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    Postgame With Gordo: November 25

    Postgame With Gordo
    By Jeff Gordon
    Sunday, November 25, 2007

    chris in steeler country: I know hindsight is 20/20 but... why didn't the rams make more of an effort to get patrick kearney or adalius thomas and send the fourth round draft pick to the raiders for moss to give them their big target instead of acquiring bennett and james hall? Secondly, if bulger threw to bruce half as much as he forces things to holt, bruce would have been number 3 on the all-time list instead of 6! It's been obvious for the past 4 years and everyone seems to overlook bulgers' inability to scan the field ,fake to holt and come back to bruce who seems to be wide open a lot more than holt. I realize he's not 100%, but I'm just making a case for bruce to be allowed to be the playmaker he still is. Finally, they run a reverse after faking it for 11 weeks which didn't fool anyone with the slow of foot recievers.

    Jeff Gordon: In this game, the Rams featured Bruce as much as Holt. In fact, Bruce should have had a second TD catch -- but Frerotte rushed his throw and missed him at the end of the game.

    Hall has been a solid pick-up at DE. As for Moss, the Patriots may have been the only team capable of getting him to focus this year. I'm sure there is another team -- this one included -- that could have gotten him to play hard.
    GoneGator: It's interesting to watch the offense and defense leave the field and get to the sideline. The offense leaves, and it's the same reaction - no emotion, no nothing. The defense, on the other hand, is always high-fiving, in each other's face, etc. And that includes the coaches. It's no wonder our offense is so methodical, predictable, and flat-out boring.

    Jeff Gordon: Jackson is an emotional leader, but when he gets knocked out of the game, the energy level dips. It just does. An lively back-up QB like Fitzpatrick would have really helped this season.
    Istvan: Why don't we just keep playing safe and predictable and we'll continue to lose every week!!!
    Injuries are not an excuse.....sick and tired of this @#$!

    Jeff Gordon: I don't know how much more you can open up an offense with Gus at the helm. He still has a nice arm, but he can't move and he doesn't make quick reads or throws. That said, he moved the back on the last series . . . only to muff the final play.
    jake: Jeff, what happened to Steven Jackson in the second half? Seems like he just disappeared. Aren't we supposed to be riding this guy to wins when we're leading in the fourth quarter?

    Jeff Gordon: He left the game after taking a blow to the head. Obviously, he was cleared to get back in there.
    Mike: This loss isn't on Linehan. The Rams' O-line play is pathetic and Frerotte isn't much better. This was a winnable game but the offense could do NOTHING in the second half. Hopefully a new number two is one the many offseason changes I'm expecting in '08.

    Jeff Gordon: This team needs a LOT of upgrades -- but, yes, back-up QB is one of them. Behind a battered line, he is really vulnerable.
    chris in steeler country: When will the rams have a consistent special teams coverage unit? you almost never see the first man make a tackle. trading fitzpatrick was the biggest joke of the year! We keep 4 mediocrte tight ends and trade the only athletic quaterback on the roster with a porous line?? Again, Bartell needs the every down reps now so he can be the cornerback of the future. Look no further than cromartie in San Diego and what the rams could have instead of two smallishish corners in hill and brown!

    Jeff Gordon: I still like Hill and Brown. This team plays a LOT of man-to-man, because Haslett has to blitz so much to get pass pressure. That puts a lot on the CBs. There were OK in this game, given the success that Seattle had the last few weeks with that WR group. With any offensive help at all in the second half, this defensive effort was a winner.
    scotto: Once again, Gus Frerotte proves he is not the man for this job or any other in football. You can say what you want about the rest of the game but when you jump out to a big lead like the Rams did today and then your QB finishes with a mere 150 Yds with a Td and and INT...and then you rub every fans nose in it by botching a snap with a yard to go for a TD on the last play of the game...Linehan needs to show some stones for once and send a message that will be heard loud and clear...send Frerotte packing. He is not good enough to play football at this level anymore and should be treated accordingly. The defense has to be sickened by this.

    Jeff Gordon: Gus is Scott's guy, so he's not going anywhere. Good news: He mounted one last rally. Bad news: He spent most of the second half failing. More bad news: Muffing the final snap. Ouch!
    Rick: Jeff,

    I think one of the worst decisions by Linehan was getting rid of Fitzpatrick and going with a 2 QB lineup. It influenced his decisions in games 3 & 4 when he forced a hurt Bulger to play. I think he has overrated Ferrotte, he chokes when the going gets tight. What is your take?

    Jeff Gordon: I would have kept Fitz for one more year, given his mobility. As other posters noted, why did this team need to keep four TEs? Byrd has ability, but this coaching will never get anything out of him.
    Mark Jones: So...the Rams are officially eliminated from winning the division. What are the chances of a wild-card berth?

    Jeff Gordon: Sarcasm!
    steve h.: First and goal from the four....Fourth and goal from the one. Why in the world would I think this team would be able to score like ANY other NFL team. Gus should be cut on the spot and Linehan fired today. This is the NFL's version of the Bsd News Bears....What a joke. 2-9 with this kind of talent?.....Time for a change.

    Jeff Gordon: The second-to-last call to Jackson looked great. I thought he would get through that seam. The first-down call worked great, but Gus rushed the throw under duress and missed it.
    Go Rams!!!!!!: NO EXCUSES! I think that itis time to let Mr. Linehan go and have Haslett take over. I know this season is over as far as a winning record, but at least he can start to put together a team for next season. I know there will be a lot of off season changes, but the sooner the changes, the sooner this team can turn the page and start over. Is Haslett the answer? I just know that D was fired up and palying its heart out again to only watch the offense fail to score.

