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Thread: Is the problem really spags or is it Josh McDaniels?

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    Is the problem really spags or is it Josh McDaniels?

    I think the problem is McDaniels.

    Week after week our red zone offense is horrible and our run D was atrocious. What did spags do? He figured the run D schemes that work while also getting pressure on the QB on passing downs.

    But really McDaniels? Itz not that the players dont know the offense because we are getting yards and moving the ball down the field well...The problem is when we get into the red zone or into the opposing teams territory. McD needs to find a better way to run this offense when we have momentum.

    Im talking about the play designs. Some of the times Bradford was forced out the pocket or got hit was because of the coverage not the O-line. McD should know his receivers by now and realize how to utilize them better.

    McDaniels better show up next week vs. Pat Shurmur

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    Re: Is the problem really spags or is it Josh McDaniels?

    Spags needs to get some blame for the offense too. He is not a defensive coordinator. He should do more than just fix the D.

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    Re: Is the problem really spags or is it Josh McDaniels?

    Offense Failure Reasons:

    #1 Personnel -- Lacking athletes in a pass heavy NFL makes our skill players look passe. Sjax is a nice player but we don't have impact speed on offense or special teams

    #2 Ideology -- Cam Newton is losing games but giving Carolina hope. We are trying to win games hopelessly. Bradford looks more like Colt McCoy/John Skelton than Peyton Manning/Phil Rivers

    #3 Coaching -- We run on 1st down way too much (especially early in the games) then we play not to lose ball games rather than to win.

    #4 Injuries -- We simply rotate too many players to become consistent in this system.

    #5 Fire -- The offense looks like it is always dragging. Our 2minute drill is slower than most. Our huddles are flat and our quarterback seems to never go for a big play. We had a lead in a few games, why not throw a few deep patterns (rather than a flea flicker) because yet, we will probably end up punting anyway.

    Overall SJax is not elite anymore (but done all that is asked) and our offense is filled with average talent that don't have the fire to elevate the way a team like Buffalo has. Remember Fitzpatrick was our QB and has alot less talent than Sammy boy, but the culture changed in Buffalo and the team flies around the field.

    We lost our 2 sparks in Danny and Salas and will probably end up picking in the top 5 of the draft. Since this is the case, we should come out spread and firing the ball around from the first snap of each game so Bradford can be ready for next season.

    We will have tough decisions to make but if the offense shows improvement, we all can have hope in both Bradford and Josh.

    With this all being said I love our defense scheme. We overachieve every game with Stewart playing great.
    Mikell, Gordy, and Poppinga all playing well for a offense that leaves them stranded too often.

    JL must want to line up at FB for this team to show some fire !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Is the problem really spags or is it Josh McDaniels?

    Both are pretty lousy if you ask me

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    Re: Is the problem really spags or is it Josh McDaniels?

    A youth league offense shows more fire and energy than ours.

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