of no return; and the tepid response of the Rams in a division game isn't even shocking at this point; it 's simply disappointing. Linehan is way over his head. Wouldn't the team be better off under Haslett? Afterall, it couldn't get any worse. Clearly, whatever Linehan is doing on offense, the quarterback and the receivers from the Martz era aren't buying into it; and the results are devastating. The Fox booth said it best today, the Rams are having significant trouble evaluating talent. It's across the board, from scouting new players to best using the players available. I remain loyal to the Rams, but gosh...this is simply horrid!

Jeff Gordon: Can't disagree.
Marc Moore: Saint Louis, MO. (AP) - A seven-year-old boy was at the center of a St. Louis County courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with child custody law and regulations requiring that family unity be maintained to the degree possible.

The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her.

When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried out that they also beat him.

After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him. After two recesses to check legal references and confer with child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Saint Louis Rams, whom the boy firmly believes are not capable of beating anyone.

Jeff Gordon: That is a very popular joke these days.
CM: Gordo-

Is this the worst STL sports team you've seen since you've been covering for the PD? That includes the Cards and Blues.

Jeff Gordon: I'd say end of the Laurie era was worse, just because it was game after game after game of suffering. At least the Rams only play once a week.
Greg: Did Bulger forget to look for the white jerseys today??
Did Torry Holt have "Butterfingers"
Did the O-Line still have jet lag??
I am just glad I get to go to the dome next weekend for cheap... Thank you e-bay.

Jeff Gordon: Actually, you might want to turn around and sell that ticket for more to a Browns fan. Expect an invasion next weekend. It's sort of driving distance . . .
shippdean: Ok, we are 0-7.

We spent $65 MILLION on an inept QB.
We have a person impersonating a "coach."
Our front office could care less about the fans.

Rams football at its FINEST.

If Linehan is not let go tomorrow morning; then I don't know what hope as a fan I could possibly have? The Front Office must find 0-7 accpetable?

Hasslett as an interim head coach is just the shot in the arm the team needs. The team has to preserve some kind of integrity and/or dignity. The defense plays for Hasslett...the offense doesn't play for Linehan. In addition, I say give Hasslett next year as well.

What do I know? I'm just a life long Rams fan and paying customer of this fraudlent product the Front Office is selling.

Jeff Gordon: The front office does car about fans, because fans provide a lot of in the income. And this ownership group is fond of income.
Joe: Gordo, I'm depressed. 9 losses to go. I'd fire Linehan just to create some kind of buzz. This HAS to be the worst St. Louis Professional Football club ever.

Jeff Gordon: Change for the sake of it isn't always the best strategy, but the men in charge of the franchise must decide whether the current regime is capable of turning this program. It's not just about this season. There is great parity in the NFL and this regime is not 8-15. And it's not easy to go 0-7 to start a season in this league.
Scott: So Gordo - Do you think my doctor will up my dosage and potency for depression medication when I bring in my Rams' season statistics? And how should I bet the Rams being + 3 versus their BYE?

Jeff Gordon: Bye wins by at least 10 points in two weeks, bet on it . . .
Joe Stafford: Jeff, can you please explain to me why the Rams Fired Mike Martz ? Maybe Larry Marmie should have been shown the door, and someone needed to take over the draft, but at least the Rams could score Touchdowns! Didn't Martz have a winning record and take the team to the Superbowl? Now we got this Coach who is supposed to be an offensive guru! What a total joke. Any Chance of Linehan getting Fired at the BYE week? A decent High School team could beat this team. This is worse then the 98 Tony Mr. Fumbles Banks team.

Jeff Gordon: Yes, my guy Tony Banks led the Rams to a great 1998 finish, compared to this. As for Scott's job security, there is plenty of informed speculation that says the ice is thinning under his feet.
Todd: awful, awful play calling... you would think being winless you could try to be aggressive, maybe pull out the old Martz playbook. but no, lots of draws and 2 yard pass plays. someone should beg Martz to come back. thanks to the sunday ticket we can flip to Warner or Detroit and see what an offense is suppose to look like.

Jeff Gordon: How about Kurt's gutty effort with one arm? That was great.
RAMBLER II: I like the rumors of Linehans demise at the bye week. What water do they hold?

Jeff Gordon: Yeah, there are reports all over the place that he is in trouble. But that is only natural. 0-7, a 33-6 loss to a mediocre Seattle team . . . these are signs of fatal decline . . .
marisol: Gordo, at this point, I don't feel that removing Linehan could be seen by anyone as a rash or emotional decision. There is a cancer growing in this team. To delay treatment by even one more week would be detremental. The new Ram era won't begin next week, but this one should end today. An interim coach would provide a desperately needed change of tone. One need only conider Wilkins to realize the damage being done to moral, which only worsens with each game.

