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    Proud of the Rams.

    I havenít read anyoneís thoughts on the Rams play today and before I do I want to give a few thoughts of my own. Surely this board is full of negative posts regarding the Rams game today however what did anyone expect? Sure we were all hoping to steal a win today but it didnít happen. I for one am proud of the heart the Rams have shown this year and especially when their backs have been to the wall. Bringing in street players, trying to hold it together after their head coach fell ill, starting Larry Curly and Moe in the secondary, Playing with a quarterback that hasnít thrown but a minuet amount of NFL passes, another defensive starter going down with a broken ankle it just goes on and on and on and on. I just cannot be mad at these guys. Sure they lost, sure they over pursued on defense today, sure Furry made a huge mistake taking the angle he did on one of the big runs, sure they looked like a team that hasn't played much together but guess what they haven't played much together furthermore these guys havn't quit.

    I'll tell you who did quit though, I did. I quit on the Rams two weeks ago believing that game was over. Truth be known I bet many of you did to. But who didn't quit? The Rams didn't quit, the coaches didn't quit.

    Can't say the fans that were in attendance today quit because you can't quit something that you don't even start. Couldn't hear anyone from the beginning of the game and it lasted right through the end of the game. Saying it was half hearted would be inflating the statement. I couldn't believe some of the things I did hear though. Thinks like, penalty flags hitting the ground, chin straps being snapped and unsnapped, a player sneezing, the thud of football cleates hitting the turf. YEA that's how quiet that place was today. A few well timed, false starts against the redskins today could have made a difference. (Fred Miller anyone?). Not saying I would have been any better, just saying that it wasnít there, not in the least especially considering the comeback the Rams made last week. I guess all that is left from season ticket holders are the pats on the backs for sticking it out this deep into the season and of course the pining away about how loyal they have been since the late 1990's.

    Hell I canít even keep a roster in my head anymore there have been so goddamn many injuries. Yea all teams have injuries but how many teams have been forced into their 3rd string QB? How many teams have no starters left in the secondary? How many teams have been forced into an interim head coach? (Marriucci doesnít count because that was by choice). Need I mention the offensive line? I have been pissed off at the Rams over my life time but this sure the hell isnít one of those times. In fact I am proud of the way they have bounced back and fought. Who was it that exposed the coltís defense? If Bulger hadnít gone down in that game one hell of an argument could be made that the colts would have suffered their 1st defeat.

    The Fact is, things are happening to the Colts that happen to teams that win championships. Easy schedule, key injuries of their opponentís at the most opportune times, bounces, penalties, tipped balls, teams finding ways to self destruct and of course some damn fine play by the Colts.

    In 1999 AZ Hakim fumbled 4 times and lost none of those fumbles. We got them all back. In 2000 AZ Hakim had 4 fumbles and lost every single one of them. The final fumble was the fatal blow against the Saints in the Wild Card game but itís the way the ball decided to bounce. In 1999 Trent green was the only key injury we had nay Lorenzo Styles and we were more lucky then fortunate to have Kurt Warner on the Bench. Our schedule was easy and our team was the best in the league so the stars aligned properly for us. I remember not long ago in the chat room during a game Dez making the statement that football was 50% luck. I didn't accept that number at the time but now I think he's a hell of a lot closer to having this game figured out then me.

    I know one thing, what the Rams do the rest of the season probably wonít have any effect on whether or not they make the playoffs but it sure will have an effect on how they enter the 2006 season. I sure hope that in week 17 I see a team that still hasnít quit otherwise this season will mean more then not making the playoffs.

    If we donít make the playoffs then to hell with the goddamned playoffs this year, were probably not going to win the Superbowl if we do get in the playoffs anyway. At least we don't have to go through life rooting for a team whose name is something such as the 9ers, Saints, Texans, Dolphins Jets, Patriots or any of the other team names that don't exactly say football. At least we root for the RAMS.

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    Re: Proud of the Rams.

    A great read Ramtime.... I think that we have been spoilt over the last five seasons, I know I have, I now its a changing of the guard..I just keep telling myself ITS JUST NOT OUR YEAR!!! hell if we went through the 90's we can get through this.....

    I totally agree footie is a game of luck!!!

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