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    Re: Question for Martz critics and supporters

    I want:

    Better O line play overall.

    A healthy dose of Steven Jackson.

    Continued integration of Curtis and McDonald into the offense.

    Creative playcalling, without unnecessary risk.

    Smooth, even if unorthodox, clock management.

    Vast improvement in the run defense.

    A varied system of pass rush schemes.

    Hard hitting and tackling.

    Holes opening in the return game.

    Holes closing in kick coverage.

    If these things occur, I will be pleased with the job the coaching staff has done, regardless of overall outcome.

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    Re: Question for Martz critics and supporters

    Honestly, I don't think there's much room for Martz critics to complain at this point. On paper, the Rams have addressed practically every concern they were faced with at the end of 2004.

    So far, so good. In addition, I think this year will be a lot kinder to Martz in general. For practically all of his time as head coach, he's been expected to take the NFC West and advance through the playoffs. Anything less has been a letdown for some (many?). In 2005 though, there are many expectations for the other teams in the NFC West so the Rams and Martz, I think, won't be held to such a high standard. If they make the playoffs and win a game or two they will exceed most of the expectations placed on them.

    If the Rams go 8-8 (or worse) and miss the playoffs I think Martz will start to feel the hot seat. Regardless, aside from a total meltdown, he will be back for 2006. I suppose it just depends on one's point of view. I'm critical of Martz because I was very pleased with the idea of the Rams being the team to beat and now they are a team that is basically middle of the road. Is that Martz's "fault"? Not directly in a lot of ways but when you're the one in charge, you're responsible for the bottom line. We'll see if the 2005 Rams are as predictable as the 2004 squad.

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    Re: Question for Martz critics and supporters

    I think Martz has the confidence in Bulger to open up the offence more all the way to Warner level.If Bulger doesnt do as well in stats,I think we can still expect a close to 2001 performance.Mainly because I think we have more offensive guns then Warner ever had.

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