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Thread: Pundits give Rams some prediction love

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    Pundits give Rams some prediction love

    The NFLdotcom nattering nabobs predicted the individual awards & team playoff picture recently.

    The Rams were favored to win the NFCW by five of the seven writers, The Cards & Hags getting one vote each. More surprising were votes by Albert Breer for Quinn as DROY and Wyche for SJ as rush champ.

    Not a lot for the respect-hungry fans to hang their horns on but The Rams are turning some heads, albeit arguably largely empty ones.

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    Re: Pundits give Rams some prediction love

    Wins matter, not so much what anyone says but it is good to see that the
    "popular" tide is turning a bit.

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    Re: Pundits give Rams some prediction love

    I just don't see how we can't be the favorite... we all have the same horrible schedule, but other than us, have the other teams improved, other than the Kolbnals? And that gets offset by the fact that they're down both starting corners from last year, Hightower(Williams out for the year) and I think they're also dealing with injuries to both SS Wilson and one of their linemen too.

    Difference in schedule:
    SeahawksFalcons, Bears
    Rams: Saints, Pack(shudder)
    Cardnals: Bucs, Lions
    Whiners: Carolina, Vikings

    If anything, that is a boost to the Whiners, if only they didn't suck.

    The winner this year's going to be 8-8 and it'll be us. Bank on it. 2-5 to start, 6-3 to end it with momentum going into a playoff game in the Dome!
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    I believe!

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