By Jeff Gordon
Sunday, December 16, 2007 03:30 PM CST

K24Ram: Does this team even know how to tackle? Better off kicking the ball out of bounds with the stellar special teams play!!!

Jeff Gordon: Linehan address the issue after the game, but didn't have much to say about it -- except that his team continues to look for the right guys to put on the coverage teams. Perhaps by February they will locate them.
shane gray: Wow, we are missing Tye Hill in this one! J Wade is getting abused!

Jeff, not suggesting the move, but any chance we select McFadden and trade Jackson? I have heard the move mentioned so...

Who do you believe will/should be salary cap casualties/trade bait? I suggest cutting the useless Bennett (worst $30 million we ever spent) even though it will hurt the cap. Will Little come back rested and fresher with the extra time off, or rusty and oldier? If the latter, well? Glover and/or Chavous are possibilities although I sense that Haslett would have a very tough time allowing his old pal Glover ever get cut. Hall could be gone also.

Jeff Gordon: Well, now, Wade did actually make a couple of plays as the game progresed. And was he proud of them!
If you draft McFadden in the first round, you have to pay him a ton. Jackson is a great player. Keep him, Leonard and Pittman together and work on the many other team needs.
I'd keep Bennett and hoped he got healthy. He made a few plays this game that reminded us why he was signed. Glover, Chavous and other vets could move along, though.
shane gray: Extremely excited to see 4.3 speed guy, D3 guy Stanley on the active roster! He shows explosion, and quicks. He displayed some great run after catch in the preseason. I like his long term reciever potential and feel he is a better pure reciever prospect than Hagans. Here's for taking a look at them both down the stretch here and leaving Looker, no disrespect intended, on the sideline. We know what he brings and he has certainly reached his ceiling. Why not take a look and see if these other guys have long-term potential?

Jeff Gordon: Poor Derek didn't help himself with that fumble. Also, he didn't head upfield with much gusto on the returns. Not sure if the Rams have something there or not.
shane gray: Nice catch Drew Bennett. Yeah, you made 2 catches, finally, in the 1st half. But that doesn't negate letting a ball go thru your hands for a pick. It was slightly off target but that's no excuse. Hoping that somehow someway he gets lost on his way back to STL next year...

Jeff Gordon: That tipped pass is exactly the play he HAS to make. The ball was high, but Bennett is a big receiver. He is supposed to deliver in the middle of the field.
shane gray: On the drive that Wilkins kicked the "punt" field goal at the start of the 4th, the 2nd down play Bulger again, as pointed out by a "poster" here last week, forced yet another ball to Holt. There were 3 guys on "Big Game" and Isaac was wide open on the cross for a sure TD. The FOX announcers harped on this quite a bit. Holt is a top reciever, yes, but forcing the ball to him when Isaac is more open on many instances does need to stop.

Jeff Gordon: And even with the triple coverage, the ball was almost there for the TD catch. But, yes, that was a notable play. Marc wasn't quite as sharp as he is when healthy; 39 attempts for 219 yards isn't good enough. But in fairness to Marc, he did spread around his throws.
Dave: Wilkins continues to impress. That missed field goal in the 4th quarter looked like a chunked golf shot. Although he has been great for the Rams, I think it is time for the Rams to part ways with him and free up some money.

Jeff Gordon: His dramatic drop-off will almost certainly open competition for the gig next season -- with a chance to save a few cap bucks.
jjg: This the first time I have complained about the officiating all year but (since we are at home)you would think a couple calls might go our way and what's up with are recievers dropping all these "catchable" balls....your Thoughts ? JJG

Jeff Gordon: Both points are good. The Rams coaches were irate over the officiating. Linehan didn't bite on that topic during the post-game news conference, but he and Haslett were going nuts. And, yes, the WRs have to catch the ball. Bulger is risking his health to play -- so go get the ball. That was the 3-11 catching up with the team.
Dave: I'll first say that I consider myself a Jim Haslett appologist. I wanted to see if the Rams defense is that bad for giving up 30 points+ or is it a product of our offense leaving them with a short field on every posession. I mean, they did hold them to 3 field goalswhich could have been touchdowns

Jeff Gordon: The Packers had short fields the whole game. Their TD drives were 52, 45 and 44 yards. And only one of their FG drives went more than 20 yards.
Mike: The bad news: Linehan will be back next year. The good news: Cowher will not take a job until at least next year so the Rams will have a shot at him when Linehan gets fired after season.

