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    Posting Rules for Upcoming FA Feeding Frenzy

    As the lockout is nearing its end, we will be coming up on a period of rapid-fire news reports regarding what is sure to be a FA feeding frenzy.

    To keep the boards organized, I ask that you adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. If the Rams sign a player (FA or rookie), you can post a thread announcing the news on the Ram Talk board. Please try to avoid posting duplicate threads on the same signing.

    2. If there is a report (or even a credible rumor from a reliable source) about the Rams meeting with or offering a contract to a FA or rookie, you can post a thread regarding the report on the Draft & FA board. Again, please avoid posting multiple threads on the same player. Please also use this board for any threads (either original or from the media) regarding players the Rams should pursue.

    3. If there is a report of a team other than the Rams signing a FA (even if its one the Rams were thought to be pursuing), you can post a thread announcing the report on the NFL Talk board.

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