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    Question on our linebacker situation?

    Since the ravens failed to place the franchise tag on LB Adalius Thomas because they didnt want to pay him do you think we should take a shot at him? He is still young and he is a pro bowl OLB, he would be a HUGE up grade over chillar and watching him play he is a serious ball hawk, i kno most of you are worried about the DL but all the teams are tagging the defensive line stars (smith,grant etc,) we can draft some talent on the DL and do something big with our LB corps now, What do you guys think?

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    Re: Question on our linebacker situation?

    At first I was excited that he had hit the Free Agent Market and wanted us to go for him but now I'm less attracted to the fact he's a free agent because A. He's 30 years old going on 31, B. He is going to demand alot of money that a 30 year old usually wouldn't get, C. He could play SLB but how would he fit in?, and D. We should look at a younger linebacker to mold with our Young Linebacking crew.

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    Re: Question on our linebacker situation?

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsFan16 View Post
    A. He's 30 years old going on 31
    No, he's 29 going on 30.

    The bottom line is he will probably cost too much, and if we don't upgrade our D Line it won't matter who we sign at LB.

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    Re: Question on our linebacker situation?

    The question's moot IMO. Somebody else is going to pay him premium. For as close to Satan as I believe Jay Zygmunt to be, I must admit he's done a fine job keeping the cap manageable. I just don't see him signing off on the kind of money it's going to take to bring in Thomas (or keep KC, for that matter).

    Honestly, I think Thomas is a whiner next season.

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    Re: Question on our linebacker situation?

    well it looks like coakley and his 1.75 million is going to be let go, and chillar will be offered the minimum to stay, that being said, the rams think chillar can play the position, and roanall smith is in the talks of being kept for depth, i think this only means that the rams will draft a LB in the first 3 rounds if not the first 2 , to play behind chillar, if not to try to break into the starting rotation, keeping chillar as a backup at the league minimum. that would be my play , and i think thats the rams play, with all the money into tino and spoon.


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