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    The Quote Sheet - Wednesday

    Head Coach Scott Linehan
    September 27, 2006

    (Opening statement) “Pretty good shape on the injury front. Orlando [Pace] did not participate much today in practice. He was out there. Didn’t feel great the last couple of days. Precaution is with these things is to go pretty slow, so we just kept him out. He probably felt pretty much like he did last week. That’s part of the evaluation with these things. We’ll evaluate him day to day here as we get closer to the game.”

    (On Pace’s condition) “I’m not sure you’d say it was nausea, but he said his head’s not quite right. He just doesn’t feel quite right so we’ve got to be a little bit cautious with him, as we have been, but kind of do it day by day.”

    (On when Pace will be evaluated) “I think every day we’re going to evaluate him. Evaluate him today, see how he feels after a full day at work, and do it again tomorrow. From what I understand, the evaluation process is part on how you feel and the other on how you may to respond to questions. The post-concussion syndrome is something that goes on and on and on for weeks so we’ll just keep an eye on him.”

    (On if Pace took any blows to the head in Arizona’s game) “Not that he felt or we noticed, so it wasn’t anything like that. I think it’s just…he came back pretty quickly. He wouldn’t have been cleared had he not passed all the tests, but I think he’s still got to go through some of the residuals from that.”

    (On if there’s a possibility of Pace sitting out against Detroit) “He could. I think it could go on for a while now. That would be a consideration if it got worse.”

    (On if Pace should have sat out against Arizona) “Not from what I understand, because had felt this way as the week went out, he certainly wouldn’t have played. He improved so much that he was cleared to go. I’m not sure that sitting would have made him feel any better now. He said he started feeling worse as the week went on. That’s why we really evaluate it up until game time.”

    (On his thoughts about the offensive line) “You’ve got to start with Richie [Incognito] because he started his first game as our left guard, and then, boom, he’s right over there at the center spot, and hadn’t really done it. I think he’s done a heck of a job making that move. We had a little bit of an idea that he could do it but you’ve still got to go into the games…I think he’s played very well there. Todd [Steussie] has been in the league so long, he understands how to play the position, even though he’s more comfortable at a tackle spot, he’s able to go in and function very well at the guard spot. Our right side, with Alex [Barron] and Adam [Timmerman], that really hasn’t changed, and up until Orlando’s injury, he’s been there. I’ve been really happy with the fact that they’re adjusting. We worked a lot last week with Adam in there at the left guard spot and Todd out there at the left tackle. Those are two pretty natural spots for those two guys. We’re not unlike a lot of teams who have to deal with this musical chair issue with the o-line; I know some teams have even more of an issue than we do. It’s just part of the game, unfortunately, but I think those guys are doing a good job.”

    (On if he will play Steussie and LG Adam Goldberg this week if Pace is out) “I think we practice it that way and then we just know, in a way, you’re just practicing your depth by doing that. Giving Orlando time off, you’re practicing a scenario that could come up. It’s really the only way you can go. I think it’s the best way. You’re still trying to get your best five out on the field.”

    (On how well he knows Lions coach Mike Martz) “I personally don’t know him that well. I’ve talked to him once or twice. He did call and congratulate me. I thought that was a pretty classy move by him at the time. He recommended some staff people, which is really what you do in that situation. I don’t know him well enough to know much about him, other than what other people tell me. I know I’ve admired him for a lot of years. Arguably the best offensive coach in the last eight years in this league. I would say that, so I have certainly been watching the things he’s been doing and trying to emulate a lot of them.”

    (On DE Anthony Hargrove) “Anthony spent the week in a self-inflicted dog house. He’s back out there. He’s just got to work his way back. I’m really glad he’s back and out there and kind of getting things together a little bit.”

    (On if Hargrove practiced today) “He did some scout team. He’s kind of starting a little bit over. He’ll be getting reps, preparing, just like we do every week with active players. Suit up the guys that we feel best fit our roster for Sunday. He’s in the running for that.”

    (On if Hargrove apologized to the team today) “Yeah it did. We talked about it Monday when we met. You have so many things to cover Monday in your meeting, and I ran a little bit long so we just moved it today. Very appropriate. He basically just said that he’d like to reestablish himself and prove to the guys that he’s sorry about the way it went and that was really it. Then they moved on. It wasn’t anything more than that.”

    (On Hargrove re-establishing trust with teammates and coaches) “More importantly with his teammates. We understand he served a penalty for what went on. It’s a consequence. I think the worst consequence for a player is that you feel you let your teammates down. I think in this case he’s very anxious to go out and show everyone he’s recommitted himself and ready to go back and get to where he was a few weeks ago.”

