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    Question for Ram fans

    Not trying to knock you, so leave the angst at the door. I'm just curious here.

    How did the Rams get in as a wild card over the Saints? Both teams were 8-8. But the Saints beat the Rams head to head. Isn't that the first tie-breaker. I thought that conference record (which the Rams had the better by one game) was the second tie-breaker if head to head didn't apply. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

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    Re: Question for Ram fans

    I believe the Rams were in a three-way tie with the Saints and the Vikings, and the first test in a three-way tie is conference record. The Rams had a better conference record than the Saints and Vikings, so they secured a wild card spot. Then, normal head to head tie-breaking measures were used between the Vikings and Saints, at which point head to head comes into play.

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    Re: Question for Ram fans

    Dude, if you're going to use words, use them properly. There ain't no angst here w/r to a nice Hawk's fan posting an inquiry.

    Perhaps you should have used one of the following terms: "hostility, aggressiveness, or defensiveness."

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    Re: Question for Ram fans

    I forgot about the three way tie-breaker. That's what got the Hawks in last year. Touche.


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