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    Being a Rams fan is great. You guys show so much class congradulating the Patriots. Do you know on alot of the Patriot websites, it is filled with cussing and anger from Raider fans. a raider fan went so far as to make his own website i agree Rams fans are laid back, but we should get a little more rowdy, not violent and mean, but more into it. i'm a die hard old school la rams fan, so it makes me vomit when i see preppies chatting on their cell phone wearing new rams jerseys. am i mad about the rams moving to st. louis. no. mad about the color change. yes! be careful rams, the media loves you now, but they will turn. they pretty much insulted the crap out of us the whole '90s. two questions for ANYONE? why are raider fans mean nasty complaining violent people? and can someone tell me where the heck i can get old school rams gear????

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    The media probably insulted the crap out of us for the whole 90s because we were - to be blunt - crap.
    When the colour change was first made I wasn't too happy, either. I had always loved the Rams uniform, especially the white away jersey.
    But the new style has grown on me and I wouldn't go back now.

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    man I loved those old uniform colours. The red and the black went well together, made us look like a real men

    then they went to that horrible yellow ???? what was that about?

    OK, being serious :mask: I thought the blue and white was the best uniform the Rams had.

    I will let you into a wee secret, they amost went back to the blue and white, but the NFL wanted the colours we have now.

    Georgia, wanted to change to red and blue.

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