Jeff Gordon: I wonder if Arthur Blank went all in for Cowher, how would Bill react to that? The next Atlanta coach will get royal treatment.
Mike: Hey a scoreless second half, who would have guessed that? Only everyone except the one clueless man in charge of the team. Can't wait for more of the same next season.

Jeff Gordon: Yeah, who have possibly guessed the Rams would fall apart in the second half after the Packers made a few adjustments? To me, bad second halves come down to coaching. it's tactics, training and motivation.
jjg: Hey Jeff
Is it me or Linehan seemed too conservative and the packers were keying on Jackson from the snap....with bulger in there do you think we should have had more down field throws early?.....we were not going win by just running in my opinion...special teams were especially bad....wilkins, D. bennet and mr Barron should evaluated or traded or moved to guard next season......Bulger showed some guts though and I liked seeing Haslett's emotions; he keeps fighting even though our season is lost......He will be key to a future Ram resurgence....??

Jeff Gordon: It's love to see Haslett back as a D-coordinator, if a head-coaching gig doesn't emerge for him elsewhere.

As for the gameplan, Linehan gets ripped if he overuses Jackson or underuses him. I thought Steven was great today, even with the Packers keying on him. You saw what happened to the Rams when Bulger had to go into throw-throw-throw mode. The Packers came with pressure and caused big trouble.
Mike: The D wasn't great but the Packers could have scored 60 with the field position they had. It's one of the few positives in another agonizing Sunday. I can only hope the people who make the decisions get involved in the offseason.

Jeff Gordon: Aside from Jackson's running and Atogwe's picks -- both on great plays -- it's tough to locate positives. Again.
John (Ozy Rams Fan): Jeff,

Pure and simple the Rams 2 half play all season has been cruel punishment for Rams fans. I cant stand this coach end of statement. Even if a miracle happens next year, I would still hate Losehan. There is so many thing he does in the second half and everyone is a failure.

I wish a I was a fair weather fan and could bail on this horrible team. I guess I'll go watch a video of Rams under Martz, when we a fun team to watch.

Sorry Jeff just feal very disgusted about the state of the team now !

Ozy Rams fan

Jeff Gordon:
Yeah, well, welcome to the club. Not everybody is a failure, but few players are good enough right now.
Jack J: Gordo,

Well few of us thought the Rams could beat the Packers like we did last year at Lambeau field. The Rams did preserve the stat of not allowing a 100 yrd rusher this year and picked off Farve twice BUT special teams was horrible. Also, this Lambeau Field South stuff cannot make John Shaw very happy, if he was watching. A sign like that sure shows how the Ram fans have boycott home games this year. It doesn't say much for the home team and the coaching staff.

Shaw can back Linehan, and he should until the end of the season but my bet is next year there will be more opposing fan signs such as this, and that is bad, very very bad!!!!

Jeff Gordon: That was quite a Packers contingent for a Sunday game, with atrocious road conditions coming south from Wisconsin. This was a sign of things to come for next season; no amount of marketing will sell out the season until fans see if there is dramatic improvement.
John in DC: HI Jeff, the Rams looked good in the first half. Their special teams were awful. So what's new? Seems pretty remarkable that a team can have such bad special teams play for so many different coaches. I'd like to say that next year will be different with the addition of a couple good draft picks and not nearly as many injuries. But will it? Who's to say anything will be different next year? We thought the same thing at this time last year...

Jeff Gordon: It was weird, too, to see punter Donnie Jones lose his leg. He was punting short and with limited hang time. The whole coverage game was a mess, again. I imagine a few different guys will play Thursday, but I'm not expecting massive improvement.
sean: Where was Steven in the 4th quarter? Also, I don't recall any passes to Torry in the 2nd half. Once again, outcoached and outplayed in the 2nd half. Your thoughts...

Jeff Gordon: In the fourth quarter, Jackson had just one touch -- a catch for seven yards. Holt did not have a catch. But reminder, Bulger has also been bashed for forcing balls to Holt at the expense of Bruce. And Jackson had 28 touches in his game, which is plenty. When it go out of hand, why not give Pittman a look?
pat: again, Linehan's play calling was conservative and lacked imagination and it is not a function of injuries. That is his offense and they are no longer fun or interesting to watch. Why would Shaw want this to continue?

