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    Props for Arch...

    As much as I rip the guy I should only be fair and give him props for this weeks effort.

    Damn if he is not an enigma !!

    Hopefully he can continue with this type of effort week-in and week-out.

    If Arch consistently plays like he did this week I do not have a problem with him remaining as the strong safety.

    Great Job Arch !!!

    Keep it going !!!

    And kudos to general counsel for calling Arch out. Way to light a fire under his butt gc !!! Who says you are not a genius gc?

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    Re: Props for Arch...

    Arch is one of those "tweeners"....he may be too small for LB but he may be out of place in the secondary.

    May be being the operative terms.....

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    Re: Props for Arch...

    I agree arch had a good game this week. I reiterate my point, he is a good but not great tackler, not very good in coverage and he has a history of back problems. I like the guy and would be happy to have him return, but i think that someone will overpay him. To me, this is what balancing the salary cap is all about. I dont want to tie up a lot of cap money on arch, and that is my main argument. Its about cost-benefit analysis, not a pure measure of how many tackles you make every week. At the end of the day, he is a linebacker in a safeties body, will never be great in coverage and who knows if he will ever reach his potential due to the problems with his back. Tell me how much money he is going to get offered and i will tell you if i want him back on the team. I know this much, pickett is worth an awful lot more to this team than arch when i am figuring out how to budget my off season cap dollars.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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