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    The Quote Sheet - Thursday

    Thursday, October 12, 2006

    Head Coach Scott Linehan
    October 12, 2006

    (On bringing S Dwaine Carpenter back because of all the injuries) “The week before we brought [Isaiah] Kacyvenski in; he wasn’t ready to play linebacker, so we stayed probably a little heavy at linebacker for a week just because we knew Kacyvenski was going to work mostly special teams. Didn’t know if that was going to effect whether we had another linebacker up, but we needed to have one ready in case. You never know what happens. I think we’ve got a more workable number as far as what we have on our roster now based on our secondary situation right now. Dwaine [Carpenter] would be available, and has gotten some work this week, possibly to be up.”

    (On his confidence level in CB Jerametrius Butler) “We have 100 percent confidence in J.B. to start and play. He came in and did a nice job when he played. He’s done a nice job when he’s played before. I think just like you said before, you’ve got to be ready because you never know when your number’s going to be called. That came true last week. He could be in a similar situation again this week.”

    (On G Todd Steussie’s performances) “He’s going good. Our first week, I think, of OTA’s he was playing guard for us if you remember right. His role’s going to be as needed, and in this particular case, because of the moving around we had to do on our line. He fills in very nicely there. It’s still a good thing to have him helping a young center and being next to a young center, and having two veteran guards next to Richie [Incognito].”

    (On the magnitude of Sunday’s game vs. Seattle) “The division games always carry extra importance, somewhat, just because, like you said, you’ve got to do well within your division. Now we’re 1-1 within our division. It’s going to be big playing the front-runners, preseason favorites, not only in our division, but in the whole NFC. It would certainly be a huge win for us if we were fortunate enough to be accomplish that goal. We’ve got a long way to go as far as preparation and getting ready for them. Sunday will be here soon enough. We know it’s a big game.”

    (On Seattle having an advantage coming off the bye week) “Sometimes it can go either way. We’ve one a couple on the road here, so sometimes you just don’t really want to have a break during that time, so sometimes it can go either way. I think it always is an advantage for the team with the bye, as far as preparation, but you’ve still got to go out there and play and execute and all those things. It’s still a home game, which maybe, if anything, evens it out, that would be it. we’re definitely an underdog. We have to go into this game, regardless of how much time they’ve prepared, and try to do a lot of things off the momentum we have, confidence, whatever it is that keeps going what we have going. It’s a whole new week, whole new opponent. They’ve certainly got our attention, that’s for sure.”

    (On Seattle’s defense) “I think numbers, especially at this time of year, are really deceiving. I think at the end of the year, they pretty much mean what they are. They’re an exceptionally fast defense there with a whole bunch of confidence. They’ve got a number of great players that are on that team that went to the Super Bowl last year. We know that numbers really don’t…I don’t know. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I don’t really look at stats real closely, especially going into an NFL game. I know you look at them, but week in and week out, people can play and they do a good job of putting good schemes against you because they’re a division team that knows how to handle those kinds of things. I kind of throw the numbers out, especially at this time of year.”

    (On LB Brandon Chillar’s performances) “Brandon’s playing very well. Very consistent. That’s the catch phrase around here that we’re trying to establish in our units, and really in our positions. Brandon’s one of those guys that, like you said, maybe doesn’t get the notoriety, but has played very solid for us. He’s consistently playing at a high level. Filled in for a couple of plays there when Will went out at ‘mike’ linebacker. He’s just one of those guys that will do anything it takes to help the team. he’s a very good special teams player. Unsung hero type of guy. He’s certainly one of the guys on this team who, at this point, has helped our consistency level.”

    (On playing his hometown team for the first time as a head coach) “To a point. I was at Minnesota. We played them a number of times. I know I was the assistant then…but during the week you talk about it a little bit, and you talk to some old friends up in Seattle and all that, but as soon as it’s game time, it’s our team against their team.”

    (On the defensive end battle) “It’s about the same as yesterday. I’ve got to watch the tape today to know more. I think we’ll have a pretty good idea tomorrow with the DB and the D-line situation. It’s too early to say right now.”

    (On the success of the season thus far being better than he expected) “Our expectation was to improve on a daily basis, and I think this is a sign of that. Better or worse, I think our expectations are always high. We want to play at a high level, and we certainly want to be competitive to this point. We feel good about the position we’re in, but it’s too early to be patting yourself on the back. We’re playing basically the team to beat this week. This will probably be a better measuring stick than anything else at this point; this game.”

    RB Steven Jackson

    (On if he thought the Rams would start the season so well) “We felt that we had a very good chance of coming out of this six-game stretch with a winning record. As long as we took each team day-by-day and respect our opponent, we felt we could be in each and every game and we felt we could win them.”

    (On how important this week’s game is) “It’s a big Sunday. Seattle is a division rival and the last two years we’ve been going back and forth in the battle. Especially with us having the winning record that we have, to go up two on Seattle would be very big. Especially because we have them at home and you want to defend your home turf.”

    (On Seattle acquiring LB Julian Peterson) “Everyone made some key pickups in free agency and that was a big one on their behalf. Everyone has their weaknesses and we have to expose him in areas we think he is weak and we have to stay away from areas where he excels.”