Jeff Gordon: He had a couple of well-schemed, well-called TD drives. But penalties and turnovers (deflected passes) hurt the "O" as the game progressed. And the big deficit forced the Rams away from Jackson and into a pass-first approach.
scotto: What's this? Another second half choke job? No way!
Week after week after week after week, it's the same thing. Defense plays good for a half and gets tired. The Offensive line again reads their now tragic poetry, 'Ode to a Turnstile'. This leads to Marc 'china doll' Bulger dancing in that pocket like one of the spice girls all game long. And then he saunters off the field without a trace of emotion on his face. At least when Jim Everett's career went in the toilet, he went down swinging! Literally. Just ask Jim Rome! Does Bulger even care about his game anymore? He looks like he's just playing out the string. He should be getting in that O-lines face and telling them to play like professionals.
And poor Steven Jackson. To have to have a game like he had and then watch it mean nothing. If this coaching staff can't even make half time adjustments, how can we expect them to be competent to make the changes necessary in the off-season?

Jeff Gordon: Yeah, Marc could use a little Chase Daniel in him. I liked the fact Chase was ready to rumble at the end of that disastrous second half in San Antonio.
Bryan: Just waiting for the nightmare to end. I can't understand why this team never shows up for the second half. I don't think Linehan is going to be fired, but you have to think that Shaw and JZ have to be seeing what's going on as well and still debating what to do with Linehan. I mean I hope Linehan can prove all us doubters wrong but I just don't think its going to happen. Plus I hear that Georgia may sell the team. If its true I don't know if it will solve the problem. I really hope things will get better in 08 but we'll have to see how the offseason plays out.

Jeff Gordon: The consistent second-half failure cannot be explained away. It just can't. It reflects poorly on this regime.
ian: Gordo given u ignored my last question a few weeks ago

Are you really happy with this mug of a manager being given the all clear to do the same next year?

The rams need to get an experienced coach in and not some rookie trying to prove himself.

Jeff Gordon: It appears the decision has been made, even though a lot of fans share your sentiment. I don't know if this game was winnable, but the Rams could have sure shown more in the second half. The team's consistent second-half failure -- in a league with so much parity -- is stunning.
tc: Wow, I always thought that this "2nd half" thing was way overblown by the fans... but come on... Also, that's gotta be in for Linehan...

Jeff Gordon: Unless John Shaw changes his mind, no, it won't be it for Linehan.
Gabriel to Snow: Dear Santa, I've been a good fan for 45yrs, here is my Christmas wish list. (gifts to be delivered in offseason)
#1 A new offensive coordinator, who knows the value of disguised formations. Uses motion to hide our intentions, not tetegraph them. And can teach the 2min drill & use of the no huddle when appropriate.
#2 A new Special teams coach
#3 A genuine young QB prospect, stud tackle, speedy WR, speed rush DE, and a good safety to team with OJ.
Gordo, my request for a new coach has already been vetoed by the Grinch, but what are my chances for the rest & would you add or subtract anything.

Jeff Gordon: Getting all that dopne will be hard. But you are certainly on the mark with your wish list.
But remember, Linehan IS the offensive coordinator, in reality. If his scheme isn't good enough, why would he still be head coach? He brought offensive acumen to this job, not head-coaching experience.
wiramfan: Oh boy I got to sit in my den with the three Packer Fans that didn't leave Wisconsin to attend todays game at the dome!

It went as expected.. Nothing after halftime good for the Rams!!
What a joke Linehan is and to think about keeping him is a bigger joke!

Bennett turned the game around with his drop before the half. That is another Linehan guy screwing up!

Please tell me that Linehan will not stay.. Isn't some college looking for a backup water boy.. He could handle that job...For at least a half!!!

To see all the Packer fans at the dome makes me want to puke, but hey it must not bother Shaw!!!!!

Jeff Gordon: At least the Packer fans appeared to be drinking their share of overpriced local beer . . .
Richie: Gordo,

It seems the rams are two different teams from half to half. How many games have the Rams been leading going in to the second half and blew? I think it's the coaching staff's inability to make proper half-time adjustments and the ability of the opposition to make those adjustments. I think it just another sign of poor coaching on Linehan and staff's part. What do you think?

Jeff Gordon: That would seem to be the only explanation.
Mart Reihart: Hi Jeff I got to see the Rams for the 1st time this year and they look decent however the Officials were sad they gave the game to the packer on calls that were in front of them.
I don't blame The ram coaches for being upset. Can they be
fined for there conduct.

