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    joeramfan Guest

    Question Profile Percentages?

    Whats up with that?Questioning MY RAM POWER!!?:confused: :confused: :confused:

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    DaddoRam Guest
    It's a cool idea.

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    DaddoRam Guest
    But I have one concern

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    DaddoRam Guest
    People might post over and over just to build their stats.

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    DaddoRam Guest
    Or am I just being paranoid? :upset:

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    joeramfan Guest


    O.K. I get it now,but Dez this in no way reflects what kind of RAM fan I am.I'm sorry that I dont post more often,but does posting more often mean I'm a bigger or better RAMS fan?It's a cool idea but it might alienate some folks,or at least not want to read what you have written(good or bad about the RAMS).I realize I'm probably the first one who questioned this,and quite honestly being one of the first hundred to come here I feel a little jaded.I love this sight it takes me away from my every day ho-hum and puts me in touch with people who love the same thing I do THE RAMS in my house we eat breathe and sleep RAMS,with two young sons and a 17yr.old daughter,we all root for the horns.I don't know any other way to live,do you?:angryram: :king: :king:

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    joeramfan Guest

    Thumbs up 7-51

    I get the whole thing now.Lets talk about the RAMS and the football that we're going to see this weekend.Daddo I'm sure that you have your own point of view and I would like to hear it.Who do you like in the A.F.C.?Living in PA. I like the Steelers,but my head,tells me to watch the Patriots,who are playing great ball right now.What do you think? About the A.F.C.and the N.F.C.? :king:

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