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    Preseason is over and I see alot of positives

    In years past we couldnt say just about all of our draft picks look like good players. We drafted 10 guys and it looks like all will contribute right away.
    Brockers (i hope he didnt break his ankle, was carted off the sideline), Jenkins, and Zuerline are starters. Quick, pead, johnson, givens, and richardson will contribute to the offense. Rok could become a starter sooner than later but at worst he is depth. And i didnt see too much out of Sammy Brown, the LB out of hawaii. He may not make the team if he does he would be on ST.
    Then he have udfa hekker who is a starting punter and McCloud who looks to be in the mix for a backup saftey spot. And we have Pointer (cb) which may not make the team but he will be on someones roster if it aint ours.

    Bradford looks sharp. But if he gets hit hard early he gets rattled, so hopefully the line plays like they did in all games besides the Dallas game. Clemens sucks and Davis is a rookie... Hopefully same doesnt get hurt.

    SJ39 looks like he did in 06 (but slower). He's gonna have a good year. Pead didnt look ready in the first 2 games and didnt look good till the 4th qtr of the Dallas game. I think thats when he realize Richardson pretty much took his 2nd string rb spot. I hope Pead continues to run hard tho. I dont think i need to address Richardson... He's a stud.

    Quick never seen the field with the starters which is concerning. I wouldnt be suprise if he was inactive for the 1st game either. Salas may not make the team it looks like. The most important thing that Ive seen that has improved is dropped balls were kept to a mininum! Everyone can catch now! So i know we will be instantly better on offense this year.
    I didnt see much of the first game but from what ive seen in total, our line isnt as bad as we make it out to be. Only in the Dallas game did they not look good, and it was just the right side of the line. Saffold looks good, Turner has been solid (maybe he moves over to rg?), Wells and Dahl look good, richardson has had his ups and downs and will be a liability on the pass in some games. Richardson and Ojenowka should never be allowed to be on the same side of the line again.

    Looks good hope Brockers isnt out very long. Long didnt show up till this last game, which might be concerning becuase he wasnt playing against starters.

    Looks like we finall have 3 backers that can play the run and cover

    Everyone looks nice except for Dahl... He is too slow and makes him a liability in the pass game. But he is like the best tackler back there tho, and the hardest hitter.... If no one is looking.
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    Re: Preseason is over and I see alot of positives

    This is just a guess from observation, but the guys that have not done well in the pre season, looks like they are taking it easy. Most likely to avoid injury. I kind of see that when watching the pre season games. Sometimes they go hard sometimes they don't. Expect Long to be back to his 2011 form in the first game. Long doesn't need to prove himself in a meaningless pre season game as well as most of our proven starters.

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