Jeff Gordon: You have to seriously question if there is any belief left on the offensive side of the ball. And how do you send Marc back out there under these circumstances?
virginiatom: Jeff, looking at the way the season has gone and what we have to do next year, do we go offense or defense in the draft? It seems like we can't score, and as improved as our defense has been, we still can't stop other teams from scoring. So what is the priority?

Jeff Gordon: Offensive line. Pace is aging and injury-prone. Barron is looking more and more like a washout. Offensive tackle could be the first priority, since quality is hard to find at that spot. As Rams fans know.
Rams8180: Well now that Linehan is coach of the worst Rams team in history, do you think he is gone after the bye, and if so what coach do you think the FO will go after in the offseason?

Jeff Gordon: Rich Brooks?
Jeffrey Edelman: Jeff, is it dangerous to show up at the Browns-Rams game with a PLASTIC grocery bag over my head?

Jeff Gordon: Um, yeah . . . and the offensive failure of this team may leave you breathless.
Brian: OK...Enough is Enough. Put Haslet in charge to see if he can get some wins. Obviously players play for him. This will be a great interview process to see if he is a candidate for the head coach for next season and beyond.

Jeff Gordon: The Haslett Option cannot be igored, since he IS a former head coach and IS doing a nice job under duress. And the true big-name options aren't likely to come here, for a variety of reasons.
John Trowling: Jeff,

Rams management has to do something about this train wreck season other than just sit back and say "Tough Luck Scotty, we'll get em' next year!".

This is either the most cursed team in NFL history or the most unmotivated, poorly coached piles of crap mine eyes have ever seen.

If the Rams win a game this season, I'm Bugs Bunny.

Tha...Tha...That's all folks!


Jeff Gordon: Ah, the first Looney Tunes reference of this session. It was overdue. I can't believe this team will go winless, because this is the NFL and 0-16 just doesn't happen.
Alan: Jeff, isn't it clear the Rams players have given up on Linehan. This is like watching a horse with a broken leg. Let's put him out of his misery. The Rams have another head coach on the sidelines who used to give the Rams fit. Give the job to Haslett on an interim basis and see what he can do. He couldn't possibly do worse. This was supposed to be a playoff team! 0 -7! Even with injuries, this is unacceptable.

Jeff Gordon: I like the horse with the broken leg analogy, although I hate to see horses OR coaches break down.
Brent: Gord0

What are we going to chat about the rest of the year? Every game seems like the same bad dream. In fact, you know it is sad when you can call the Rams plays from your own living room. The Coach seems like a nice guy and all, but I think the Rams ownership may have to ask for his resignation just to keep peace with the fans. I am smart enough to know it is not entirely his fault, but someone has to be the fall guy.

Jeff Gordon: It's not so much about PR now. It's about rebuilding ASAP. Can this regime do that? Or has there been too much damage?
Jack J: Gordo,

Another loss, no surprise. Worst starting record in 70 yrs, big surprise. Honestly, if Linehan gets the boot, can we all have faith in the Rams front office in picking a good coach? They were the ones that hired Linehan in the first place!! Unless of course they can lure a coach with a proven history, Bill Cower. What say you???

Jeff Gordon: A guy like Cowher wouldn't get back in without absolute power, stupid money and a piece of the franchise. That might convince him to come, but I'm guessing he would still be skeptical.
Southern Cal RamFan: Geez, Kurt Warner looked horrible today. Atleast we made the right call on getting rid of him. Oh wait, Kurt looked above average (again) in a close call loss to Washington. Why not bring Kurt back next year to back-up/fill-in for Bulger?

Jeff Gordon: Next year, anything is possible. It's not like Gus did anything to earn his spot . . .
Kerwin Evans: Yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The playcalling sucks, what in the world is going on over there? Just the 7 sacks today then, making Tapp look like Reggie White. Surely it's time for him to admit he's outta his depth here.

Jeff Gordon: A lot of guys are out of their element, starting with that offensive line.
John (Ozy Rams fan): Well another week and a another horrible game. A coach with no guts, happy to kick field goals in the red zone with a team already 0-6. This is the problem in a nutshell, Linehan happy to lose with his conservitive game style, then take some chances when the team still had a chance and go for it.

I blame all those idiots that called for Martz to get fired, annd look what we got.

Jeff you have to admit the Rams would have a better team with Martz, then Losehan ?