Jeff Gordon: Linehan bit his tongue during his postgame news conference, but he should be OK. As for Haslett, I just hope he didn't break down their dressing room door after the game . . .
wiramfan: Hey what about Ron Jawarski as head coach!!! I know he doesn't have the coaching experience but neither does Linehan!

I'll take EX-Ram QB over patsy non Ram Linehan anytime!!!

Jeff Gordon: America needs Jaws breaking down tape for our edification. I love his analysis. We need his analysis.
Dan Husselbee: Hi Jeff,

Once again Linehan decided to kick a FG when were down by 13 point, I know the math here two FG's and a TD ties the game and it's still the 3rd quarter but we should be trying to win games at this point of the season. Take the chance what do we have to lose besides Wilkins missing again. This just show's me our head coach contiues to make bad decisions.

In my opinon Corey Chavous has to go, this guy can't tackle to save his life.

Thanks for taking my outbursts, I' a 38 year Ram fan who frustrated with the way the seasons gone, hopefully the players are too, I'll be back next year as usual.

Oregon Rams Fan Dan

Jeff Gordon: Linehan took plenty of gambles, too. Nothing worked out in the second half -- playing it safe or going for it.
Damon: Alex Barron must be on the bench next year. I don't care if we have to draft Jake Long; we need someone who won't constantly get false starts.

Jeff Gordon: He does have the knack for the untimely penalty. After this many years, you can only assume that trend will continue.

Drafting a tackle is an option, since Pace has become iffy with his injury history and the Rams don't want to bid high on Barron's next contract unless they have no choice.
shane gray: Draft needs, assuming no trades between now and April:

1. OL
2. WR with speed
3. DE
4. MLB
5. SS
6. Healthy OLB
7. True FB?
8. Kicker

Jeff Gordon: Pretty good list. Leonard is a nice utiliy back, but a one-dimension blocker/special teams killer would be a nice addition.
Mike: While Jay Cutler isn't a superstar yet I'd have to say trading down and passing on him was a big mistake. He's younger, has a stronger arm, is more mobile, is cheaper, and is a better leader of men than Bulger. Bulger is more accurate and more experienced. The Rams future is mortgaged away on an emotionless QB who has never led this team anywhere.

Jeff Gordon: Cutler hasn't proven much this year, working with an admittedly ordinary team in a very tough conference. As for Bulger, yes, more fire would be nice. Jackson tries to fire up his team, but the guys do look to the QB. Look how demonstrative Warner was.
Alan: Hey Jeff,
I'm resigned to the fact that Linehan will be back, Given the sheer number of injuries, maybe he should be given another chance. Can't believe I just said that! My question is this...Will the Rams front office help him by creating some real depth on the O-line. The philosophy of taking the best player available regardless of position just doesn't make a lot of sense. Will the Rams pass up excellent offensive line players so they could stock up in a position where they don't need any help? It certainly won't help Linehan's cause next year. A good offensive line would go a LONG way in making a difference on this team.

Jeff Gordon: In fairness to the front office, no team has the depth to offset the long-term loss of three starters (Pace, Incognito and Setterstrom) and shorter-term losses of Steussie, Romberg and Goldberg. Plus there was the Claude Terrell flameout. If the Rams get their injured players back and keep Milford Brown and Gorin, they will have a pretty good group.
phil: Hello Jeff

Why cant the Rams pick up some better looking cheerleaders?

And how about losing the Santa outfits while sporting some nice tight white booty shorts?

That's the only thing interesting to look at on game days in the Dome

Jeff Gordon: I sit too far from the cheerleaders to assess their look, but the Santa outfits always did something for me. Is that wrong? I dunno. I'm just saying.
Dan Husselbee: Jeff,

What do you think about moving Will Witherspoon to the outside, I think of we were to use him the way Bud Carson used Kevin Greene, Will could take the next step to All- Pro status. With Leonard Little back next year we may finally start putting consistant pressure on opposing QB's.

Jeff Gordon: If the Rams can add a lumberjack at inside linebacker and use more 3-4, then, yes, they could have Will attack from all over. And that would be a good thing, because he can cover, blitz and pursue.
Gabriel to Snow: You are correct that Linehan was brought in for his offensive acumen, but since we apparently have no choice but to stick with him one more year, shouldn't we hope he brings in new blood for the OC position?

Jeff Gordon: If John Shaw forces Linehan to change his offensive philosophy and his scheme, then why keep him? That would be like keeping Lovie Smith in Chicago, but forcing him to change defenses.

It appears that this is it for the questions today, so I'll move on to other duties.

Good night!