    (On the Rams veteran defensive players having an advantage playing against Coach Martz) “I would think so, some. Maybe in line calls, tendencies, tight inside, open side. I would think that would help more during the week than it would as much during a game. Preparing those kinds of things help coaches. I certainly bend people’s ear a little bit in some of those things, but it’s more in preparation than anything.”

    (On the team knowing what Coach Martz is going to do) “That’s what you’ve got to be careful of. I think a lot of it is good information. Too much information can be a bad thing because of course the guy sitting over there is going to know that you know. That’s the fun part about what we do. Use maybe the information people have on you to their benefit. Usually you’ll come out on the better end anyways.”

    (On the Coach Jim Haslett/Coach Mike Martz rivalry) “I sat in with Jim for about an hour last night. We talked about the game, our approach and all that. His experience coaching against systems that have been run by Mike over the years certainly I think would be beneficial to both. I think both coaches as play caller for either side have a pretty good idea what’s been done in the past and what’s worked and what hasn’t. That factors into the game plan, certainly I’m sure, for both.”

    (On his decision to make C Brett Romberg active and C Larry Turner inactive against Arizona) “Brett’s really had a couple of good weeks since he’s been here at center, mainly just because of comfort level with what kind of week he had. Larry worked a lot of guard that week and Brett got more center, so in a way, maybe Larry, in general terms, maybe was penalized for that inadvertently. We just went with the person who got the most work at center because you’ve got to have a backup center. We knew Goldie could be an emergency center and could play both guard and tackle. That was probably it more than anything.”

    (On DE Brandon Green’s performance against Arizona) “It speaks volumes. I have a saying that was taught to me a long time ago that you spend less time listening to what people say, and more time watching what they do. I think Brandon’s been one of those guys that’s just done…hasn’t complained. Certainly couldn’t feel good about not playing, but in a good way. He wants to contribute and help. The guy is totally unselfish. A great attitude for two weeks working on our show team, preparing, never knowing if he’s going to be up or not working scout team. Total team player. The kind of guy you want on your team.”

    (On what CB Jerametrius Butler must do to become active) “Like every player, you’ve just got to stick with it. Don’t get down. Just work on getting better and better every day. Find more ways to help. The more you can do, as I always say…if you can go down and make a big play on a coverage team in the special teams, it doesn’t really matter how you do it. You’ve got to get it done and work your way onto the field some how, some way. I think those are all part of it, as well as playing positioning plays.”

    (On CB Ron Bartell being able to play two positions giving him an edge over Butler) “That’s fair. I would say that would be very accurate.”

    (On Detroit’s team defensively) “I was in that division for three years. Certainly Coach [Rod] Marinelli wasn’t there then, but a lot of those players were there. They’ve got some really good defensive players and very physical. They’ve got a front that’s as good as there is in the league. They’ve got a defensive tackle that may be the best in the entire league. Now they’ve got these linebackers…they drafted one that can run like the safety we just played. They have the ability to do it, and they always have played physical. I can’t remember a game where we didn’t feel like we were in a big-time physical game when I was in Minnesota against a Detroit team. That’s been their staple defensively. They’re playing really well against the run. I think they’ve had a few injuries and things that have caused their secondary to be moving people around. I think they’ve been working on improving, which I’ve seen the improvement over the last three weeks. They played really well in the first game, and I think unfortunately the way it is in this league, timing, they just ran into a real hot Brett Favre last week. That had a lot to do with the way their game went last week. They’re one of those kinds of defenses that you’re going to have to earn it to beat them.”

    (On what he knows about Lions Head Coach Rod Marinelli) “I know he’s a great coach. I’ve had some friends that worked with him in college. He’s arguably the best defensive line coach around. His defensive linemen that have played for him are great players and they’ll all tell you, attribute their successes to him. That says a lot. I know he’s one of those guys that his team’s going to be tough and ready to play every week. Throw records out. He’s a great motivator. I’ve gone against defenses he’s been coaching on when he was at Tampa, and after the game, you felt like it was one of those days unfortunately. I think he’s a great coach.”