Jeff Gordon: If Martz had the sense to hire Haslett -- his own nemesis -- that could have been an interesting combo. Also, it would have been an impossible combo. I just don't think Mad Mike was in the proper frame of mind to turn this team around as head coach.
virginiatom: I hope the Rams go and get someone with fire and passion to lead this team next year when Linahan is finally let go. Who would you go for if you were the Rams management?

Jeff Gordon: Barring a stunning reversal of fortune for the current coach, I'd give Haslett a two-run at it. He cleaned house from the Marie Era in a hurry.
Jordan: Why continue to leave Bulger in there risking further injury behind the pourous OL after the game is already decided?

Watching Bulger today reminded me of watching Kurt Warner after the OL let him get beat to a pulp. It's nice to see Warner well protected in Arizona and playing like the Warner we loved.

Jeff Gordon: Quite a contrast, eh? Warner is a heck of a leader for that team. Playing with that injury . . . that was amazing.
Stacey: I have been a Ram fan since 1975 ,and this is the worst. I thought the 90's was rough with the likes of Tony Banks ,but this tops it all. I have never lived threw a 0-7 start. All that talent .and we cant win. This is a real shame. I quess all those Martz headhunters were wrong .

Jeff Gordon: Martz wasn't good enough as a head coach, either, by the end of his run. His drafting was terrible and his allegiance to Marmie was insane. Sadly, I believe the Rams have located the offensive equivalent of Marmie.
Marc Bulger: Dear Coaching Staff,

Please stop playing me. I cannot move, throw, or complete any general quarterbacking tasks. I will be happy to donate my salary and jersey to Tony Banks, as he may be a more viable option at this point in time.



Ps. Great move signing Gus.

Jeff Gordon: Remember, Tony is fresh. He hasn't been hit in a couple years now. Something to think about . . .
Rich: The time has come to start thinking about next season. Start with the coach and work your way down. It is obvious none of the players respect Linehan. What will it take for Georgia to realize the ship is sinking and the fans are jumping off?

Jeff Gordon: Not showing at the Ed is a great way to get the vote out. THAT will get noticed. But, again, the people at the top don't like to lose. I think they see what's happening here.
ColoradoRamsFan: Jim: What was with Bulger rolling his eyes at Linehan? Bulger may need to get ready for his replacement...Andre Woodson, Matt Ryan, or Brian Brohm!

As unfair as it may sound, I think Linehan mayhave to be dismissed during the bye week, and Jim Haslett needs to be given the reigns until season's end.

Jeff Gordon: The Rams will be better off getting Bulger back on track that rolling a very expensive dice on a first-round QB. Bulger has played at a Pro Bowl level. Who knows which of those kids will?
Nick: Wow 6 points, when will scotty be fired? Or get his players fired up to play? The rams have 6 touchdowns this year!! Six! Hard to win when you average 12 pts a game, this is just sad. The blues have won my money for the winter, they might not have the greatest team, but at least they show up, play hard, and give it everything.

Jeff Gordon: Right now, Andy Murray is definitely trendig up and Linehan is definitely trending down.
Kaylie: I'm hoping to make a few bucks off this train wreck of a season, so I could use your advice: what are the odds that this chance will gp 0-16? I know that seems unlikely, but at this point they seem so far from winning against even mediocre teams that it's almost impossible to believe they can oull one out.

Jeff Gordon: I just can't believe a NFL can lose all 16 games in a season. I just can't too many opponents are just waiting to give a game away.
Southern Cal RamFan: This is the NFL - injuries happen. Granted, it seems more so to the Rams than most teams this year. Regardless, are you telling me that the Rams only have one person that can play each position? I think the lack of success this season reflects poorly on the Rams depth chart, as well as their physical training. Other teams are able to plug the holes if/when their starters go down. The Rams seem to be thin on all fronts.

Jeff Gordon: The team has decent defensive depth, since they lost their top two corners and held up in pass coverage. The D-Line has some depth. The team is OK at RB. There were OK at the offensive line until Pace AND Steussie AND Goldberg AND Setterstrom AND Romberg went down Thatis the equivalent of a starting 5 up front. No team can withstand that..
Greg: This nightmare season can't come to an end soon enough. You spend time around Rams Park...what is the atmosphere like? Does anyone really care anymore?

Jeff Gordon: People care and they are exasperated. People care because in many cases, jobs are on the line.
Craig S: Gordo, I feel for you. There's nothing I can say about this season that hasn't already been said. I'd say I'd like to see Linehan get fired but why? That might give hope that this season is salvageable. I am a true fan, but I really can't say that any offensive player has showed any heart so I want to see if anybody's true colors (and leadership/courage) emerge. I feel bad that your job is having to listen to all this ill will, but Rams management sure as hell isn't listening.

