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    The Quote Sheet - Day 6

    Head Coach Scott Linehan
    Tuesday, August 1

    “It’s a little hotter than the other days, but the guys fought through it and did a great job. I thought we did our best job of pushing through it and kept our tempo up and accelerated practice a little bit. We cut about 30 seconds off of each period and still got the reps in. You have to do that when the elements get a little tough to force yourself through it. It was a good day.”

    (On the big post-practice cheer from the players) “An hour and a half goes a long way. We’re going to get done with our meetings early tonight and get ready to go tomorrow. They need a little break. We’ve been pushing it pretty hard and going late and they’ve been pushing it hard to get to bed check. We’re going to give them a chance to get off their feet and maybe do something different than the normal routine.”

    (On whether or not it’s unfair to say Dave Ragone has an advantage in the battle for the third string quarterback position because of his relationship with Linehan) “I think that’s totally unfair. I wouldn’t call it an advantage; it’s a good thing for both of us because I’m familiar with what Dave can do and Dave will only get better and better. It’s unfair to Ryan (Fitzpatrick) because I think Ryan’s playing very well. It’s a great battle and a very healthy battle. They’re two great, great kids that are competing and they’re very good friends already. It’s way too early to say what’s going to happen there.”

    (On what he looks for in a third string quarterback) “A guy you can win with, usually a guy that’s going to eventually be the next Marc Bulger. You’re not necessarily looking for the old journeyman. We’ve got a good situation with Gus (Frerotte), who knows how to play and knows our system. He can go in and is proven he can be a real, real good quarterback and play at a high level in this league; that’s what you want in your backup. You want your three to be a guy with great upside, a young guy who maybe brings something special like mobility, smarts, leadership, whatever it may be, just something to work with. Both of those young guys certainly have those characteristics.”

    (On how much of the old offense he will keep and how far along his offense is) “A lot of the concepts (will be kept), but it’s a new offense. I’m sure they would tell you that. We’re spending a lot of time familiarizing ourselves with some of the things and terms that were done here that were very successful. We can talk the language, like learning a new language and then interpreting. We’ve spent a lot of time doing that. We’re starting to work on some concepts that may be very similar to what they’ve run around here, but we call it a little differently. Really, at the end of the day, it’s the same plays, the same reads and the same philosophy, generally speaking, but it’s a new system. They’re embracing it and they’ve gotten better everyday.”

    (On RT Alex Barron) “He’s really improved. He had a rough day a few nights ago where he had some pre-snap penalties. Again, I don’t want to harp on that, but that’s the only thing that’s going to hold that young man back. He’s got all the tools. I think he’s got a lot of pride. That’s what you want in a guy, especially if he’s an athlete and he has all the physical tools. He certainly has the mental things it takes, he just has to concentrate better, but young guys all do. All the young guys out here have the same issues, not just Alex; it’s everybody. He’s fighting through that and getting better. He had, I would say, his best practice protecting the passer today of all the practices from what I saw. He really showed up to me.”

    (On the lack of installing new plays in today’s practice) “Very little install, [but] a lot of review. We’ve reviewed some of the special stuff we’re going to do. Some of the no huddle stuff we may work on and work two-minute. Going back to that again. The other days we really install, now we’re just starting to refine it [and] get it right.”

    (One players surprising him in a positive way) “Everybody’s impressed me in a positive way. Most of the questions you asked me, though, are the one’s that aren’t the positive ones. I think that everybody on the team is working hard and when they start to slow down, they’re picking it up when we demand it. I really don’t single any group out. I think each group, in their own ways, is trying very hard to establish an identity. Certainly, there is competition out here and some guys are responding better than others, based on their performance. I’m very happy with the mental attitude and focus of this football team.”

    (On CB Tye Hill’s interception today) “The expectation is that offensively and defensively, when the ball hits your hands, go out and catch it. That’s the good sign. I know there’s knocks on his ball skills, but I think he’s worked very hard on it. We spent a lot of time in individual with those guys and how they catch like we do with the receivers. I think it certainly is paying of for him. He’s one of those guys with a lot of pride. He hears a lot about the same knocks on him and he wants to show everybody that it’s not true.”

    (On intervening during fights amongst the players) “Never, when I was very young I jumped in the middle of one and caught a hook to the jaw. I’ll blow my whistle a lot, but other than that I’m going to let it play out. It happens, it was a heated drill where one guy got the better of another guy, made the other guy mad and he responded. Probably not the way you want, but you have to have fight in your players. You have to explain to them that it’s not going to do you any good [to fight]; you need to go back and have better technique next time. There’s a little cooling off period that needs to happen, but you like to see a little bit of that, certainly.”

    (On RB Marshall Faulk’s surgery) “I talked to Jay [Zygmunt]. I think Jay and our trainers talked to Dr. Shields and our doctors talked to Dr. Shields, who is a long time Rams doctor in California who I think did a lot of Marshall’s surgeries. He’s got an old ligament problem [and] we tried a corrective surgery that was a new surgery that we really weren’t able to do because there wasn’t much left of the ligament. I think the next thing he has to do, which he obviously has done, if he ever wants to have a chance to ever play again, is have a complete reconstruction. That pretty much ended any chance of him being able to play this year. He wouldn’t be able to play this year. Even if he was here, he would be out. That’s the reason why he’s on the PUP (Physically Unable to Play) inactive list.”

    (On the Rams’ WR corps) “I think it’s the deepest [I’ve been around]. Every one of the corps I’ve been around is certainly different [and] has their own personalities. The advantage of being here is that these guys already have a good feel for the game. They’ve got lots of hours on the job and have played at a high level. The difference last year at Miami was that we were trying to develop and identity: Routes that we could work with and things that young receivers there did well. I think that the advantage we have here is that we have a pretty good idea of what those guys can do and just try to accentuate those positives and maybe add a few new wrinkles ourselves.”

    (On appreciating WRs Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt) “I said this to one of the coaches the other day, ‘Some of the greatest plays that happen, a lot of them are out here in one-on-one drills or seven-on-seven, special type plays.’ They have those qualities. I think the only other guy that I know that came out to practice and you just went ‘wow’, like with those two guys was Randy [Moss], obviously. [Shaun] McDonald is doing a great job. I haven’t talked a lot about him, but he’s starting to show up here in the last couple days, and Kevin’s [Curtis] doing a great job as well. Of course Dane [Looker] can come in at any time and play any position and get you out of a game. They’re working hard; we have a bunch of young guys vying for that fifth and sixth spot right now.”

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    Re: The Quote Sheet - Day 6

    If these quotes are Linehans, gosh he is refreshing!

    I would like to here him talk about the team in person someday!


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