    (On how much emphasis is placed on winning the next game and improving to 3-1) “I think we look at it that way every week. This is the biggest game of the year for us because it is the next one we play. It took me years of coaches telling me that to really understand that. I’m not sure we put any more emphasis on this game than last week. I would think we should, if we’re doing it right, put the same emphasis every week. This is huge. We have a saying around the building, ‘This game’s huge,’ because it is. The NFL, I learned this coming from college, every week’s like playing in the Rose Bowl or the Orange Bowl. That’s how good the teams are. Every game’s that big, and it’s going to come down to the end. Great plays and great players are going to be the difference. Unfortunately, we’ve got to prove that to ourselves every week, and after the game, win or lose, your guts are lying out there as players and coaches. That’s the charge we get. We’re just two different teams playing this week. I always say throw the records out and what record it’s going to be, because unless we take care of business, it’s getting a little ahead of yourself. This game is huge for that reason.”

    (On S Oshiomogho Atogwe’s performances) “That first game was certainly a coming out party for him. He played exceptional. Second game, didn’t have as good a game, as players do. Talked about being more consistent. Came back, went back on the road. Concerned about young players on the road, but played great. Was trying to be real physical, probably too physical on the first hit, but you see a lot of guys bouncing off that guy. What I love about O.J. is that he’s so accountable. I asked him, I said, ‘What would you have done differently on that play?’ He said, ‘I should have wrapped up.’ He was talking about whether he placed his helmet on the right side of the defender. That’s pretty big time to hear a young player like that. He didn’t make any excuse. I told him the same thing, I said ‘I’ve seen a lot of guys bouncing off that guy.’ He said, ‘I’m going to do everything I can to have that never happen again.’ It was really good to hear that from him. He’s out there today…he’s the last guy off the field catching balls off the jugs. That says a lot about him too.”

    (On continuing to add familiarity to the offense) “We’ll do that, and I think continuing to call things we’re doing more and more will add to the familiarity. It’s like anything else, the more you practice something, the better you get, and the more comfortable you get. Really that’s going to be the key to us is sticking with things, and not overreacting to maybe our lack of execution in an area and just knowing a lot of it is we’ve just got to get it down better. There’s going to be a lot of both when it comes to getting us in sync and those kinds of things.”

    (On what makes DT Shaun Rodgers special) “Have you seen the guy in person? It’s unbelievable. This man is huge. It’s not that he’s a big guy because when I was at Miami we had Keith Traylor, and there are some massive guys that play in this league. This guy has speed. He’s a pass rusher at whatever height and weight he is. It’s scary. I remember him…we played two years ago a home game at Minnesota. We couldn’t block the guy. Normally he’s a guy you can’t run at, a big guy. Maybe you have to double in the run game and all that. This is a guy that you have to double in the run game and the pass game. He’s up two blockers every play. That’s pretty special.”

    (On the possibility of Hargrove working on special teams) “Certainly. That’s part of it. He works on them and has been pretty good at it. Yeah, for sure.”

    (On if Pace is questionable for Detroit’s game) “He’s questionable right now.”

    (On if anyone else is questionable for Detroit’s game) “No. Pisa’s [Tinoisamoa] practiced full with his brace now. Everybody else is all pretty good to go.”

    (On who will be battling for Hargrove’s position) “It could be the best 11, but it’s really the best seven defensive linemen. We could potentially carry four ends and three tackles instead of four tackles and three ends, something like that. That’s more to do with getting the best 45 out there, and if it means an extra end who helps more on teams, gets us more depth on third down, whatever. We usually don’t make that decision until Friday when it comes to the depth decisions. What happened today, or happens today, and tomorrow, has factors big into that.”

    (On the difficulty of preparing Sunday’s roster) “It’s hard just because of special teams. You do a lot of practice on defense where you’re carrying maybe another linebacker or defensive back who can help more on special teams. It gets pretty tricky. Every week I go in there and we put up that roster plan and it seems like they take one away every week.”

    DE Anthony Hargrove

    (On what he learned from his recent mistake) “You just have to be accountable. Sometimes you just have to handle situations better. In this business we need to be accountable because if we mess up the whole world knows it. I learned a lesson.”

    (On apologizing to his teammates) “Yes. I did that Monday and today.”

    (On hearing that so many people were worried about his well being) “That was huge. Hats off to the team and the organization because a lot of people here cared. So, it was a good thing to come back and find out people cared.”

    (On coming back and facing his teammates) “It was definitely hard, but it was something I had to do. They counted on me to be here and I wasn’t, so I had to come and make things right. It’s about being a man and manning up to your responsibilities.”

    (On having to battle to get his starting job back) “You hate to lose your starting job, but Victor (Adeyanju) is a great player and I’m going to fight to get my job back.”