    Jeff Gordon: Props to Haslett for sure. He used the 3-4 about half the time, owing to Little's absence, and his varied looks clearly screwed up the Seahawks. The sacks piled up and there were near INTs all over the field. His unit gets better all the time, despite taking some injury hits.
    Napa Sam: Ferrote is a proven cancer on this team, do you agree? He blows leads, misses open receivers, holds the ball too long and loses games when he comes in. LOSER!

    Jeff Gordon: He's just the back-up QB. But it was telling that Linehan wasn't very daring with his playcalling with Gus at the helm.
    wiramfan: Have you seen enough yet?!!!

    Linehan hs to be gone after this!!

    Ferrote, his boy can't even take a snap!!!!

    Linehan's play calling when the Rams where close to fieldgoal territory results in 2 sacks!!!

    Linehan is a joke and has turned the Rams into a joke!!!

    Do your job.. Write the truth!
    Get this thing turned around!! Linehan cannot get a pass for another season!!!

    Jeff Gordon: One of those sacks was just a brutal missed block by Rob Petitti, a guy just off the street. The o-line injuries are a factor. But, yes, Linehan missed an opportunity to win a gmae and establish hope for his regime. This was a huge setback.
    Tony: Jeff do you think we need a better 2nd string QB? This guy has been horrible as a back up!

    Jeff Gordon: Frerotte isn't the worst back-up quarterback by any means, but his lack of mobility combined with the o-line injuries is a bad combo. His passer ratng today was 72.5, about what Hasselbeck earned. He wasn't terrible. But he did have a chance to win the game and he couldn't make the plays when he needed to.
    Gus: Why is Gus Frerotte on this team? You miss a wide open Issac Bruce who is half a yard away from a TD and you fumble a perfect snap from McCollum. Looks like a mid round QB is needed in the draft. Can I suggest Chase Daniel or Chad Henne. Both are ACCURATE.

    Jeff Gordon: Daniel has another year at Mizzou, so rule him out. I might keep Gus in a three-QB look, but I would add somebody younger with some mobility. Like the guy they had.
    NAFERIOUS: Why do you think that the fans that want Linehan fired dismiss all the injuries to the offensive line and Jackson being out of the line-up as well? When you tell them about this they say they understand....BUT... he needs to be fired.

    Why can't they see what the problem is?

    Does this reinforce the fact that Football fans are the least knowledgeable of all sports fans? I think it does.

    Jeff Gordon: Head coaches have to find ways to win games. They just do. The defense gave the Rams a chance in this game -- and they didn't get it done. Why can't the offense attack problems as creatively as the defense does?
    Mike: I guess that last play is a summation of the Rams fortunes this season. Two plays earlier Bruce is wide open and Frerotte throws it in the dirt. Very difficult to watch. Please tell me Bulger will be back next week.

    Jeff Gordon: Linehan said Bulger will be evaluated during the week. Concussion recoveries are difficult to project. Every case is different.
    Tony: If that does not sum up this season, I don't know what does! Gus did an okay job, but it's time to find a new backup, that worm killer toss to wide open Holt was just not NFL caliber ... it should never have come down to that last play.

    Jeff Gordon: His decision-making under duress wasn't good enough in this game. You need more from your veteran QB. That ending defines both this season and Frerotte's own contribution to him.
    Jack J: Gordo,
    When I heard Bulger got hurt, and Frerotte came in , I cringed. We all know they will be changes nect year but I think there has to be better backup quarterbacks. Granted the O-line failed again and we all know why, but Frerotte forces too many throws and then gets picked off. Come on folks, first at the 1 yard line, field goal, then looses the ball on 4th and a half a yard! Frerotte should be given the boot after this season. I am wondering if Bulger could have had better results? Probably but we will never know.

    Jeff Gordon: I gotta think that Bulger executes first-and-goal pass play.
    Gus: To JG,

    The coach and his star back up QB Gus!!! should head down back to Miami!!! To join the rest of his loser x-teammate the dolphins, WHAT an embarrassment to RAM football, DIE HARD ram fan since 1979. WOW. SAD!

    Gus Gamboa

    Jeff Gordon: Not a great day to be Gus . . .
    david hughes: on short goal situations,why do the rams constantly line up jackson so deep in the backfield for a slow developing pitch play?the back should be close to the QB,and drive straight ahead.almost never a loss of yardage.that horrible play calling on 1st and goal is a prime example.

    Jeff Gordon: The deep set gives the RB a chance to read the blocks and hit a seam with some speed. When there are no blocks, though, it gets a little ugly . . .
    Bret: I've been a life long Ramsfan since 1972. I told my wife just before the last 4th down play that the play would define the current state of the franchise. I would say that I was correct. The most basic task of the offense is the center to quarterback exchange. That was too much too to ask. As I have said before, it will take 5 -8 years before this team will win again. If you look at their record in the last 17 years they have had a winning record 5 times. Same old sorry Rams. They ownership should be ashamed to charge you folks good money to watch this horrible product.

    Jeff Gordon: This team could win next year with some better health, some better coaches and the right additions. This is the NFL. Free agency and the draft makes is easy to retool, since the good teams lose high-end talent every year.
    smitty: Gordo, another sad day in Ram Nation when this should have been a win. I know everyone will b-tch about Linehan, I will leave that to the others, But Gus is to blame when Issac was wide open on 2nd and goal, then pulling out too quickly on 4th and goal. Hopefully Marc can back next week.
    Thanks for letting us vent each week.

    Jeff Gordon: Again, you have a veteran back-up so that stuff doesn't happen at the end of the game.
    Gary Staat: Well they disappoint again, Linehan and Haslett could not adjust where you seen Seatles offense adjust.

    I know Linehan has a lot of injuries but again we can't punch it in for 2 yars for a touch down even with the great Jackson there is a difference between Faulk and Jackson Faulk would get those important yards. True or not,Jeff.

    I hate to see a coaching change because that a different system and the team will have to start over.Maybe we need some changes within the ranks of coaches. We could not score in the second half. Unbelievable.

