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    raminsyr Guest

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    "With the clock showing 3:52 remaining in the game and the Falcons up 40-17, Jim Mora Jr. told his offense to stay on the field for fourth and one from our 11-yard line. The Falcons converted, and went on to score their final touchdown."

    Did anyone else think this was odd?
    I expected them to send out the kicker.
    Some of them have class, some do not.

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    maineram Guest

    Re: To quote the moderator:

    Mora is still thinking he's in San Fran, looking to get his Arse whipped by Martz. He's just paying back through the Falcons. Too bad the Rams lost for two big reasons;
    1. To continue on to a Championship
    2. To wipe that smirking grin off his face. What a classless Bast**d

    Maineram - :ramlogo:

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    Skynyrd Guest

    Re: To quote the moderator:

    It's called you reap what you sow guys. I can remember quite a few times during the "greatest show on turf" years (especially 2001) when Martz left Warner and the boys in the game well after they should've been gone. And who can forget the Jets game that same year when Martz called (and recovered) an onsides kick when we were up by like 30 pts. What goes around comes around. Peace

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    moklerman Guest

    Re: To quote the moderator:

    I've heard similar compaints from a variety of posters and I just don't agree. If Mora decides to kick the field goal, he's definitely running the score up. The fact that the Rams suck so much on defense is the problem. The Falcons weren't running trick plays or passing the ball at that point so I don't have a problem with what he did.

    Now, you could argue that the starters shouldn't have been in the game or they should have just taken a knee I guess, but most of the time teams just keep running the ball up the middle, conceding a turnover on downs. In this case, the Rams just couldn't stop them from converting the runs into a touchdown.

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    Re: To quote the moderator:

    I think this may be the first time I've ever agreed with you Moklerman. It's one of those damned if you, damned if you don't situations. Taking a knee would have been an even bigger slap in the face.

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    Re: To quote the moderator:


    What's the difference between LOSING 40-17 and LOSING 47-17? You are still LOSING.....

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    Re: To quote the moderator:

    what goes round ................... comes around.

    In the end, we never stopped them. why complain

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    JCRamFan Guest

    Re: To quote the moderator:

    Quote Originally Posted by RamDez
    what goes round ................... comes around.

    In the end, we never stopped them. why complain
    Besides the fact that what really embarresed me was what Martz did with the Rams last possesion, down 47-17 calling TO's and spiking the ball during a pointless drive with his starters in the game also. As much as I hated what Mora was doing keeping his starters in and such, I was really pissed at what Martz did.

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    rebel13 Guest

    Re: To quote the moderator:

    It's called FOOTBALL. It's not politics or fairy games. Play it till it's over. And if you can't stop the other guy, don't go around crying like a bunch of pussies! Do something about it or go play charades!


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