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    Pretty funny story (with a message) :-)

    So, me and my buddy are heading back from lunch a few minutes ago, and the Jim Rome show is on the radio ...

    I personally like some of Rome's stuff, simply for the fact that he makes me laugh. Don't get me wrong, I loved ole Jim Everett getting ready to pound him, but Rome can really lighten up my day ...

    I tell me friend, "Well, thank goodness that Rome won't mention the Rams, considering he is in L.A., and a small city like St. Lou isn't even on his radar."

    Not two seconds later, Rome says "How about those St. Louis Rams, is there a worse team in football?"

    I couldn't help but laugh, but Rome's piece on the Ram's was good. He mentioned that it was pathetic that the only real highlight we had from the game was one of our best player, who he called "one of the baddest men on earth", getting jacked up ...

    Regardless, he seemingly has a man crush on Jackson and talked about how awesome it was to see him pop up, talking smack, and basically telling the Eagle's to bring it. And when I go back and look at it, it was truly a MAN'S play, really incredible that he could get up, fired up like that ...

    With that said, it's pathetic the team did not respond to that, and if I am the coaches, I am playing that clip OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again this week, and basically telling these guys that if this is not the attitude they have, then they can hit the showers, and take it to the house ...

    If Jackson, and I agree he is one of the baddest men on the planet, can get jacked up like that, and respond with such positive energy,then the rest of the team should be able to also. The fact that they cannot is inexcusable in my opinion ...

    I hope they get a heavy dose of that clip this week, and for the one's that cannot stomach it or cannot handle the intensity, may they also get jacked up this week, so we can find out if they are a real man, or just a poser ...

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    Re: Pretty funny story (with a message) :-)

    I can tell you now, three people I know have the positive attitudes without even doing any form of research. That is Bulger, Jackson and Holt. Bulger plays no matter what. Even if he knows his life is in danger behind that cardboard barrier they call an offensive line, he doesn't give up. Holt has been there through thick and thin.

    In all honesty, I believe Jackson should be a team captain. He has the energy to get us going.

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