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    coy bacon Guest

    QUESTION: Where is the BoSH?

    Seeing how I'm lost in this cold, dark fog, I figured I'd take a stroll down memory lane, and visit a known sunny spot to brighten my day.

    But, to my dismay, I could not find it! Is this hellish fog blinding me, or has the BoSH been removed!

    Now that just ain't right. I want my, I want my, I want my BoSH.

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    Re: QUESTION: Where is the BoSH?

    Its not removed, just resting

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    coy bacon Guest

    Re: QUESTION: Where is the BoSH?

    Alas, it is not resting in peace is it? Alas, how the mighty are fallen.

    It is for the BoSH that I have come, among these posts, to beg it back from you, and I bring ransom without stint. Never give me a chair my lord, while the BoSH lies in your camp uncared for. Yield it to me now. Allow me sight of it. Accept the many gifts I bring.

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    Re: QUESTION: Where is the BoSH?

    Perhaps the "Book of the SpiralHorns: Conquests of the New King" could be resurrected by a new troubadour. I believe the storyteller of legend has grown tired and weary, and must rest.


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    coy bacon Guest

    Re: QUESTION: Where is the BoSH?

    Did Av decide to stop writing it? Then the loss is ours. (He may have posted it, but my memory sucks).

    I've always felt that his BoSH was one of the things that set this board above the others. As time went on, his work: style, creativity, and depth got better and better. Myself and others had written chapters here and there to fill in and give him a break, but I doubt anyone here could fill his shoes.


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