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Thread: Pro-bowl Rams?

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    Re: Pro-bowl Rams?

    Quote Originally Posted by TorontoRam View Post
    I'd be interested in your ratiionale (BTW, Russell Wilson isn't there either and he's more deserving than Brees (team's not in the playoffs); and Romo (inconsistent and his team's got a bit of an uphill climb to the playofs), for suggesting Brees and/or Romo over RGIII. However, lets take a look at the stats, including QBR, passing yards, rushing yards, TDs, INTs etc. as well as team record to date.
    What does it matter what the team record is? The Saints were lousy because of their defense, not the offense. Brees also had 627 attempts compared to RG3's paltry 375 attempts-even Bradford has more attempts. You want to look at passing TD's? Brees has 39 to RG3's 20. Passing yards? Brees=4781, RG3=3100. Brees does have more INT's because he's throw it 252 more times. Being All-Pro means you are the best at the position, there is no way RG3 is better than Drew Brees. RG3 is good but some need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid.....
    BTW-seems to me that Kirk Cousins does just as well in that offense.
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    Re: Pro-bowl Rams?

    Quote Originally Posted by HUbison View Post
    Absolutely. It "may" have had some validity prior to 1995 (coaches and players did the selecting). But since then, the fans have had a hand in the voting, and that will always screw up the process. The average fan has no freaking clue. Just look at the NFC roster this year.......Jeff Saturday, yes......Richard Sherman, no. That's insane!

    Another reason the Pro Bowl means zilch? According to the PB rules, defenses must line up in a 4-3, and no blitzing is allowed. The NFC linebackers? All 5 come from 3-4 teams. There are ZERO 4-3 linebackers on the NFC roster.

    Thank you Hubison, I rest my case

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    Re: Pro-bowl Rams?

    I'm glad no Rams made it so I won't have to waste any time "thinking" about watching a worthless game that the league should dispense with.

    Go Rams!

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    Re: Pro-bowl Rams?

    Most of these lists are pretty silly. Sando just posted his All-NFC West team and had only one Ram (Zuerlein) on the team. And yet, the Rams are currently 4-0-1 in the division.

    Guess we're the No-Name-Rams.

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    Re: Pro-bowl Rams?

    I'd rather have Super Bowl Rams.
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