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    Prisco's Points

    Monday Musings
    Posted on: September 29, 2008 10:51

    With Scott Linehan out as coach of the St. Louis Rams and Jim Haslett in
    as interim coach, a lot of speculation is on whether Haslett is the right
    man for the role.

    The answer is yes.

    I've always believed Haslett got the shaft in New Orleans when he was
    fired as coach of the Saints, and deserved another shot to be a head
    coach. This isn't the ideal situation, but Haslett has faced many
    challenges before as a coach.

    He was the man who coached the Saints in their season without a home when
    Hurricane Katrina displaced them.

    Many of the Saints players I talked to back them credited Haslett with
    getting them through those tough times. They marveled at his work ethic
    and passion for the job, doing the trivial things to help get them
    through, such as finding a dog sitter for one player's dog. He lost 20
    pounds that season, yet kept his team playing hard. I visited him in San
    Antonio that year and he couldn't believe all the little things he had to
    do just to play games on Sunday.

    They practiced on a high- school field and fans gathered to watch. Hoping
    to get some privacy, Haslett told the staff he wanted to put up something
    to keep the fans from watching. Don't do it the fans told him. Why, he

    "The gangs will take it down," he was told.

    He practiced without it. How many coaches would handle that?

    Haslett cares. He cares about his players and he cares about the game. He
    will bring that same type of drive and dedication to being the interim
    coach of the Rams. The players there like him -- a lot. During their
    workouts this summer with the Titans, I spoke to Rams safety O.J. Atogwe
    and he raved about Haslett. You could see the respect the players had for
    Haslett after the practice as they came over to him seeking advice and

    Haslett's defense has struggled in a big way this year, but that's because
    it lacks players, not a good leader.

    If Haslett can turn this team around in the final 12 games, he deserves a
    chance to be the head coach next season and beyond. If he does get that
    chance, it's time for the Rams to help him with a proper personnel
    department. Jay Zygmunt, who makes the personnel decisions, really isn't a
    football man. Word is Haslett and Zygmunt don't get along since Haslett is
    such a strong-minded coach.

    The Rams are a mess. Here's betting that Haslett gets them playing better.
    If so, the Rams might have their next coach,

    One thing's a certainty: Nobody will outwork him.

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    Re: Prisco's Points

    If the Rams get 6 wins, I say let him coach next year.

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    Re: Prisco's Points

    "Word is Haslett and Zygmunt don't get along since Haslett is
    such a strong-minded coach."

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend...

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    Re: Prisco's Points

    I am really excited to see Haslett as head coach. I think that players will show much more enthusiasm working under the new coach. Haslett has a good philosophy, play like you care or you're out. That will get players to play their hearts out, or they will end up like Brown. Who didn't deserve to get cut and I believe should be brought back.

    I am excited for the new era. Even if it lasts only till the end of the season, it's change and thats what we asked for. It was delivered, so hold on tight's gonna be one hell of a ride.

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    Re: Prisco's Points

    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaRam View Post
    If the Rams get 6 wins, I say let him coach next year.
    Whatever produces a winner. I am with that!

    It's Jim not Chris

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    Re: Prisco's Points

    Quote Originally Posted by SFCRamFan View Post
    "Word is Haslett and Zygmunt don't get along since Haslett is
    such a strong-minded coach."

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend...
    Zygmunt needs to be the next guy that is shown the door.

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