    We definitely need a new reciever with speed which we had in Kevin Curtis but they let him walk. We just don't have any speedy recievers. What do you think?


    Jeff Gordon: Holt and Bruce can still make plays downfield when the rest of the offense is operating correctly. Holt has lost a step because of the knee injuries and Bruce is an old-timer, but don't put them out to pasture yet. That said, adding some speed to mix in with size (Bennett) would be a good idea.
    Bill Wagner: Well,number one, let us get some new announcers on Fox.
    These guys are terrible,never indicating the game was gone
    the time Bulger left the field. Gus came here because of
    Linehan. What else can I say? And again,the defense can only stay together so long with an offense that has major
    issues. I believe the issues go all the way up the ladder
    and until the Rams start at the top, this will never get
    better. I understand Shaw lives in LA.

    It doesn't work and
    just ask Paul Allen about the Trailblazers and Bob Whitsitt living in Seattle! The players did everything possible to win but don't have enough horses to get it done. It reminds of what Madame Ram did to John Robinson! You can kill the coach, start over again and waste another few years getting a new system installed. But until you've got solid,commited leadership and management up top, expect more frustration & empty seats. Finally, Hazlett is the only creative guy in the building!

    Jeff Gordon: Shaw can live on Venus if he wants -- as long as the football operation has great leadership. Right now, the Rams leadership doesn't grade out at great.
    Mike: 1st and goal 4 yrd line, back-up quarterback in, steven jackson in the backfield, DONT YOU RUN THE BALL TO TRY AND SCORE THE GAME WINNING TD???? Its time for Linehan and his crew to go.

    Jeff Gordon: Jackson got one run and was going to get the ball on the final play. And the first-down play worked -- but Gus missed the throw.
    Steve: Jeff:

    Doesn't it look like its time for a new Offensive Coordinator and O line coach. How do you botch a snap on the potential game winning play? Also, why do you try and sit on a 19-7 lead for the entire second half?

    Jeff Gordon: I agree, the Rams were too conservative with the lead. Frerotte got big money for a back-up QB at Linehan's behest, so Scott needed to make him into a playmaker in this game.
    Darin in U-City: I know everyone wants to cut Frerotte (and it's understandable...he's not an NFL-caliber QB), but do the Rams really want to waste time and money on a new QB? Why not just run him out there, let him get killed over and over again, and start figuring out who the coach and the QB are going to be next year? Why keep finding players for an organization that would be much better-served to go 2-14?

    Jeff Gordon: That's kind of cold . . . Gus IS an NFL-caliber QB, better than a lot of back-ups. He's just not good enough to make a difference within this offense.
    Rick: Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your great coverage of the game. I wasn't able to see the game but reading your posts are great.

    I was wondering if you could summarize your thoughts about the game in 15-words or less.

    Jeff Gordon: Like other posters said, the final Rams play summed up both the game and the season. There was opportunity . . . and there was failure.
    jw-SoCal: Ok, I think two things really stand out:
    1. Linehan isn't the problem it is the injuries and personnel first and foremost that hinder this team. And...
    2. The Rams should draft Matt Ryan of Boston College with their first round pick if he is available because Bulger is always hurt and Gus needs to be a 3rd string QB.

    Jeff Gordon: Spending a high pick on a QB would cost major money and limit the team's ability to fill other needs. The Rams would end up with a HUGE chunk of their cap dollars going to that one spot.
    Grimmsta: Hey Gordo...

    I only saw the 4th and goal play at the end... RIDICULOUS! From being on the forum today, I'm gathering that Linny made some more "questionable" decisions today... Does this game cost Linny AND some players their jobs?

    Jeff Gordon: Can't say that, since injuries impacted this game, too. But this was a great chance to prove that this regime can rise to the challenge. This was a big opportunity missed. The Rams played not to lose for much of the second half and lost, again.
    Joel in New York (Rams fan since 1969): I am sick. Two different times we have the ball first and goal at the 5 and we can't score a touchdown. Once again our coaching staff is out coached by second half adjustments. I was willing to give Linehan another year only because of the injuries but after today I am done. What about you?

    Jeff Gordon: I'd say Scott really lost some ground today. Losing is not a shock, but losing a game that was there to be won -- that is NOT good. Up 19-7 with the "D" playing great, the Rams had to win. And most of the trouble was on Linehan's side of the ball.
    Eric: Gordo, exactly how is Ferotte better as a backup than Ryan Fitzpatrick...? He failed on two plays in the last series of downs - he had Bruce on a 5 yards pass that was thrown as bad as you can throw a ball and then to botch the last play is inexcusable from a "veteran" quaterback. Please tell me I won't see this guy next season in a Rams uniform...

    Jeff Gordon: Frerotte still has a great arm, which is demonstrated in this game. He can extend a "D" and make some big-time throws. But with the o-line ravaged, the back-up QB needs to move around and improvise, too -- not Gus strong points.
    calram: Gordo, it seemed to me they were going to give ball to Jackson, and I honestly don't think he was going to score.I am totally numb on the ways they lose this year.

    Jeff Gordon: Yes, Jackson was going to get the ball and try to run in behind the right side of the line. Not a sure thing, for sure.
    Scott: Hi Gordo,

    Did anyone else see the similarity on Jackson reaching for the end zone - just like his sports game TV commercial? But, of course, this is the real world. Our game telecast here (Alabama) came to a close and they gave me the last 2 minutes of the Ram game. I was thrilled as they drove for the "winning" score. What a bone crushing way to end it. Sigh....

