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    Quote sheet for Thursday

    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    Thursday, October 05, 2006

    (Opening statement)

    “The weather’s cooperated. It’s been a good two days. It’s been nice and warm too, so I think it will help our conditioning, playing outdoors this week.”

    (On T Orlando Pace practicing more today)

    “He did a lot more. He took a lot more reps in team. He told me he felt a lot better than he did last week at this time. Again, we’ll still evaluate it day to day. He’s still questionable just based on how he felt after that Arizona game.”

    (On being cautious about Pace playing)

    “Very. We just go by how he feels and what the doctor tells us.”

    (On CB Fahkir Brown’s condition)

    “He’s doing better. He’s still a little sore. He practiced a little bit more today, somewhat limited. He’s still the same status as yesterday.”

    (On having LB Isaiah Kacyvenski with special teams)

    “You can just tell watching him; he’s pretty comfortable in there. He’s done it a lot. We’ve got no concerns about that. He fits in right away.”

    (On WR Isaac Bruce still dominating the game)

    “That’s his greatness; that he’s been able to do it over time. I’ve always said that to be a great player, you’ve got to do it consistently over time. He’s a classic example of that. I marvel at him every day. He doesn’t play like his age, which is a great testament to a guy that takes great care of himself.”

    (On if DE Victor Adeyanju will start over DE Anthony Hargrove in Green Bay)

    “Pretty much the same. Hasn’t changed from last game.”

    (On LB Pisa Tinoisamoa)

    “His toughness is…there are a lot of tough players in this game, but the type of toughness he has is pretty hard to describe. He doesn’t show pain, and you know it’s very painful. He doesn’t let it be a distraction. There’s a lot to be said about that as far as leadership by example, and how sometimes you’ve just got to suck it up in this game. He goes over the top. It’s pretty good leadership on his part. It’s not easy to do.”

    (On what he thinks about QB Brett Favre saying he will play injured on Sunday)

    “I’ve never heard it any other way. He played with a broken thumb against us in the MetroDome one game, and threw for about 400 yards and four touchdowns, and his thumb was broke. He never ceases to amaze anyone I don’t think.”

    (On if Jim Haslett can provide insight into Mike McCarthy’s offense)

    “A little bit. He’s going to know it more from the offensive side. Certainly they know each other well, but he’s been two other places since he’s been with him, so there’s enough changes to where we’ve got to adjust. Those two know each other very well, and I’m sure he’s got a pretty good idea of things that Jim has been doing on defense for years. The advantage is probably washed out based on the two of them probably know each other pretty well and what they’re going to try to do.”

    (On TE Dominique Byrd’s chances of being active on Sunday)

    “It looks like Dominique has a good chance of being on the active gameday roster. I think he had a pretty good day today.”

    (On if someone will have to sit if Byrd is active on Sunday)

    “It would just be him for Paul . It kind of replaces the fullback spot. You can do it with another tight end if you need to.”

    (On Byrd’s progress)

    “There’s a lot of rookies that aren’t playing right now. He’s on track. He’s got a lot to learn, and he’s willing. If he keeps a positive attitude and works hard, you’ll earn your way in there. The biggest things is just stay patient, and he might have an opportunity this week if continues to have another good day tomorrow.”

    (On RB Steven Jackson)

    “He’s got the greatest opportunity to have the most touches because of the position he plays. Certainly he’s our main ball-carrier, and to be able to get him involved some in the passing game gives the ability to use him in two ways, as opposed to just handing him the ball. He does a lot with it once he’s got it in his hands, too. I think that the sensible thing is to figure out more ways to get it in his hands.”

    (On walking the sidelines in Green Bay for the first time as a head coach)

    “I think it’s special every Sunday. It’s more special for me to be able to do it in the Dome. It’s great to go on the road. You pinch yourself every day to be able to get an opportunity like this, and the way you look at it is to work hard every day and to try to get better and realize that’s your role and your job. It’s not any more important or any less important than anyone else’s position out there. I’m blessed to be able to do what I do for a living.”

    (On playing in Green Bay with Minnesota)

    “We were 50-50. We had some good wins and some tough losses there. It was like that. It was funny; I think we beat them there as much as we lost. There was never really a home-field advantage. Those were all big games. We ended up winning our playoff game there a couple years ago which was probably our biggest game there.”

    (On exploiting the passing game in Green Bay)

    “I think we’ve just got to execute…I say this, and I mean this. It’s really not about them or exploiting anybody on their side, I think it’s more we need to execute more on our side, regardless of who’s out there. They’re going to put some really good football players on that field, Pro Bowlers that we’re going to have to contend with. It’s an NFL game. We’re going to have to go out and execute and we’ve got to play it on the road. It’s more about what we do then what they’re doing.”

    (On RB Paul Smith’s condition)

    “I think he’s doing real good. You wouldn’t have known that he had the injury that he had. His spirits are good. It’s just one of those things which we know is going to take a few weeks. I think the bye is coming at the right time for projecting him to be back maybe after that bye.”