    (On Sunday’s game against the Seahawks) “I think it’s just two good teams battling each other everyone time we come across one another. This game is very important for the division, but also because we’re on such a roll and we want to defend out home turf.”

    (On receiving more attention this year) “That was the one thing that was constant. All of my peers have respect in my abilities and my talents, so I don’t think so. I think I receive more recognition on a media platform, but my opponents have always respected what I brought to the table.”

    (On still being under the radar) “I prefer that right now. When you start getting a lot of attention and the pressure comes, you don’t know a guy’s going to react to it. I like the fact that we have a winning record, we’re 4-1, and we’re still under the radar.”

    (On playing against former teammates, Bryce Fisher and Grant Wistrom) “It’s always fun to see old faces. You guys can joke around during timeouts and things like that. I always enjoy playing guys that I know because you give a little more effort than if you don’t know your opponent.”

    (On playing so many former teammates this year) “It just shows you the business of the league. No guy is probably ever safe with their job. So you have to play each and every play and play each game hard.”

    DE Leonard Little

    (On the importance of this week’s game) “It’s a big game because they’re the division champs and NFC champs from last year. It’s basically a must-win for us because in order to get where we need to be at the end of the year we have to beat those guys. It’s going to be very tough game and a hard-nosed game, but hopefully we’re ready for the task.”

    (On the Seahawks being a measuring stick for the Rams) “You can, because the last few years we’ve gone back and forth. We’ll win one game, they’ll win one game, and last year they swept us. It’s a big deal playing those guys and trying to be successful against them.”

    (On Seahawks RB Maurice Morris) “Maurice Morris is a good back. People don’t realize how athletic he is. He can run; he’s very quick. It’s not really a big drop-off with him rather than Shaun Alexander.”

    (On the Seahawks personnel) “They have a great offense. They have a great offensive line, they have a great quarterback, and they have a great team period, offensively and defensively. We’re going to have our hands full.”

    (On the way the Seahawks play well despite injuries) “They’re like New England in a sense where they can put a guy in and not have a drop-off with that guy in. They’re a very good team.”

    (On Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck) “He does it all. What can you say? He’s smart, he can run with the ball if he has to, he has a strong arm. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in this league.”

    (On some people thinking the Rams have gotten some lucky breaks) “It’s not luck. It’s just determination we have to win the game. Like last week on the last play. Jimmy (Kennedy) got pressure inside and I came around the corner. If you call that luck, then I don’t know what luck is. It’s not luck. It’s just determination to win the game.”

    (On how he adjusts to different blocking schemes the offense throws at him) “I just go out there and react to what I get. Sometimes teams block me straight up and sometimes teams double me. I just go out there and try to play and try to react to whatever they give me.”

    DT La’Roi Glover

    (On going up against the Seahawks on Sunday) “It’s obviously a humongous challenge for us. They’re the defending NFC champions and they’ve been to a Super Bowl. That will be a huge measuring stick for us, if we can go out and have some success against them. We’ve been focused on that, we’ve been preparing for that all week, and the ultimate test will be Sunday.”

    (On it possibly being an easier game because of the injury to Seattle RB Shaun Alexander) “Not necessarily because they still have a lot of weapons. Now they’re kind of letting (QB, Matt) Hasselbeck control the game. He’s playing pretty well for them. He’s as accurate as they come, he can scramble, but he’s been sacked a lot. Hopefully we can control their running game and be able to get after him some.”

    (On Seattle RB Maurice Morris) “He’s the type of guy that can take the ball anywhere. He can take the ball inside or outside. He has the speed, he runs with power, and he catches out of the backfield. He does a lot of good things for them and we have to be prepared for him because he will get the ball a lot, I would imagine.”

    (On why Seattle is such a good running team) “They don’t do a lot, to be honest with you. They’ve got a few base runs that they do like a lot, but I would imagine that it’s been the guy carrying the ball being able to make guys miss, being able to run for tough yards. (Also) not giving up on the run and continually running it regardless of the situation (has led to rushing success).”

    (On the Seahawks’ offensive line) “Obviously led by Walter Jones, their perennial Pro Bowler who’s playing good ball for them. Across their front they have older veterans, they have some young guys, and they have some guys on the verge of being very good players. We’ve got our work cut out for us. We just have to bring a lot of energy Sunday.”

    (On possibly losing to the Seahawks) “We don’t really focus on losing, to be quite honest with you. Our approach and our focus is to go out and do whatever it takes to be successful.”

    (On how he feels about this week’s game against the Seahawks) “I’m jacked up for this one. This is going to be a huge one for us. Obviously, the top of the NFC West is on the line. We’re playing at home and it’s an opportunity, more importantly, to put three wins together, something that hasn’t been done around here in a long time, I would imagine. We have a lot on the line.”

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    Re: The Quote Sheet - Thursday

    Artilces like this are hard to decipher. The coaches and players are very diplomatic and never have a bad word to say about the opposition. My meaning of a bad word is talking about any of the oppositions weaknessess or an advantage the Rams have in the game. Obviously playing at home is an advantage. Hopefully the Rams come out sky high for this one and get off to a fast start.

    Intensity is the key to this game in my opinion. :r

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    Re: The Quote Sheet - Thursday

    Well, wouldn't do any good if they knew of a weakness and announced it so the opponent could try and counter it. But I agree, very politically correct and hard to read.
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