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    Talking Predictions for AINTS game here please

    Lets get it on.

    This sunday is the game I have been waiting for. I have said all along that if the Rams get to the by week sitting at 7 and 0 ... we go to the big dance.

    The Rams have something to proove against this upstart team. We will have a tough game but come out winners 42 - 21

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    I'm waiting to see what Jorge et. al. say.

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    RAMble On Guest
    The Saints confidence is shaken. The Rams are on a roll.

    Canidate has over 150 yards from scrimage. Little has 2 more sacks. The D forces 4 turnovers while the O gives 1. Warner gets to sign autographs again in the fourth.

    Rams 34
    Saints 17

    Rams come out of the bye healthy and ready to finish what we started.:mask:

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    DJRamFan Guest
    I agree with RAMble on...saints are out of it right now, Rams have the edge physically and emotionally.

    archuleta and aeneas both get picks, little and wistrom both get sacks...brooks is pulled, blake does well, qb controversy. Trung 150, 2 TD, Warner 310, 3 TD....

    RAMS 48
    Aints 17

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    RAMS 38

    Aints 3

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    RAMble On Guest

    Here's a prediction for Ya!:evil:

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    Atlas Guest
    Simply...St. Louis wins, New Orleans losses. :mask:

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    RAMS 27 SAINTS 17

    No real logic here.I've predicted this score two weeks in a row and we have won both games so I am sticking with it.OK,to break the third times the charm curse,I'll say:

    RAMS 28 SAINTS 17 LOL!


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    MaxQ Guest


    Rams 27
    Saints 13

    Defense has another big game. Conwell takes another important pass but doesn't fumble it this time. More of a passing game and tougher to get into the endzone than last week. The Saints walk off the field realizing that they will not get close to this team.


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    MsWistRAM Guest
    Alright RAMble! You rock with that picture!

    I'm tempted to be conservative, but I think I'll show confidence instead.

    Rams 35 Aints 17

    (What a cop-out, Atlas. Be bold!)

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    GO BLUE!!

    This game will not be close this week after all the stuff that got handed to the Rams last year. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    Rams 35
    Saints 10

    With 2 100 yard receivers and a 350 yard passer

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    Atlas Guest
    MsWistRAM, I just figured why make score pridiction if the game will be so...well, they lost to Atlanta. Don't get me wrong. I respect them, but come on! No way St. Louis would lose that game! :upset:

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    joeramfan Guest


    Hey gang, well first things first,RAMBLE I concur with MsWist,cool pic,MAXQ what a great avitar,that trophy is 10,no 12 games away.OK now my props are done,I think the Aints lost because of their lack of focus,they were thinking of this week,as the defending west champs they did not take Atlanta very serious,therefore their focus was on the big game(beating us at home)last season they had a we beleive attitude(as did we in 99)now they are trying to prove that what happened in 2000 was not a fluke(as did we in 2000)they are going to stumble,but as anyone knows a desperate foe should not be underestimated or taken for granted,make no mistake about it this game is GOING to be a WAR,we will probably have to face them again in the playoffs(in our house i hope).The Giants will probably be there to,and alluding to that game,this one will be close,I think whoever has the ball within the final 2 minutes will be victorious.Marshall should be playing,but Trung proved he can step up,no matter,we need to keep the N.O. front 4 off Kurt,anywat I think this the biggest game for us so far(even though we faced 3 potential playoff teams already).Prediction A squeeker:RAMS 31- Aints 28 in O.T.

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    MaxQ Guest

    Exclamation Yikes Joeramfan!

    OT?! I have a feeling you may be right, Joeramfan -- this could be a war to the finish. I still think we'll be further ahead in the fourth, but I wouldn't be surprised if you hit it right on the nose

    I'm concerned about the Aints front four, too. Any word on Tucker?

    Do you think New Orleans will beat out the snore-ty niners this year for 2nd place? I would love to see a big loss for them in Chicago this weekend.

    P.S. - thanks for the kind words on the avitar!

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    RAMble On Guest
    Thanks Joe / Ms. M. I can't wait to see the real thing Sunday.

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