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    ILRamfan Guest

    Thumbs up Proud of Our Boys!

    The Rams demonstrated that they are truly a team of character. They did not quit, they never surrendered. I am truly proud of all they accomplished and I'm looking forward to another season full of spectacular Ram football. Hey, it ain't called "The Greatest Show on Turf" for nothing!

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    28rulz Guest
    :confused: I agree, but I am a little confused at waht happened! I am more proud of the way they handled the loss. It takes class to accept defeat the way our Rams have.:king:

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    TRF Guest

    Thumbs down Stinky Game

    I guess it's great that they fought back and all. But they played so bad the rest of the game! I really felt that the Pats deserved the game. They played great D, and hammered our "WATCH OUT" WRs. You know, Here comes a DB..."WATCH OUT!!!" Duck and dive.

    I hope they keep this sour taste in their mouths for months and months. This team did not show up until the 4th quarter of the biggest game of the year. If it weren't for the defense, we would have been in bigger doo-doo.

    Next year, the schedule get's tougher even. So we'll have to be ready...this'll be a huge offseason. Congrats to the Patriots...seemed it was a good day to be wearing Red, White and Blue.

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    RamtuffMC Guest
    I'd be the first to say that it sure felt like those other Rams showed up for the big game. I can't understand why they chose to stick with the passing game so heavily, when it wasn't as if they had Marshall contained when he took the few handoffs that he got, especially in the first half, when they had time to play with. They had that opportunity to take pressure off of Warner and take some of the heat off of the Pats pass coverage. And the Defense on that last drive felt far from urgent. OT could have been a whole new ball game.

    Okay, now that I got my frustrations out, nothin but love for my team. I am still proud of them and I will always be proud of them. They made some mistakes and they paid for them. No team is invincible. Sometimes its all just a matter of timing. That is why I still believe the Rams are the best team in football, and it is a shame that they can't attach the tag "World Champions" on to prove it. So guys I'm still proud of everything you have accomplished in the last few years (Oh yeah, I had to sit through the Tony Banks years), and I will be waiting patiently for you in the next season.

    Onward to SBXXXVII:mask:
    M C

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