The Quote Sheet - Monday Practice

Head Coach Scott Linehan
Monday, August 14

(On today’s practice) “It was a good practice, [we] worked very hard. [There was] great weather for it. Orlando had a minor injury. I think it’s a slight ankle, slight knee [injury]. He kind of got rolled up on in our 9-on-7 drill. It didn’t appear, after he walked it off, that it was anything real serious. We’re going to take an X-Ray and when I know more about it I’ll let you know. But it didn’t appear like it was anything real serious. Hopefully, that’s the case. Other than that, Claude (Terrell) didn’t practice today and Blaine Saipaia got a little dinged up in that team period, but he seemed to be okay after practice, so we’re still in pretty good shape there.”

(On CB Travis Fisher) “He’s dealing with a tight groin and hamstring that’s bothered him before. Nothing serious; he just didn’t feel like coming out here and pushing it today. We kept him out of a lot of things today and just had him work on his conditioning. We’ll bring him back in here as he starts to improve.”

(On LB Raonall Smith) “He has a slight infection on a turf burn he got on his leg from last week’s practice. We actually put him on antibiotics and kept him in the hospital to make sure it doesn’t develop into a serious infection. We gave him his last dose of antibiotics [today] and he’ll probably be back out doing some things tonight.”

(On LT Todd Steussie filling in for Orlando Pace in today’s practice) “I thought Steussie did great. That’s what Steussie does. He came in and did well. It was good work for him to get in there and work with the first unit. It’s certainly something we don’t want to have to do very often, but we have 100 percent confidence in him. He’s a guy that’s done that for years and it’s a great luxury to have [Steussie].”

(On how T Orlando Pace has performed in camp thus far) “I think (he has) been very good. We’ve asked him to do a lot of things, I’m sure he did it last year. He was in camp for the most part last year, but he’s missed a number of training camps over the last three or four years I think. It’s been very good for him. It (training camp) has shown his ability to run block. We all know he can be a great pass protector, but I think it’s been very good for his overall game. I think he’s stepped it up big time.”

(On the progress of CB Jerametrius Butler’s hamstring injury) “He (Butler) looked better today than he did yesterday and it looks like he working through it. No complaints. He’s very positive about how it’s coming along.”

(On getting the team through the ‘dog days’ of training camp) “I thought they did much better today than they did yesterday. This, in my mind, was a tougher day than yesterday. I think the fact that we have such a big break between our first and second game, they (the players) can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Knowing that this is really our second to last two-a-day (practice) and we had work to do in favorable work conditions; it wasn’t too overly hot, it was nice and warm out here and they could loosen up. I think they came out here and really, really worked today and I was really happy with that.”

(On how much the starters will play in the game against Houston) “We (the coaches) will talk about that in the next couple days. But it will be similar to what I talked about yesterday; a little bit more (playing time) for each group.”

(On the progression of the special teams from last year’s team) “First off, I think we have better personnel. I think everybody has to have a solid contribution to the special teams. That doesn’t necessarily exclude anybody on the team. We’ll put more players, even starters at times, on special teams so that we can have better quality teams. I think that will help. I think we have a real good special list, starting with the kicker. I think we’ve still got a big competition there with Matt (Turk) and Andy (Groom), but I think we brought in a veteran punter that can really help us there, too. He (Turk) has still got a pretty big leg and he had a good preseason game. I think (Chris) Massey is a great snapper. I think our special lists are strong and our special teams will be better from a personnel standpoint.”

(On P Matt Turk’s performance against Indianapolis) “I don’t know about the distance (between Turk and Grooms for playing time). He (Turk) made a nice statement for his play. Knocking it down on the 2 (yard line) on his first punt and keeping them at the 11 with a 5.5 (second) hangtime on the second one is a good start.”

(On what kind of hangtime he is looking for in the punts) “Over four seconds. I like it in the mid-fours (because) you’ll get pretty good coverage. If it’s four seconds or below then they’ve got a chance for a great return, but you’d like to see it in the mid-fours.”

(On who will be in which position after cuts are made) “We have a general idea. We know what is ideal. But we’re going to go by the philosophy that the best 53 players on our team will be the 53 (roster members) come Denver week. You don’t want to close the door on any possibility or scenario.”