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Thread: Quinn's sack total may decrease as his impact increases.

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    Re: Quinn's sack total may decrease as his impact increases.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rambos View Post
    I agree that Quinn will be big focus for all the offenses we play but can Williams create blitzes that will force teams not to be able to double him?
    So, a big part of this is what Williams instructs his guys to do when it comes to pre-snap looks/disguises. Even if we're not blitzing on a specific play, the defense can show a blitz in the pre-snap by leveraging the speed of McDonald and Ogletree to come up to the line, even if their responsibilities are a little ways away. Think of the Steelers and how they've been able to create effective pass rushes with Polamalu skirting up to the LOS before racing back at the snap to cover the deep ball, because the offense now has to account for him.

    Where that scenario plays in for us, and specifically Quinn, is that we can show a blitz, maybe on Quinn's side, maybe elsewhere, but in doing so, we force the offense to consider whether the extra rusher(s) is real, and to change their blocking scheme. As such, the dedicated 2nd protector on Quinn maybe changes to a chip from an RB or even none at all. It forces the offense to weigh their poisons and choose which to pick. If they leave a blitzer open, the play might not have time to develop, but if they slide away from Quinn, the same thing could happen.

    It's the game that is played on every down. And now that Quinn has shown himself to be an all-pro, game dominating rusher, teams will look to sell out to stop him at the expense of giving up protection elsewhere. What the Rams can do to balance that out is make teams pay for that attitude. Long and Donald are maybe the two best rushers other than Quinn, so they need to penetrate and at the very least disrupt plays into no gains. If the rest of the defense is forcing three and outs, teams will start to hope that they can out-quick Quinn by balancing up else where, or will go max-protect to try to buy more time. In that case, our secondary better be up to covering fewer targets, but for an extra second or two.

    So, short answer: Yes, Williams is definitely smart enough to create blitzes and fake blitzes to try to convince the offense to slide protection away from Quinn. At the same time, if the rest of the team capitalizes on Quinn getting the attention, the offense will start to do it for us anyway.

    I believe!

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    Re: Quinn's sack total may decrease as his impact increases.

    Weren't teams pushing protection his way anyway? I think late on in the year in games against the Saints and Bucs they were trying to double and triple team Quinn. Problem is that didn't stop him either!!

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