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    coy bacon Guest

    Question about the next pre-season game.

    Prior to the first pre season game I read that the Ram's would play the starters just a bit, and the rest of the game would be given over to 2nd and 3rd stringers. I don't remember where I read it, but the guy wrote a few in-depth things and he was spot on.

    So, what is the plan for playing our starters this week? Just 2 series? 15 mins? 1st and 3rd?

    Any comments on the reasons behind the time allotted for the starters to play will be appreciated.

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    bubbaramfan Guest

    Re: Question about the next pre-season game.

    On KKFL, 6-16, Linehan camp talk he was asked how long 1st unit will play Texans, " A few series" is what i heard.

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    Re: Question about the next pre-season game.

    Hey Normally 2 series as the preseason progresses. The first team will begin with more reps as the team begins to jell. That's why the argument of either to many preseason games is necessary.
    I am a proponent of the 4 games. It always for real live scrimmage and accessment.
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