    T Orlando Pace

    (On his concussion)

    I didn’t think it was that serious, but with head (injuries) you have to take your time and let it run its course.”

    (On his participation in today’s practice)

    “I played the entire practice. I felt pretty good, it felt pretty clear. Since the Arizona game, that was it.”

    (On the contact he received during practice)

    “That’s one of the things that we wanted to do today; go out there and get some contact and see how I would feel coming off of that.”

    (On how he feels)

    “I’m feeling pretty good. I got some good work in today. I felt pretty comfortable out there. There were no problems or setbacks, so it’s looking like a go.”

    RB Steven Jackson

    (On the Rams’ success this season)

    “It feels pretty good. We’re taking care of business and we’re approaching it one week at a time. I think our game and they way we’re competing out there shows.”

    (On the offense working well together)

    “I’ve been able to contribute and other guys have been able to put up big numbers as well. Not only myself, but Coach (Scott Linehan) has allowed a lot of our key guys to make plays and make plays at crucial points as well.”

    (On T Orlando Pace)

    “You want him back. He’s the glue to our offensive line; he’s the one that holds us together. He’s a true veteran around here and a leader. Having ‘Big O’s’ (Orlando Pace) presence brings a lot on the field. The sooner he gets out there (the better), but we want him at his best. We don’t want to get him banged up and have to deal with it throughout the year.”

    (On possibly giving advice to Pace about his injury)

    “’Big O’ has been here a lot longer than I have. I can’t tell another guy how to handle his conditions, on he knows how he feels. I’m pretty sure he’s going to be wise about it and when he comes back I’m sure he’s going to be the ‘Big O’ that we all know.”

    (On going up against former Ram, Green Bay DT Ryan Pickett)

    “We’re going to have some good times. I have a couple of guys on that team that I’m pretty good friends with. It’ll be good to see them and play in a historic stadium like Lambeau Field. ‘Big Grease’ (Ryan Pickett) is a good guy. He’s not a big ‘smack’ talker. He’s a guy that is going to clog up some holes for me, so he’s going to try to confuse me a little bit. I’m hoping to get downhill and get past him so I don’t have to deal with him.”

    (On staying focused for each game)

    “It was something that coach has talked about all year. You have to take it one week at a time. You don’t want to look forward and you don’t want to look too far behind. You just have to respect your opponent. It’s going to be loud (at Lambeau), we all know that. We just have to go in there and take care of Rams business and hopefully come out with a win.”

    (On teams not knowing what to expect when they play the Rams)

    “That’s what we’re hoping. As an offense, last week we showed that we’re finally all on one page. It’s not about big numbers around here. It’s all about coming out with a victory and whoever’s going to get the job done. I think egos are put to the side and we’re going to ride that person out.”

    (On playing the 1-3 Packers)

    “I don’t particularly like playing teams that are on losing streaks because you know they’re going to come out of it eventually. We have to respect Brett Favre and their defense, and Nick Barnett and what they’re doing on that side of the ball. When a team’s wounded, that’s when they come out fighting pretty hard. With us being on such a roll, this would be a key victory for them.”

    (On keeping an eye out for certain Packers defensive players)

    “Not as an offensive scheme, but I played with Nick Barnett for two years at Oregon State, so he and I are pretty good friends, so there’s going to be a friendly battle between us.”

    (On the passing game being effective when the running game isn’t working)

    “Coach (Linehan) has opened the offense a little bit because after those first few weeks when the running game was so successful, we have faced a lot of eight-man boxes that are geared to stop the run. The defense was trying to take that element away from us, so he wanted to get me involved in other ways and still contribute to the game and push the ball downfield. If we can’t get it in the running game we’ll get some short passes, kind of like the running game.”

    (On finally becoming a part of the passing game this year)

    “I’ve always had these talents. They just didn’t pop up overnight. It’s just the fact that I’m able to put up stats now. That’s what we all look at, I guess.”

    (On the Rams getting their first rushing touchdown)

    ”It’s big to get in the end zone like we did when we were in the red zone area. To get our first rushing touchdown makes it feels like, now we’ve done it. Once you can’t do it sometimes, you start to over-emphasize on it. Once we got in there, we got settled in and we know that we’re firing on all cylinders now.”

    (On getting comfortable with the new offense)

    “It wasn’t a tough transition. That’s how offense goes. Defense goes faster than offense and we need to all get on one accord. So much goes into an offense. The timing of the receivers and the quarterbacks, the pass protection, making sure the running backs and the offensive line are on (the same page). It’s so much that goes into it, but once it clicks, it clicks.”

    (On becoming more of a pass receiver instead of just running the ball)

    “It’s all the same. Once you get the ball you’re a running back anyway, so it doesn’t matter.”

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    Re: Quote sheet for Thursday

    sounds like stevie is a little pissed at martz for not throwing to him the last couple of years

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    Re: Quote sheet for Thursday

    Wouldn't you be after you've seen this season what he can do coming out on screens!?

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    Re: Quote sheet for Thursday

    steven Jackson Is a very underrated Running Back, He Is the best in the leauge so far.


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