Jeff Gordon: Rams management is paying attention, but there isn't a whole lot that can be done during the season. Shaw has made tough decisions before and I trust that he can do it again.
Nate: I have FINALLY had enough. I have not lived in STL for 7 years which means I have to pay for the NFL Direct Ticket and this year I even upgraded to the Superfan HD package....I couldn't watch the game after the 1st quarter because I get more and more mad that I wasted my money....I MUST watch other teams/games that are far more entertaining. This offense is the worse EVER!....AT least the Defense looked decent today (kudo's to them for not allowing a 100 yard rusher in the past 4 or 5 games).

How long do we have to watch this offense (oh wait, I stated I had enough) before a change is made??? Someone has to go soon otherwise people will think ownership is not paying attention. Maybe it would've been better to let Bulger holdout awhile and play for a contract this year (he might at least showed some urgency and emotion).

Is there anything (besides Blues hockey and Mizzou football) to ease the pain for the Rams Sunday's?

Jeff Gordon: Don't forget about Billiken basketball and Rick Majerus. SLU, too, will benefit from the Rams' demise.
Peter Davidson: I was wondering, what is your explanation for the fact that this team usually collapses in the second half?

In these 7 games, the Rams have been outpointed by 25 points aggregate in the first half, and 88 points aggregate in the second half. They are the equivalent of one field goal down going into the locker room. Then in the second half they get beat by an average of almost two touchdowns.

Is it bad coaching? Are the Rams incapable of making adjustments to their game plan due to Scott Linehan, or is there another reason?

And isn't it time to give Linehan the axe? What is the point of keeping him around anymore? Everyone knows he's dead meat.

Jeff Gordon: Bad second halves are an indictment of the coaching staff. This is a trend for this team and there is no way around that.
STL.XXL: Gordo,

I Believe.......

I believe that the Rams are once again the laughing stock of the NFL.
I believe that this coaching experiment has failed.
I believe that the Rams could quite possibly go 0-16
I believe that if I performed the way this team has on my job, I would be looking for a new job.

I just wonder what is being said within the organization....from the owner, gm, and players. How do they really feel? What do they really believe in?

Jeff Gordon: Everybody is talking about the bye week for obvious reasons. That could be a time to evaluate the whole situation and chart the course for next season and beyond. Many Rams players share your worst fear about this season.
David: Hey Jeff,

First of all thanks, for the access and your attention to the fans. The PD has really picked up the Rams coverage big time this year.

My question, have you ever heard Shaw or Zygmut asked "Why are the Rams the only team in the NFL without a real pro- personel department or GM?


Jeff Gordon: Believe me, Jim Thomas and Bernie Miklasz are not shy about this issue. The current format hasn't produced great results, as we can all see. Something will have to give.
jimmyboyz123: Do you think that players are not giving 100-percent on offense? I've really never felt that way until now. Martz's teams did let us down but not like this, despite all the injuries...

Jeff Gordon: It would appear that resignation has set in for several players. Right now Marc isn't playing with much convictions and the offensive linemen appear befuddled.
tonyb: when a person fnds out he has 6 months to live he goes throught five emotions--shock, anger, depression and compromise and finally acceptance. This is what ZI am going through watching these first seven games, I have finally reached the compromise the stage. If we lose 16 to 17 games we will get a number 1 draft choice. Once we get the #1 choice then I will feel acceptance.

Jeff Gordon: I'm not thrilled with the whole first overall pick thing. The franchise will get a good player and pay him five times more than he is worth, because that is hpw the draft works. I'd rather see the team trade down for extra picks and spend the dough on proven players.
Go Rams!: I know I commented earlier but PLEASE post this too:

BANDWAGON RAMS suck! I bet 99% of the people wanting the Rams to leave town or the ones that are selling thier season tickets would have a confused expression on their faces if you asked them "Who is June Henley?" I am not ashamed to be a Rams Fan, I am ashamed at my fellow "fans". It's ok to give up on the season, but not the team in general. I thought Vikings fans were fickle....this is embarrasing!