    Jeff Gordon: Jackson may not have scored on that play, but I thought he got the ball much closer to the goal line. Linehan was hoping for a review that never came.
    Bob: HI Jeff,
    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Well, it had to happen. With the worst offensive line in the history of the NFL, Bulger now has a concussion. My Christmas wish a month early is for the entire Rams front office to either quit, resign, or just get lost and take the head coach and 3/4 of the the team with you. This organization is a flat out joke. The 2 wins were pure luck and nothing more. How I'd love to see Bill Cohwe under the Rams Christmas tree.

    Jeff Gordon: What if this team played in the AFC? How ugly would it get?
    Royce Kendall: I know the Rams feel committed to Bulger at QB, but he really is weak. Is it too much to ask for him to man up and play. They paid him a ton of money to be their qb and all we have seen is hm falling down and he's out. And Steven Jackson, one run and out, heck Marshall Faulk was used every play by Martz on alot of drives. This guy, one play and he's on the sideline. The Rams would have won this one had we had a good not great, but good quarteback. The d can't be asked to hold a team if the offense takes an entire half off. Thank you for allowing me to vent, great forum

    Jeff Gordon: On the play he got hurt, Bulger got crushed. CRUSHED! That was the prototypical back side hit that shortens careers. Not a lot of QBs can withstand repeated hits of that magnitude.
    JK: That had to have been the final straw for Linehan, right? That last play, or lack there of, exemplified the Linehan era. I was a believer but today's regression happened for a reason. You can't blame injuries or personnel, it was a lack of preparation, bad play calling, and awful execution.

    Jeff Gordon: Actually, this team very well-prepared to face a superior opponent. The Rams had control of the game. The game coaching, adjusting to injuries and such, wans't good enough.
    Grimmsta: RAMS DRAFT CHASE DANIEL!!!!!!

    Jeff Gordon: Some day, sure, draft Chase. The kid has the "it" factor.
    The Chief: We pay Bennett a zillion dollars but refuse to throw to him when we're in the red zone. ???????

    Jeff Gordon: I liked the calls to Bruce. One worked, the other should haved worked. The throw to Bennett late just needed to be a little deeper on the route.
    Bryan: Hi Jeff,
    I may be beating a dead horse, but there was again a lack of offensive creativity. If Linehan stays, what are the chances of getting a quality offensive coordinator?

    Jeff Gordon: If Linehan stays, I can't see somebody else doing the offense. Scott is an offensive coach. If his offense isn't good enough, then he has to go.
    JK: To offer a rebuttle to McMichael's comment in the Post about this being the Cardinals' town; trying putting a decent, not Super Bowl Champion, product on the field and people will pack the house. Special teams breakdowns, predictable play calling, and losses are unispiring. Then again, so is the Dome itself, so maybe fix that too.

    Jeff Gordon: Fans will rally around football. We've seen that. We're seeing it with Mizzou. If the Rams were 9-2, the Dome would have rocked Sunday.
    JK: The last sap, like the hiring of Linehan, was a total muff. We can't take back that last snap, but we can do something about Linehan. Schotty in '08!

    Jeff Gordon: Marty or Brian?
    Frustrated Fan: Was there any question that we would lose this game? We always lose to the seattle in close games. Usually its a combination of bad officiating and a long field goal from brown (twice last year), but today we managed to hand it to them at the end without the help of the officials. Also, if I remember correctly, the Fox crew said that the hawks hadn't committed more than 4 penalties in one game this year and that the hawks secondary had only been flagged for pass interference a couple of times all year; are they really that good or is this what happens when your coach is on the officating committee. Could the league be trying to make up for the horrible officiating in the super bowl that seattle lost? Thanks for letting me vent.

    Jeff Gordon: Holmgren is a good coach and his team is well-coached. That is why he wins close games. That is why his team doesn't take silly penalties.
    Todd W.: Hi Jeff,
    How do you miss a 3 or 4 yd pass to a wide open Bruce for the TD and probable win? How can he be that inaccurate?

    Jeff Gordon: That was more composure (lack thereof) than mechanics.
    Randy Centorani in Orlando: I watched all the games this season but this one really ticked me off......Gus Ferotte.... that was miserable.....I was on the New York Giants website Today and they were giving thanks for the Rams cutting Madison Hedgecock...... I wanna SCREAM......

    Ok so whats left......DO you think we will have a new head coach next year that will have some guts to play the game with the talent he has and maybe get us some gooos players for backups?????

    I sure am seeing an awful lot of ex Rams do really well on other teams.....

    This was a very frustrating lose!!!!!

    Jeff Gordon: Judging from the Giants game today, I'm not sure you trust that team's assessment of an offensive player. But, yes, there ARE a lot of ex-Rams doing OK elsewhere, despite the team's much-debated draft record.
    Dan Lum: OK, so you fumble the most important snap of the year in the most important game of the year, I can live with that (not). But to pick it up and try to roll out .. ca mon Gus!!! Just heave it into the end zone, what's to lose (besides ANOTHER game). A win here would have salvaged some of our dignity.

    Jeff Gordon: That play was an off-tackle run, so there wasn't going to be anybody in the end zone to catch the ball. He was stuck.
    jw-SoCal: CB's Hill and Brown are good and I think Wade is going to be a good one too. Overall, the Rams should just continue to add depth throughout the defense, but make offense the priority during the off-season. Gordo, who would you suggest as a new O-coordinator if the Rams went looking for a new face?

    Jeff Gordon: If you change o-coordinators, shouldn't you change head coaches? This is Linehan's offense. If it isn't good enough, why would he stay as coach? That is the issue John Shaw has to address after the season.
    Vinny: Gordo,

    The second half seems to be jinxed when it comes to securing victories. It's the same old song and dance!!

    What's your take on this??

    Jeff Gordon: Bad second halves = poor coaching. Second-half adjustments are one of the key ways to define a coaching staff.
    cmsgtg: This was a frustrating game to watch. It was a game of two halves; first half defense was awesome. Second half after Seattle made some adjustments our defense looked awful. Ad to that the pathetic play of Ferrotte and we have ANOTHER loss in a game we should have won. Obviously, we need a better backup like Fitzpatrick or even Berlin. We just need to win what we can and wait til next year, AGAIN and regroup and PRAY for a new GM to make better personnel choices!

