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    Putting my $ on the Rams!

    A friend of mine went to Vegas last weekend and, at my request, placed a $20 bet on the Rams to win it all this year. At the current odds of 50-1, I would win $1,000.

    I then told my whole office that, if the Rams do win the Super Bowl, I'd buy lunch for the whole office with a portion of my winnings. I think I just recruited some new Rams fans!

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    Re: Putting my $ on the Rams!

    I feel very strong about this team this year! Great coaching staff( ego's need be checked at the door!). A defense that may improve by 80% and the a o-Line that may get our boy Bulger the props he deserves(I'm coming around to Bulger!) . I'm goiing to get the NFL package this year and I will do a little Theodus' thoughts so someone private mail me and tell me how the hell to space and all that junk! I always make one big paaragraph. Thanks and I'm putting $ 100.00 on the boys this year.


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