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    Pro Vote ---- Read This

    Everyone spread the word to log onto NFL.COM and vote for Rams players for the Pro Bowl.

    The Packers fans have apparently stuffed the ballot box, and as a result Brett Favre is leading Warner by 116,000 votes. Faulk is leading Ahman Green by just 11, 000 votes.

    That's not the worst of it though, as those two are real pro bowlers.

    But look at these stats

    The Packers fullback is second
    The Packers WR are 7th and 9th
    The Packers Center is first
    The Packers tight end is second ( though he is a pro bowler too)
    The Packers guards are 4th and 5th
    The Packers tackles are 2nd and 5th
    The Packers DE are 2nd and 5th
    The Packers DT are. 3rd and 5th
    The Packers OLB are 2nd and 6th
    The Packers MLB is 5th
    The Packers FS is 1st
    The Packers corners are 7th and 10th and an ex Packer- Doug Evans is 1st
    The Packers Corey Bradford is #1 in Special teams player
    The Packers Kicker is #4
    The Packers kick returner is 4th
    The Packers punter is 3rd

    Now look at where the Rams players, #1 in both offense and defense in the NFC are.

    Warner 2nd
    Faulk 1st
    Bruce 2nd
    Holt 8th (behind Bill Schroeder)
    Conwell 5th
    McCollum 7th
    Timmerman 2nd
    Nutten 8th
    Pace- 1st
    Tucker Not in top 10
    Wistrom 6th
    Fletcher 3rd
    Archuleta 4th
    Herring Not top 5
    A. Williams 5th( behind Sehorn, Evans, A. Plummer, R BArber)
    Wilkins- 5th
    Hakim(KR) 5th

    McCleon, Young and Zgonina, and Liyttle don't get a sniff, nor do the OLB.

    SO GET OUT THE VOTE. We have till Dec. 31

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    Warner13 Guest

    I am right on it

    I am venturing over there now, holt's postion was ridiclus, as well as the OLB. GO GO GO, make your vote count guys!!:cool:

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    DJRamFan Guest
    I already voted, but that's a travesty. I often think that the fans shouldn't have such a huge say in the All Star Games (MLB has the worst rules of course).

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    I posted mine...
    This space for rent...

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    The Limey Guest
    The fact Wilkins is only 5th is a real tragedy. On my way to vore for the one of the most underrated and overlooked players in the NFL.
    The fact we rarely need him to decide games (the season opener against the Eagles is the only one that springs to mind) means he doesn't get the credit he deserves.
    Let's try anbd push him into the pro-bowl, if we can.

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    stlouy Guest

    Thumbs up link

    Ya can vote more then once, I'm sure the G.B. fans did.

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