    Jeff Gordon: Let's not light a candle for Berlin. That's going too far.
    Royce Kendall: It is time to get some speed at recievers and a qb that can throw the football without claiming a head ache afterwards, just to get out of facing a team that clearly intimidates him. Yes the oline is pathetic but you know what you got going into each game so the coaches should come up with a game plan around a bad oline. After all that is what they are paid to do, right.

    Jeff Gordon: Bulger had more than a headache. He has played some with nasty injuries. Complain about his poor mobility or lack of size if you must, but suggesting he is soft is unfair.
    Pete: Jeff-- what's up with the crowd at the dome? Seems like half the seats were empty at the beginning of the game, and the energy from the crowd was mostly anemic. Some home field advantage...

    Jeff Gordon: What's up at the Dome? 2-8. That sucks some life out of the fan base.
    Mike: Virginia DE Chris Long in St. Louis next year?

    Jeff Gordon: Well, that would fill a need with Little's advancing age. But I don't know how Haslett's love of the 3-4 fits Long.
    virginiatom: gordo, why are the Rams special teams so terrible year after year? Every other team in the league seems to get it done, but the Rams lose so many games on returns for touchdowns or with the opponent having outstanding field position. Why is it that no coach has been able to get these guys to understand the importance of special teams?

    Jeff Gordon: It's different players from week to week and different special teams coaches from year to year. In this case, three kicker coverage men got blown up by a cutback. On the plus side, Hall added some life with his returns.
    ramknick: Jeff, thanx for your time.
    I don't know exactly who deserves to go by the end of the season. In my list, first i would get rid of many players rather than coaches.
    I feel sorry for all the fans that still believe in the rams. The truth is, that the remaining home games will be blacked out.

    Jeff Gordon: Steelers and Packers fans will make sure St. Louisans get to see those games, if they want to or not.
    GoneGator: I think today should be the nail in Scottie's coffin. As you've replied about not keeping Fitz, being WAY too loyal to past players (Gus), keeping a roster full o'TE's, bad offense week in and week out - this coaching regime has got to end. The Rams are too talented to be playing like this. And that includes when they are healthy. Offensive line problems or not, a good staff prepares for this.

    Even last year's "surge" was against bad teams, and at the end of the year, when no one is really playing. Both preseasons have been terrible. Both season starts have been terrible. Why would anyone think 08 would be any different?

    As I stated weeks ago, Scott Linehan obviously got his reputation by benefiting from Randy Moss. Just like Daunte and just like the Patriots.

    Jeff Gordon: Yeah, when this staff faces a like like Holmgren, bad things happen. That is an indicator. Personally, I still believe Linehan has some heavy lifting to do this year to keep his gig. Beating a good team like Seattle would really have helped his cause.
    Billy C: How bad is Marc hurt ?? Should we think about Brian Brohm QB Louisville with our #1 / we could work him in slow . I agree we have no emotion at Offence . We need a leader to psych us up . Its time these guys played with more ergency / every down like its their last (for some it will be) . Coaches and some players must step up and kick these guys in their a#*es . They get a lot of money so they better give 110% every down and not mail it in . CR would never stand for this poor quality of effort . Ive seen lots of heads roll in the 70s and the way this team is sinking it couldnt be worse if we just cut the dead weight and played the backups who want to at least try to win . Billy C Old School Ram Fan

    Jeff Gordon: Trouble is, this team IS playing a lot of back-ups on offense and that's the trouble. The defense, on balance, has come together nicely.
    Tony Hobgood: I'm beginning to believe that Bulger is like Scot Rolen, very talented but unable to stay healthy. How many games has Bulger either left or not started due to injuries since he became the starter?

    Jeff Gordon: If Marc was built more like Rolen, maybe he'd hold up a little better. But then again, being large hasn't helped Scott . . .
    Son_Dee: Jeff,

    I see the Gus bashing has begun...but I can only pile on. As you said, Gus is Linehan's "guy." I'm not expecting a backup QB to come in and light the world on fire. However, one DOES expect the backup QB to come in and not lose the game, not throw costly interceptions, be able to hit simple passes to wide open WRs at the goal-line, and be able to handle the exchange from center.

    This is yet another strike about Linehan in that Gus is the guy he practically hand picked to be the backup.

    The other strike against Linehan...2nd half play calling. Again we were shut out in the 2nd half.

    Injuries excuse a lot, I'll admit, but they don't excuse everything.

    Jeff Gordon: That's a fair criticism of Scott -- Gus is very much his guy. Frerotte was signed at a premium. Fitzpatrick, Martz's guy, was jettisoned.
    virginiatom: If the Rams take a tackle in the draft with their first round pick, is it because Baron is a failure and he needs to go or they don't trust Pace to stay healthy anymore?

    Jeff Gordon: Alex had some more trouble in this game. So, yes, my first pick would be an OT.
    RamMike: Hey Gordo, What do you know, the Rams lost yet another home game. But I'm not mad anymore, the way I'm looking at it is the football gods have sacrificed the Rams this year in order to pave the way for Mizzou. Did you ever think that you would ever see Mizzou AP number 1 the last weekend in November?

    Jeff Gordon: No, never. The universe appears aligned in their favor. Perhaps some sheep must be sacrificed.
    Vinny: Gordo,
    What's up with Stephen Jackson tanking in the second half in the last 2 games? Who's at fault?