    (On not informing the coaching staff about his problems prior to his absence) “It wasn’t a total (blow-off) thing. I was dealing with some things, but its all clear now. Some I’m going to go back on the straight and narrow.”

    (On the reason for his absence) “It was just something personal that I would rather not comment on.”

    (On how he apologized to the team) “I just apologized for not being accountable. I play with 10 other guys on the field and they count on me to make plays and be there, and I wasn’t there.”

    (On the reception he received from his teammates and coaches) “Everybody was happy to see me. Nobody yelled at me. Everybody gave me hugs and they were happy to see me and make sure I was alright.”

    (On possible thinking that he may not have another opportunity to play) “Never. I’m still here to compete and play. I’m not here lying down to just give up. I have a chance to play here again and I’m going to get another game ball this season.”

    (On being worried about being released from the Rams) “To say I wasn’t would be kind of silly. Definitely, when you make a mistake like that, you’re at risk of losing everything.”

    (On paying his fines) “Like I said, ‘I have to man up to my responsibilities.’ It wasn’t anything the coaches or the organization did. It was all me.”

    (On having to watch the Rams instead of playing) “It was bad and good. I got to watch the young guys play. Victor (Adeyanju) played a great game and I got to see Brandon Green get out there. Yes, I was down because I wasn’t out there assisting the team, but it was good to see the guys play well and win.”

    (On his problem that forced him to miss practice) “It’s nothing now. It’s water under a bridge. I’m not trying to relive that tale. I’m moving on.”

    (On using this ordeal as a learning experience) “I learned how to deal with things. In life you’re going to fall, but it’s how you get back up and handle those things. I had to learn a lesson last week and I’m not going to make the same mistake twice. Everything’s fine. I’m back here and I’m rolling. There’s nothing to worry about, I’m here, I have another chance to play football, and that’s what I’m here to do.”

    (On his role in practice today) "I ran with twos and ran some scout team. I did what I was supposed to do. I lost my starting job, so I’m scout team. I took all the reps and I got in there with the defensive line, so it’s not a total loss.”

    NT Jimmy Kennedy

    (On the veteran presence on the defensive line) “La’Roi (Glover) is a proven Pro Bowler and a great guy. As far as the nose-guard spot, I can go to him and Jason Fisk whenever I can’t go to the coaches and say, ‘Hey, how can I make that better, how can I tweak that?’ La’Roi Glover has been there before. He’s been a proven nose guard and a proven three-technique. Whenever I have questions for those guys it’s been a great help, whereas with Ryan Pickett and those guys, we were all the same age, for the most part.”

    (On possibly having an advantage vs. Detroit because they are familiar with Martz’s offense) “Not really. The advantage for us is the fact that we practiced against it everyday. For some guys it’s been seven or eight years that they practiced against that offense. The disadvantage is that Mike Martz knows our weaknesses. He knows our strengths, he knows our weaknesses, and now we just have to do a great job of going out there and not letting him exploit those.”

    (On DE Anthony Hargrove) “It was poor judgment on him by not picking up the phone and calling the coaches, but we all could be in that situation any day. We love Anthony like a brother. We have his back in everything that he does and we’re just working on getting him back on the field with the starting defensive line.”

    (On Hargrove’s return to the Rams) “No, it was no welcome back hazing. It was more concern. We were worried about him. A couple of guys went back to his house to make sure he was fine. He was alright, but he had to deal with some things. I’m grateful that he’s back, with him playing next to me. Victor (Adeyanju) played well last week and we know that we have a guy that, if Anthony goes down, is gaining experience in Victor.”

    DE Leonard Little

    (On Lions offensive coordinator Mike Martz) “He’s coached a lot of great offenses and he knows what it takes to beat certain defense. We might see a totally different offense than we’ve seen in the last two weeks, you just never know.”

    (On Martz’s time with the Rams) “To me, it was just an era. We went to Super Bowl with him being a coordinator and we went to a Super Bowl with him being the head coach. That’s the way it is nowadays in this business. You have to think of it as it was and try to move on.”

    (On Martz possibly wanting to score 40 points on the Rams) “He’d like to hang 40 (points) on anybody. That’s the way he is. If he can hang 40 on you, he’s going to hang 40 on you, it doesn’t matter what the situation is, who the head coach is, or what organization it is. If he can hang 40 or 50 he’s going to try to do it anyway.”

