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    Pro-Set formation ...

    One wrinkle that Shurmur brought out in the first half was the Pro-Set formation with Jackson and Darby in the backfield. This is something I had hoped for in preseason.

    Hopefully, we'll see this formation much more often, becuase it was effective against Tampa and has potential to be even more effective in other ways ...

    Think about it. The inside handoffs to Darby were nice. But you can fake these handoffs, and swing it outside to either back. Either back can get out on a wheel route ...

    These are the types of things I want to see. Darby has proven to be quite effective in space. We need to get him more touches on a regular basis ...

    These types of tricky formations can raise hell. While I'm not ready to hang the coaching staff by any means, I am ready to see some bold moves. If they do not trust the WR's, and do not want to put the entire game on Sam's shoulders, they need to find more ways to get playmakers at the RB and TE position involved ...

    This is one of those ways!

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    Re: Pro-Set formation ...

    The reverse to Amendola was a nice surprise...and we gained around 20 yards I believe.

    And yes, we need to give Darby and Jackson the ball in space to let them work their skills. Some toss handoffs, some screens, and yes the pro-set formation.

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    Re: Pro-Set formation ...

    My favourite play of the game was the play action to Karney then throw to Jackson in the flat

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    Re: Pro-Set formation ...

    I agree, it was a nice wrinkle that resulted in some positive plays. Which makes it all the more frustrating that it did not seem to appear in our second half gameplan.

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