    Jeff Gordon: He got rung up, regroup, then came back in. The kid plays hard and takes some hits.
    wiramfan: I don't even know what to say! I read people's comments only to have you reply smuggly, who cares ... Unlike you we are fans.. this is not a job. You are getting paid to sit here an type I am not.. See the difference. Passion and duty! Linehan has a duty but no passion!! He is no Ram.. He never will be, and you sir are just on the sidelines reporting.. Maybe a little less duty from you and a little more passion!!!

    #1 priority for you as a representative of the Ram Nation is to make sure this joke of a coach is never seen in St. Louis again!!

    Jeff Gordon: I appreciate your fervor. I can appreciate how ticked off fans are. But my role is to provide some context to what is going on here. Linehan's teetering regime missed a great opportunity here. A HUGE opportunity. So I believe the regime is still in some peril, even with John Shaw's reluctance to make a quick change.
    Royce Kendall: I have submitted two entries and you refuse to use them, what's up with that?

    Jeff Gordon: If I don't use a question, it's typically because of:

    1) Duplication -- others asked or stated the same thing.

    2) I don't have the info to answer a question.

    3) Perhaps the wording was too aggressive.
    joe passamonte: hi jeff,

    well that just about puts 2007 in a nut shell....have to agree...never felt we had it with frerotte in there...very lackluster performance...we need backup QB help quick and bulgers durability seems to warrant concern. gotta give it to witherspoon and hasletts D..they kept playing hard..... maybe a win next week...but beyond that forget it...linehan? im not sure he should stay as well.

    Jeff Gordon: Beating Atlanta wouldn't prove much. THIS was an opportunity to advance the cause and Scott misseed it. He just did. And, yes, there are tough games ahead.
    Son_Dee: Jeff,

    More on the Linehan in the 2nd half of games. What gives?? This is MORE than a trend at this point. We had Seattle on the ropes. Yet they into the locker room, come back out and score 17 points. They adjusted.

    Linehan, on the other hand, seems to take a nap during halftime. How many games is this now that Linehan has failed to score a second half touchdown..or points?? And we were at HOME this time??

    Again, injuries provide SOME excuse. But game after game after game of second half futility??? That transcends any excuse of injuries.

    I don't know if there is any more of glaring point of Linehan's failures as a head coach than his consistant failures come out of the locker room after halftime.

    Jeff Gordon: Second halves are a big coaching indicator. Look at how much better Gary Pinkel has become during second halves. That is why he has reached the Next Level of coaching.
    virginiatom: So we get 3 or 4 wins. Is that enough to save Linehans job or has the regime seen enough of this trainwreck?

    Jeff Gordon: It's how the team plays, not how many games it wins. This finish was NOT a resume builder for the coach.
    Denzell Washington: If MY SON was playing, HE would've punched in the TD!

    Jeff Gordon: And what if you gave the halftime pep talk, in "Titans" character?
    rick in cali: you keep arguing the Rams can't open it up under Gus. But the Rams brought this guy because he knew this offense. That's not an excuse to coach scared. And what does a more opening play calling have to do with his decisions inside the 5 today? We had a shot at going up 23-7 and settled for a FG. That hurt the Rams a lot. two trips the inside the 5 have got to result in at least 10 points.

    Jeff Gordon: I agree. Gus is getting paid well to back up Bulger. So when he plays, the offense shouldn't scale back. He has the arm to make deep throws, so the team keep taking shots. I liked what Gus did initially in this game, but certainly the Rams got too cautious durignt he second half.
    jw-SoCal: I just can't understand the way people place all the blame on the coach. When the team does well, not a word of praise for the coach, but boy God forbid a scrub signed off the street allows a sack to Patrick Kearny...then all of a sudden the coach is an idiot. ATTENTION RAM NATION: There isn't a coach walking the earth that could make this season successful given the ridiculous amount of injuries. Linehan should be given one more year before a final decision is made on his fate. What say you Gordo?

    Jeff Gordon: Injuries are a factor, agreed. But this team has several winnable games get away this season. Even with their injuries, they should have at least three more victories overall. This was a game they should have won, even with Bulger gone and Jackson missing a chunk of time.
    Old California Fan: It seemed to me that Linehan tried to sit on the lead beginning early in the 3rd, putting more pressure on the defense, which seemed to wear down after that. If he could call an aggressive offense after he fell behind, why not be aggressive with the lead? This old fan is not impressed with offensive play calling!!!

    Jeff Gordon: I agree, the Rams needed to keep playing to win. At 2-8, what more did they have to lose?
    Jens from Denmark: Hi Jeff,

    Why is the Stl. media so soft on the coaching staff/front office? Todays loss is just the tip of the iceberg. Poor decisions on and off the field has pleagued this team for years. If this would have happened in soccer in europe the coach would have been fired weeks ago and the front office would have been under serious pressure from the local media/fans.

    I realise that the nfl season is short but this type of play and decision making should not be acceptable to the fans and owners fo the rams.

    Best regards

    Jeff Gordon: In-season coaching and mangerial changes are pretty rare in the NFL. In the NHL, NBA and MLB, teams are more likely to overhault the coaching staff and/or managerial team on the fly. The systems used in the NFL are just so involved.
    Joe Troccoli: Check this guy out from Bakerfield JC………………..Jorrell Bostrom (Freshman)
    We need someone huge and GREAT on the O-Line……..6' 4" 375#

    Jeff Gordon: If a blitzer lines up in his face, does he block him or does he turn away and double team somebody else? If he actuals blocks the guy in his face, the Rams should keep an eye on him.
    Lynn: Why the free pass for Haslett? It seems that every game his defense plays about one, and only one, good half, and the NFL isn't a glass half full league. In my mind, he's every bit as culpable as Linehan in the failure of this team.

    Jeff Gordon: As Bernie Miklasz notes, at least his guys seem to improve. He has overcome the loss of Little with some innovative blitzing. Chillar, Atogwe, Bartell, Hill -- guys are getting better on his watch. This Seattle team has put up big numbers in recent games and the Seahawks had their hands full in this game.
    JK: Bennett has been an amazing signing. I hope we go out and get another one just like him. Another front office gem!

