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    Q&A: How much is too much with SJ39?

    How much is too much with SJ39?
    Posted: Wednesday, July 28, 2010 11:30 am

    QUESTION: Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo says Steven Jackson has been cleared to practice but the team will limit him somewhat in training camp as he recovers from offseason back surgery. Given that the Rams have no true No. 2 RB at this time, how cautious do you think the team will be with Jackson ... including in the preseason games?

    There’s no need to keep Jackson enclosed in bubble wrap. He needs enough practice reps to get his timing down. And he needs at least some touches – 10 to 12? – over the course of preseason play to get reacquainted with the speed of the game and get used to (some) contact. But we may not see Jackson exposed to any of the live tackling drills Steve Spagnuolo dials up for training camp.

    Because Jackson is a back who carries a big load during the season, the Rams would be judicious in how they work him during the preseason anyway. That’s the way it’s been, for the most part, since he took over as the team’s top ballcarrier. The recovery from back surgery creates a bit more concern, but still the coaches have to get Jackson ready for the regular season. They’ll certainly be careful with him in doing so, though.

    Jackson should get just enough work to get fit for Week 1. Why subject him to needless punishment? The coaching staff should spend training camp searching for and developing quality back-ups. On paper, it doesn’t appear the team has much there – but perhaps somebody like Keith Toston could prove to be legit. If nobody emerges through all the work, then Billy Devaney will realize that he has to grab one of the many more established RBs who will become available as teams start cutting down rosters.

    BOB STELTON (Host of “The BS Show” on 101 ESPN)
    The Rams have a high-priced, rookie QB, a young group of wide receivers and an unproven offensive line. On top of that, you have a high-impact running back in Steven Jackson coming off of back surgery. He is this team’s only real threat on offense to begin the season and a guy who is expected to take a bunch of pressure of off rookie Sam Bradford. I think saying they will be EXTREMELY cautious would be an understatement. I would say, don’t blink while watching Rams preseason football, otherwise, you may miss seeing Steven Jackson.

    That’s exactly how the Rams should approach his preseason touches and even into the regular season. Until this offense can develop another threat on offense outside of Jackson, then they better monitor his workload closely. Historically the shelf life for running backs with his violent running style isn’t very long. Especially once they start to get dinged up.

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    Re: Q&A: How much is too much with SJ39?

    In San Diego they pretty much put LT in bubble wrap until the first game of the year, and that's what I would expect from the Rams this year. Jax has gotten enough carries over the years, and is as good of a RB that there is in the league, he won't need much in the preseason to get ready.

    Give him a carry or two in each preseason game, let him pass block a little, but other than that, keep him on the shelf until week 1.
    I believe!

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    Re: Q&A: How much is too much with SJ39?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    BOB STELTON (Host of “The BS Show” on 101 ESPN)
    Funny, I thought that was the named they gave to Bernie's column at StlToday.

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