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    Question Proehl

    Now that fan favorite Ricky Proehl has been re-signed for a year, what do you think his role is with the Rams?

    Will he stay at fourth receiver if we draft a playmaker, or will he move up to third receiver?

    Will he retire after this year as a Ram or will he test free agency yet again? He didn't seem too eager to re-sign with the Rams (they could only offer him the veteran minimum), as he tried out the Giants first.

    I'm very happy that he was re-signed, he is a team player and a clutch receiver. I think his loss could've hurt us more than most think. :upset:


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    ramavenger Guest
    This is a very big deal and I was going to be sickened if Ricky did not re-sign.
    The Rams would has missed his presence.Just think of what he did in the superbowl

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    ZOLTAN Guest


    Oh yeah, Proehl is back. He'll be the fourth receiver for sure, but the Rams still need to pick a decent third receiver up somewhere. Proehl will make clutch catches for us again this coming season. Don't be fooled about the Giants thing. He wanted to play in next years Superbowl. He'll retire after this year.

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    FPWJR Guest
    Ricky Proehl's resigning is the best thing that has happened to the Rams since they beat the Eagles in the NFC Championship game. It doesn't matter whether he's titled 3d or 4th receiver;he'll still be the one that Kurt turns to when he's in trouble. Not only does Mr. Proehl give the Rams veteran balance and experience, but he is a model representative of the team off the field. Never was $775,000 better spent! I only hope that after he finishes up in 2004 (hopefully in late January or early February) that he stays with the team in some capacity. A great day for the Rams..........!

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    huntdux Guest

    So now what...

    First, I have to say how much I appreciate this group. Not having anyone to talk Rams Football with during the off-season was driving me nuts. Back to the topic. How do you think today's signings (Zgonina, Proehl, Jones, Moran) will affect the Ram's draft, especially when you consider who may become available when the cuts start? Personally, I think that if there is a top flight OT available at the end of round one, take him. The draft is deep in receivers, and we're looking for a 3rd, not a starter. A good young tackle would have time to develop, and nobody knows who may become available in the cut-downs. That's where they picked up Jones last year. If they draft a #3 wideout instead of a #1 or #2, he might stick around longer than Az. Lastly, if Kurt Kittner is on the board in a later round, he might be a nice pick to develop. That other Kurt will retire someday, and it would be nice to have a good young arm reasdy to step in.

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    Great news on Ricky signing , I still think that we will go for a reciever with our no1 pick!! though BUT

    "The breakfast Club"

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    sprtsmac Guest
    Ricky will be the #3 receiver. He's got the skills to get it done and he's probably got the best hands on the team. We will draft a wr ( a good one at that), and he will come in being the #4 and move up next year. I think with this much talent at receiver this year, we might want to look for the eventual #2 for when Tory moves to #1.

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    I believe that having a veteran who knows the plays and the players is more important than size or speed. With NFL Europe now a mainstay for player development, signing players such as Ricky Proehl becomes a more important task than drafting a new, untested player. With all of the picks Houston is going to be getting, who knows who will be left?
    The point of waiting to see who is left in free-agency, ( on another thread? ) therefore, is a good one. Bargains can be made with NFL players already familiar with the league.

    But then, thatís just my view on things
    Always a Rams Fan............

    Rex Allen Markel

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    Moosey56 Guest
    Even with Ricky signed I think we will still go for a WR in the first round......

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    I'm glad we signed Ricky,but I think we should have given him a two year deal.The guy has earned at least that.The important thing is we have him for the upcoming season.I wouldnt be surprised if we pick up a free-agent OL after the draft.I also believe we will draft a WR in the Early rounds,though I hope we can land another good CB also.I'm not too worried about losing Moran,but it sucks that he signed with the Whiners.

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    rambo1 Guest
    Yep, Proehl being back in the fold is a major coup for the Rams. He knows the offense and the Rams won't have to break in another receiver. I think the Rams will go OT in the first round and let the receiver ride until later rounds considering how deep the draft is at that position. But I do worry about WR busts like Milton Wynn. I do have confidence in the Rams management and I like the way they play the free agent field.

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    Blankman17 Guest

    Thumbs up

    Now I can say "RRRRICKAYPROHEL!" for one more year at least

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