    Jeff Gordon: This wasn't a big game for Drew, but he was finally making some progress the last few weeks after getting healthy. But, yes, his first season here has been a bust.
    ramknick: Jeff , let me tell you something.
    Great coaches get involved in everything during a game.
    Linehan looks like the one that holds the chains.
    Look at Bellichick, he's always talking to the o-line, d-line, with his quarterback, with everybody during the game making adjustments.
    Today I saw Holmgren doing the same, he talked all day long with his team until he fixed the problems.

    Jeff Gordon: Holmgren IS a great coach, which is why these games with Seattle tend to go badly.
    ramfan: why again did the rams trade ryan fitzpatrick? will the rams beat atl next week? im guessing next weeks game will be blacked out to?

    Jeff Gordon: Yes, the Rams will beat Atlanta. Yes, the game will be blacked out.
    JK: I understand the fear of setting this team back by making a coaching change, but how much will this organization be set back if Linehan has another sub-par season?

    Jeff Gordon: That is the question Shaw must answer. Teams are either going up or going down. Even with injuries, this team must show signs of promise for '08. That is a business reality and a FA recruiting reality.
    Mike: Jeff,

    Head coaches/managers have to be willing to make bold decisions that may backfire and be able to take the heat. Do you sense that Linehan has not yet learned this? He tentative decision making suggests this possibility.


    Jeff Gordon: Compare his coaching to Pinkel, who was all in durign the firt half of that game Saturday night. He may have been a shade cautious late in the game, but he coached to win. After starting 0-8, what more did the Rams have to lose by being careful? Haslett has been daring and he has gained results.
    Stan: Gordo...

    Can the Rams move back to LA so that we can watch some quality games on the tube???????????

    Jeff Gordon: Anybody else feel the chill in the air?
    Gary Martin: Hey Ferotte, Give your salary back. I mean it! You are inept as a has been quarterback. I've seen better trajectory on a ball from diminutive Dieter Brock! You look lost out there, and when the game is on the line, you freeze like a deer in the headlights! And for all you people who will say he got off to a good start, Even a blind squirell finds an acorn sometimes, but when the game is on the line, I'll take Ryan Leaf ANYDAY over you!(Or Dan Pastorini, Or Bert Jones, Or Joe Namath, Or John Hadl, or insert any Dead quarterback, Norm Van Brocklin, Etc.,)You should take a page from the defunct leagues HE HATES ME Player and have your name changed on the back of your jersey to "Three N' Out". Worthless, Completely Worthless..... Makes you miss Eric Crouch........

    As for Steven Jackson, Hey If you want to Dance with the stars, call Marie Osmond! You are a bigger, slower, (Much Slower) Barry Sanders. Take a page from Adrian Petersons book and HIT THE HOLE already! Jackson Takes the handoff, runs full speed to the line of scrimmage, then tap dances like Ben Vereen in a variety special! Yeah, he got off ONCE in the game. Other than that, he's the proverbial two yards and a cloud of dust......Where's Wendell Tyler when you need him most? (Yeah, I know he would have fumbled the ball, BUT he would have picked up the first down before fumbling) Boy, he makes you even miss Cleveland Gary......

    Way to take Wilkins out of the game as well, He could have, and should have, made the field goal at the end of the first half, if only given the opportunity, but hey, the punter needs reps too, I guess.

    And if I EVER hear Torry Holt during the pre-game introductions say Torry "Big Game" Holt again, I'll Personally sue him for Fraud. He's solely responsible for the interception that killed the drive before halftime, stepping gingerly on the hobbled knee, and letting Seattle's defensive back undercut him for the ball, but then again, look at the pass from Ferotte, (See the first paragraph) If you arent healthy enough to play, get off the field. He's about as much a deep threat as my Grandma, who's been dead for the past quarter century!

    Where's Bennett? Where's McMichael? Makes you Miss Ol' Ernie (I'm Constantly hurt) Conwell. Where's Az-Hakim? Went to Detroit. Where's Mike Furrey? Detroit. Where's Shaun McDonald? Where's Kevin Curtis? Where's Dane (I've played ten years in the Euro-League and cant get on the field Looker? Where's Brian Leonard? Where's Orlando (OWW! It hurts to pass block) Pace, who, after repeatedly missing camp most of the last few years, cant stand upright anymore?

    If you think I'm Miffed, I SURE AM! Two wins against patsy opponents(Dont get me started about New Orleans, They aren't the same team as last year) and all the Rams had to do was FALL FORWARD INTO THE ENDZONE to WIN today, Until Gus "Archie Manning" Ferotte once again found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I've been a fan since the Roman Gabriel days, so dont call me a fair weather fan, I live and die every week with this team since the early Seventies, but this is the most pathetic team since the Tommy Prothro/Rich Brooks era.

    Jeff Gordon: Wow. A Brock reference. Tough day in Ram Nation.
    Sonny: Ok since my former post didn't make it maybe this one will....

    Hey Jeff,

    Congrats to Missou and Hawaii for not making this weekend all to shabby...But then again they played before the RAMS...although I had Steven Jacksons jersey on I thought I could do no wrong being up 19-7....then?....yup I almost went to burn it after the final play...BUT like Rams front office giving Linehan another chance I put my jersey back in the closet right next to Marshal Faulk Old School Jersey!!!...Aloha

    Go Warriors and shock the BCS

    Jeff Gordon: Would Steven have scored on that final play? We'll never know. So close . . . agonizing. I really thought Steven was going to score from the 2 on that call, running away from a blitz.

    Yes, congrats to Hawaii. Any chance June Jones wants to come back to the NFL to run an offense?
    jjg: Do you think this was basically microcosism of the entire Linehan era?...close but on the short end of the stick...?