    (On DE Anthony Hargrove) “We just support him. We know he’s young and he’s going to make mistakes. We just have to support him as teammates. That’s what teammates are for. We’re going to support him, the coaching staff is going to support him and everything’s going to be okay. He realizes what he did. He knows that there are a lot of guys that care about him as a person, rather than a football player. He knows what he did and he knows that guys around here were really concerned about him. We just let him deal with it in his own way and we just have to support him with his things to come.”

    (On DE Victor Adeyanju’s progression) “Victor has been making plays the whole preseason. It’s not a real progress for him because he’s been doing it for us, but to see it in a game is very big, and it’s really going to help this defense out.”

    (On possibly mentoring Adeyanju) “I try to do what I can, but he’s the type of a young player that already has the tools and knows what to do. He just needs to go out there, make, plays, and play within the scheme.”

    (On Adeyanju’s personality) He’s just an easygoing guy. During the games we try to calm him down a little bit because he has a tendency to get kind of hype during the game, so we try to calm him down and make him think through things clearly.”

    QB Marc Bulger

    (On Coach Linehan incorporating old plays into the offense) “We didn’t put a whole lot of new plays in; we just switched the verbiage a little bit. I think the familiarity helped a little bit. I think with each week the reps and getting more familiar with it is helping. I think we’ll see an improvement every week. Obviously, we’ve got to score some more touchdowns, but I think there has been improvement. We hadn’t had a dip in the improvement yet, which is nice.”

    (On being coached by Mike Martz) “Every week there was always something new. There wasn’t a week you came in and he said, ‘Hey, we’re going with our same stuff from last week.’ Every week was new. I think he didn’t want anyone to get complacent. Sometimes it was overwhelming, but that was one thing you knew coming in every week, was that there was going to be a whole new package for everything.”

    (On being grateful for Martz having faith in him) “As much as you can in football. I’m sure if I didn’t play well, I would have been gone too. That’s just the way the business is. I appreciate the opportunity I got and I learned a lot from him.”

    (On possibly talking to Martz on Sunday) “Honestly, when the game starts, or even pregame, they’re on the other side. I really am not going to approach things different. He’s not the head coach, he’s the coordinator and there’s plenty of time in the offseason to visit him and worry about that, but it’s honestly going to be another game for us this week.”

    (On discussing his relationship with Martz) “This is honestly the first time. I don’t mind. It’s not like I don’t want to talk about it. I do have great respect for him. I learned a lot from him. In all honesty, we’re just worried about their defense. I don’t even face him. He’s coaching the offense, I’m facing the defense. He’s not even going to be on the field on Sunday.”

    (On Coach Linehan’s offense being less complex compared to Martz’s) “I think it’s easier in the sense that there are not constantly new things, new formations, and (different) nuances to learn every week. Easy is probably not the word. Any time you’re out there, nothing in the NFL is easy. I just think the verbiage and the installation may be a little bit easier. Coach Linehan has done a great job of adapting and he’s putting in some new things that I didn’t even know we had, so we’re learning a lot from him and I think we’ll start scoring some more points soon.”

    (On putting up offensive numbers similar to his career averages in the game against Arizona) “It was nice. I know the one drive we got down the field in four plays, which was nice to get going again. We got our running game going the first two games and I think that maybe created that a little bit, getting them to play some man coverage on the outside. Hopefully, if our running game keeps progressing and we keep getting 100-yard rushers, then they’re going to have to single up outside, and that’s what we’re trying to force teams to do. If we can’t run the ball when there in Cover 2, it’s going to be awfully tough to throw, so I think it was a direct result of being able to run the ball in the first two games.”

    (On the Rams running game opening up the passing game) “I think. If they didn’t respect the running game, they would have just played Cover 2, which they did towards the end because we were throwing it. The running game definitely helps the quarterback, it’s his best friend. I think vs. Denver and San Francisco, being able to run the ball like we did definitely opened up some of that passing game.”

    (On encountering old faces in the past few weeks) “I guess the longer you’re in the league, the more it’s going to happen. The older guys and the older coaches, I think every week you’ll find an instance where they played with someone or had success with someone.”

    (On this year’s start compared to last year’s) “Last year, I don’t think we were winning the same. Obviously, I think it was plenty more offense and our defense wasn’t really playing as well. It’s just really encouraging to know that we’re not near our potential on offense. Our defense is playing well and our special teams are better. You hate to look at Detroit and say they’re a 0-3 team and look past them because they’re hungry for a win, and sometimes those teams are scarier. Getting to 3-1 would be huge. It would give us that confidence that we need. We know it’s only going to get tougher in the next couple of weeks.”

