DE Victor Adeyanju

(On starting at DE this week) “I feel very prepared. I think the coaches prepared me very well. I understand the game plan. It’s just a matter of executing, having confidence in myself, and getting after it.”

(On his mindset going into the game) “Every week I prepare as if I’m going to play 100 snaps. It’s just a matter of helping the team in any way that I can. That’s just what I try to do every week, as the season goes on. It’s not like I wasn’t prepared or I have to get my wind back. I always prepare to take as many snaps as I can, and this week it’s going to happen.”

(On getting an opportunity to start this week) “When a situation like this happens you just have to take it and do the best you can with it and perform very well.”

(On his NFL playing experience) “The first game I got quite a bit, the second game I got a little bit. Yes (I played a lot in the preseason.”

WR Torry Holt

(On LT Orlando Pace possibly playing on Sunday) “That just makes us that much more solid up front. We all know what Orlando (Pace) means to us. We don’t even have to speak about his accolades; I think that’s obvious, they’re proven. Just his presence there (means a lot). If they want to do anything strange on that particular side, they kind of have to rethink that. It’s good to have him back in the lineup and have his leadership back in the huddle.”

(On the Arizona Cardinals defense) “I don’t know if I could say, ‘take advantage of.’ There are going to be some opportunities that present themselves that we’re going to have to capitalize on. They were a top 10 defense last year. I don’t know where they’re ranked right now, going into the third game, but looking at them on film, they look very good. We’re going to have another challenge in front of us, and opportunities, again, are going to come up. Hopefully, we’ll have the right play called and scheme and everything will match up, so we’ll have an opportunity to win. We just have to make that play when it comes up.”

(On possibly having a rivalry with former college teammate and Cardinals S Adrian Wilson) “No, not at all. I like Adrian. I like watching him play. I’ve always been a fan of his since he came in as a freshman in college. The same way he’s playing now was the same way he was doing it when he came in as a freshman. I remember coach, a couple of times, had to tell Adrian to cool it down a little bit because he has that type of aggression. There’s no rivalry at all. I’m excited about going against him. I’m excited about his career and where he’s at and where he’s going to be. I don’t even think he scratched the surface of how good he can be. The way he’s going now, he has the opportunity to be a Pro Bowl player and continue to help that defense be in the top 10.”

(On the Cardinals secondary) “(Antrel) Rolle, (Eric) Green, and then they have (David) Macklin and (Matt) Ware. They have a very good secondary. When you watch them on film they do a good job of communicating. They play very well with each other, they’re confident in each other’s ability, and they cover each other’s backs. Every week it seems like it’s a different challenge for our offensive football team. This week it’s an even greater challenge. It’s on the road, against a division opponent, against a very good defense. We have to come out, execute and handle our business.”

T Orlando Pace

(On his concussion symptoms) “It was more so like headaches and blurred vision. I was kind of slow with a lot of my responses and things like that. They were a little concerned and had to run some tests out in San Francisco. Over the course of the week it’s been getting better, day-by-day. Today is a better day.”

(On the symptoms returning this week) “No. Not at all. I’ve been sleeping pretty well at night and everything’s been fine.”

(On knowing if he’s well enough to play) “It is a fine line. You have to be smart about it. Naturally, you want to be out there, but you have to be smart. You don’t want anything to set you back a number of weeks. The doctors have been doing a great job with that. We’ll have to do some more tests in a couple of minutes, so we’ll see how that goes.”

(On his memories of the hit) “I just remember getting hit and Dane Looker saying I hit my head just like Trent Green did. That’s all I remember after that. So, I don’t remember a whole lot. It was kind of fuzzy after that.”

(On his history of concussions) “No. This is my first.”

(On he feels about his ability to play) “We need to just see how it goes. We kind of practiced today, but I never took any contact. Today’s kind of a light day, not a real contact day. It’s tough to say. I felt pretty good. There were no setbacks today. Everything looks good.”

(On how he felt immediately following the hit) “It was kind of scary for a little bit. Your vision’s a little blurry and you can’t really respond the way you want to respond. It’s a little frustrating. I think it was more shocking than anything.”

(On the hit that gave him a concussion) “I got caught in an awkward position where they loaded up a lot of guys on field goal. I normally don’t hit the back of my head, but that’s what happened. It was crazy. The whole right side kind of fell back and I think I got the worst of the deal.”

(On how he knows that he’s feeling better) “Not having anymore headaches is one thing that makes me feel more comfortable. You’re not going to get contact until Sunday, and I understand that. You just have to go out and be smart about it. If you’re having any symptoms during the course of the game, (you should) let the trainers know and we’ll go from there. You have to go out there and play hard. You can’t be worried about it and (end up) playing a different style of football. You have to go out and still butt heads. That’s what I do.”