    Jeff Gordon: Yes, we've made that point again and again. The season captured in a few moments of clumsiness.
    Gary Martin: C'mon Jeff, Put my Post on the board! What'sa matter, Not Sacrastic enough? I can do better.......

    Jeff Gordon: Geez, everybody wants to get their shots in. We allow SOME piling on here, but we do have a sense of mercy.
    atd13mar: This thing needs to be blown up. Ownership, management, coaching, players, equipment guys, janitors, everything. There was a time just a couple of years go when you would see Stan Kronke and even Georgia on the sidelines before the game. These folks are just collecting NFL owner money now. The franchise is in Bill Bidwill territory. I'm in with all the other suckers that bought a PSL. Ain't it great?

    Jeff Gordon: The equipment guys are fine. The Rams won a Super Bowl with those guys. Can't speak for the janitors . . .
    Bergie: Jeff:
    Rams fans can blame Gus Frerrote for today's loss, but the loss took place long before his fumble. I didn't keep count, but believe that the pass to run ratio in the 2nd half was somewhere between 5:1 and 10:1. The passing game obviously wasn't working but typically Linehan kept calling the same plays. Jim Haslett called a great defensive game, so should receive none of the blame. This loss, as all others this season, fall directly on the shoulders of Scott Linehan and whomever made the decisions to allow Kevin Curtis and Ryan Fitzpatrick to get away.

    Linehan has underutilized Bennett, McMichael and Jackson (especially in the red zone) and has absolutely no imagination while leading. Seattle is a lousy football team that should have lost to a far superior (talent wise) Rams team by at least 20 points. The up side of Linehan's incompetence are high draft picks. The Rams powers to be need to replace Lineham with either Jim Haslett or Marty Schottenheimer sooner rather than later. Linehan would be a perfect fit for the Dolphins.

    Jeff Gordon: Seattle is pretty good when Brance, Hackett, Engram and Burleson are all healthy. Morris is a worthy sub for Alexander and Hasselbeck is an upper echelon QB. Give the Rams some credit for containing that offense. Seattle will blow up some NFC teams with that group. The Hawks have some momentum.
    Ramgal1: Why, why, why is Gus Ferotte still on this team? Oh, I forgot...because Scott Linehan is in over his head. Never mind...

    Jeff Gordon: Scott likes guys he has been to war with. Suffice it to say, this hasn't worked out quite as well as he hoped.
    Grimmsta: I think that with the draft, we need to stock o line just like we did with d-line this year.. We have invested in veteran receivers and Bulger.. We need (Oline) STUDS or at least "hungry" players with a "chip on their shoulder".. Defensively, I believe we could get by with FA's.. Better depth, coaching, and cohesiveness, we'll have a great turn around next year.. If Linny can't right the ship AFTER THIS, he should be banished to SIBERIA....

    Secondly, how do ya feel about Ron Rivera, Mike Singletary, or do u see any other up and comers who deserve a chance to be the next "Mike Tomlin"?

    Jeff Gordon: Singletary is due to get his shot. I was happy he turned down Baylor; that is a dead-end job. But NFL GMs must decide if they are looking at the next Mike Tomlin or the Next Cam Cameron when they talk to coaching prospects. Tough to know until a guy has an entire NFL operation under his command.
    Glenn: Hey Gordo, do you know what the status of Bruce is? I thought he broke his hand. I have to disagree with you about Frerotte, a guy with that much experience just looks dumb founded. It's like he doesn't know whats going on out on the feild. No excuses, he's not good. He wasn't even good in preseason. Can you tell me how Bulger is doing? Linehan has written a novel this year "Silence of the Rams" it's sickining..........

    Jeff Gordon: The two big injuries to watch are Pisa (knee sprain) and Bulger (concussion.) Frerotte had some issues, like the delay-of-game penalty and the timeouts, but he wasn't totally lost. We've seen totally lost before. . . Joe Germaine.
    Sonny: Ok jeff,

    Final chance to allow me to post one comment....Thanks to Mizzou for holding Kansas and making HAWAII the only unbeaten in College Football....Now for my question!!!

    I understand we should try to conserve a win when when we are ahead , I also understand not leaving any time for Seattle to mount a comeback....But we needed to get the points first instead of milking that clock...Now I do believe the Defense could've know extra momentum does that to a team...too bad we couldn't find that out.

    Jeff Gordon: Fair point -- running the clock down too low is dangerous. First things first: Score! The Rams should have scored on first down, but Gus just missed the throw that was there. From there, it got hairy.
    rick in cali: Would have you done anything different inside the 5?

    Jeff Gordon: The first down call was great -- Gus just blew. The Bennett route needs to be across the goal line, not in front of it. The Jackson run looked good -- I thought he would score on that call. Then came the muffed snap on would-be off-tackle play to Jackson.

    You always want to see a fade to Bennett or a high pass to McMichael at the back of the end zone -- use their size -- but Seattle anticipates that as well.

    I can't dispute the calls. Just the execution.
    jw-SoCal: Wasn't it that horrible no account coach Linehan who hired Haslett? The defense has improved considerably and we have nobody to blame but Linehan! Fire that knuckle-head tomorrow! Heads must role! This team has to be consistent, we can't have half of the team actually improving! How dare he ruin a perfectly lowsy run defense with draft picks like Carriker and Ryan! Fire the coach! Fire the coach! Quick--before the offense gets healthy and we draft more talent let's boot this guy! We all know this team was super bowl bound until the fool traded our star 3rd sting quaterback! Ram Nation will not stand for this!!!

    Jeff Gordon: Well played -- on that note I will bow out and move on to other duties.

    Good night!

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    Re: Postgame With Gordo: November 25

    Could someone please, help me. Who is Jeff Gordon?... beside the flash of course!

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