Jeff Gordon: Come on, the Rams are 0-7. Let the fans vent. Understand their pain.
Henry: Hi Jeff,
Which draft do you view as the part of the downfall for the Rams. I view the 2001 draft as a major part of their downfall when they had 3 #1 picks and none of them are now with the Rams. I was scratching my head with all of their picks. Though I understand them picking 2 DT’s in the first round but they just picked the wrong players. This is not 20/20 hindsight but Damone Lewis wasn’t a run stuffer and Ryan Pickett was slated to go in the 3rd or 4th round. And Zygmunt and/or Shaw’s reasoning was if Picket was in the 2002 draft he would’ve been a 1st round pick.
Sorry, but I really don’t like the front office famous saying of “we drafted the player out of potential”. So what I understand is that they draft players out of potential instead of production.
To me that really does not make sense to me. I wanted them to draft Marcus Stroud of Georgia drafted by Jacksonville, Casey Hamption of Texas drafted by Pittsburgh, Steve Hutchinson of Michigan drafted by Seattle or Shaun Rogers of Texas drafted by Detroit. Any 2 of those 4 players would have helped this team tremendously. I have also heard but sorry I didn’t keep the article that states othere NFL teams know that Zygmunt has made his decision on drafting players on a draft publication instead of actually seeing the players. Do you know what publication he is reading?

Jeff Gordon: Trust us, the Rams prepared exhaustively for their drafts. Players were scouted, worked out, interviewed and evaluated exhaustively. In some cases later in the draft, there were somewhat whimisical picks made by Martz. Blame him for most of that. And as bad as the Rams drafting has been, there are a LOT of Rams picks playing well elsewhere. Either the Rams didn't coach them well here or they left for cap reasons.
Bob: Hi Jeff,
Longtime Rams fan here back to the days of the "Fearsome Foursome." However, this is by far the most pathetic excuse of a professional football team I have seen. Do they realize that the object of the game is to score a touchdown??? Better yet, do they even know what a touchdown is? Management has turned a Super Bowl champion into a Toliet Bowl cleaner! This moron Lenihan makes Tommy Prothro look like Vince Lombardi! As much as it pains me to say it, 0-16 is looking better and better each week! By the way, Jeff, do you know if Georgia has Bill Cower's cell number?

Jeff Gordon: DING! A Tommy Prothro reference!
Lambfan: How does this team NOT go 0-16?

Jeff Gordon: The Falcons go back to Harrington.
ColoradoRamsFan: Gordo,

How does one guy with one arm beat (not named Lawrence Taylor) beat an entire offensive line all day? And where were the adjustments,?

Jeff Gordon: Adjustments? You mean a team can change strategy and tactics in the middle of a game? Really?
Bryan: Thanks for getting to my question.

I believe the Rams should have Three quarterbacks on the roster. It would be better to try and play Brock Berlin in garbage time, when the rams had about 3-4 minutes left, than to play Bulger or Ferrotte and get those two killed by the defense.

But instead they decide to keep 5 tight ends on the roster that they do not use.

If the team plays like this again next week against Cleveland, can we expect Linehan to gone during the bye?


Jeff Gordon: Yeah, I'm have a third QB ready to play now. Both Bulger and Frerotte are beaten up. If only Ryan Fitzpatrick were still here . . .
Mike.F: got to be kidding me!! long time ram fan. this team is a JOKE!! new englad , philly , indy, all teams that when the rams were hot are still (well philly not so much but always seem to be around play off time) what the heck is up with this stinky team?? the coach has got to be held liable for this mess... can you please tell me how this team could be sooooo BAD?? an players get money for this?? a give back would be a nice way to say sorry fans!!...

Jeff Gordon: Yeah, donating a few turkeys at Thanksgiving probably won't make up for this. Rebates are a good idea.
Ken: I have been a season ticket holder from the beginning of the St. Louis rams. There are 5 games left. I may go to 2 0f 5 if Linehan is head coach but only to see history made 0-16. If they make a change now I will hang in there. But if not I will review my decision to renew my tickets at the end of the season. If Linehan comes back I will not renew.

The defense plays the offense whines; Linehan could have least gotten rid of Claude Terrell; he could have called a game design to minimize his Quaterback exposure. I believe he has lost the team, i.e., offense side. It is time to move on and I am not talking about the RAMS; I am talking about the fans. Injuries are one thing but incompetance is another. I see no improvement, and no hope of success. I don't blame Linehan; He is what he was: a mediocre Offensive Coordinator. I blame SHAW and Zygmut; nothing less than theeir heads will satisfy me but we know that will not happen as long as Georgia owns and controls this team.

What are the chances for a change? Should I plan my weekends without RAMS football or is there a chance to salvage the season with a change now.

Jeff Gordon: This will be my last answer -- as other duties call.

I don't believe this season can be saved, so it's time to start working on next season and beyond. All decisions should be made with that in mind.

Good night. Sorry I couldn't get to all the posts, but we hit all the key points.