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    Question about the game

    So I didn't get to watch the game guys, just seen highlights of it.

    What was the deal with Lewis, what did he do?

    Just curious how we played overall?

    And that "interception" at the end was a load of crap, you have to admit that. We got handed that one. I bet if you asked anyone who is not a Rams fan(and some that are,haha) that every one of them would say he was down.

    Oh well, I guess a win is a win, but sure hate to get it like that.

    Just one fans's opinion I guess......

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    Re: Question about the game

    Lewis punched a Saint in the nuts after the play was done. Not a good move.

    The takeaway was silly. This is partly a result of them letting the play continue and refusing to blow the whistle. It backfired this time and the officials look dumb. Oh well, the Saints were left with no timeouts and no ability to challenge. Their bad luck.

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    Re: Question about the game

    Oh well, I guess a win is a win, but sure hate to get it like that.
    Well fortunately, it didn't take the "interception" to win it. We were still up by 4 on an offense that hadn't found the zone since the early 1st quarter, so I feel pretty good that we would have hung on.

    However, you gotta love the heads-up of Furrey for playing to the whistle.


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