For some reason, I feel like this will be the Rams breakout game.
Maybe because I feel like that every week, or maybe because I'm attending the game.
Either way, I feel that this is that week that we so desperately need.

On offense I think the aerial attack proves that it is indeed a Josh Mcdaniel's offense. Josh will focus this weeks offensive attack on their pass defense weaknesses.

While Jacksons been running wild, I think they limit him. By limit him, I mean he will still get 80-100 yards, but he wont be able to carry the team himself like weeks past. He may get over 100 if we get a very early lead and hold it.

With the injury to Illinios Mike, Kendricks NEEDS to step up. I think he has that breakout game we've been waiting for.

Lloyd will be his usual reliable self, and its about time someone hits him on a wide open deep route. Right? Anyone?!

Clayton will work his way in this week and get more comfortable.

Pettis won't be a focal point but will convert on some key 3rd downs. I also like his punt return abilities. I think we need to watch out for that this weekend.

Bradford WILL have that breakout game we've been waiting for. 2 TD'S 275+ yards,

With the Rams taking the early lead, the O-line will hold up...(Hopefully)

Hey a guy can dream right? Well this is what Im dreaming will happen offensively.

I see our D continuing its dominating performance. Now I know what you guys are thinking. HOW CAN OUR SECONDARY PERFORM IF JUSTIN KING IS OUT??? Ha, but seriously, they've played well and I think our D-line and Linebackers provide a solid blitz that eases the pressure on them. We also show the world that Marshawn Lynch isn't what he's cracked up to be.

Rams 24 Seahawks 12

While i'm no Bernie Miklasz(pshh) i'm saying a good amount of these predictions happeen.