    (On different teams interpretation of Cover 2 defense) “It’s new every week. Tampa 2 used to be something new and now it seems like its been around so long that people know how to play it and they’re more disciplined in it. You have to be able run the ball against Tampa 2. It’s no secret, if they’re going to do that. Dropping seven guys, it’s really tough to find those windows when you have a disciplined Cover 2 team like Detroit. It’s not going to be a secret. We’re going to have to run the ball to get them out of it. If we can’t then obviously they’re going to win more often than not.”

    (On RB Steven Jackson) “I know he’s running hard, you’d have to ask him. When the wholes are a little bit bigger, it’s easier to get the momentum. It might look as if he’s running harder. I know that there weren’t as many holes there last year. You could run as hard as you want, but if you have two guys around your legs, it’s not going to look like it. If there’s the potential to get 10 or 15 yard gains like he’s been getting, I’m sure the adrenaline might help a little bit, but I definitely think there are more holes.”

    (On DE Anthony Hargrove’s apology) “He said it and I think we’ll leave it between the team and him. I know that he’s lost the trust of a lot of guys and I know that he recognizes that. He’ll have to get it back from the coaches and his teammates and he’ll have to suffer those consequences.”

    (On C Richie Incognito) “They’re going well. He’s done a good job. Two weeks, I don’t think we’ve had any (miss-snaps), besides the shotgun snaps. Obviously my fumble was my fault; it had nothing to do with him. He’s doing a good job. He’s that physical guy that brings a little bit of that nastiness and edge that we haven’t had since (Kyle) Turley was here.”

    (On talking to Rams defensive coordinator, Jim Haslett, about Martz’s offense) “Not really, I know how Coach Martz is, and I know the more I talked to Coach Haslett, the more he would come up with new stuff. I’m sure he’s going to have a million answers. I know when we played Kansas City, for instance, when the guys left, there was always concern to see if guys took things. Whenever other players would go to certain places they know the basic rules, but Coach Martz wasn’t one to stick to his rules because he knew. Especially, with me, I’m sure he’ll have new things, so I’m not going to get too concerned with the defensive side of the ball. I have enough red zone stuff to worry about.”

    Detroit Lions Head Coach Rod Marinelli

    (On WR Mike Furrey’s familiarity with the system being an asset to the Lions) “I think so, in terms of how fast you have to play. This offense demands maximum speed every snap, precision, and timing. When you’re coming into a new situation and some of the men haven’t been exposed to some of those concepts, it’s hard to teach initially. You have to be in unbelievable condition. Mike has come in full roar. The guys are starting to pick up, how important every route and every snap is and the importance of the timing.”

    (On possibly sensing from offensive coordinator Mike Martz that playing the Rams is different from any other team) “Not really, it’s just the job at hand. That’s how we have to try to win here. One day at a time, one week at a time. The issue is really us. If we continue to improve, good things are going to happen. We just have to stay positive, keep working at it, have our belief system right, and just get better. That’s what we’re working on.”

    (On talking to Martz on what to anticipate this week against the Rams) “Job at hand is what we talked about. We have a job to do this week. When you’re on your job and on your details, you focus on your job and details. You can’t let anything else affect that. For us, the most important thing is Detroit Lions football and how we get this team ready to play at their very best and continue to improve.”

    (On his biggest challenge with taking over the Lions defense) “The details of how we want to play this defense. On the outside it looks like a simple defense, but there are a lot of details in it. With the speed you have to play at, the accountability is incredible with the one-gap system. The accountability of pass rushers and zone droppers (is high as well). Just being able to stay on those things is the one factor that really forces your team to be very disciplined. The system creates discipline on both sides of the ball and we need to just keep pounding away at it.”

    (On challenges associated with changing a teams defensive system) “I think it’s that we make words as simple as we can to be able to communicate from one person to another. I think the challenge is the pace and tempo you want to play at. The speed, the individual accountability, the tempo, the pace, the pursuit drills, the daily grind in practice, and trying to develop proper habits it takes to play great defense are the challenges.”

    (On establishing consistency on defense) “We’re playing the run very well and putting ourselves in good position on third downs. The last two weeks we have not converted well on third down. So, its looking at certain things. The one-on-one rush, being detailed in our zone drops, keeping leverage when we have it, tackling using the inside shoulder are all detail things that we need to stay on top of. There are no big changes, it’s just about us doing things right.”

    (On the offense getting close to catching fire) “I really do. The first two weeks didn’t look very impressive, but you can see it was coming. There were details missing, but you could see the concepts were there. Last week we started coming a little bit better, in terms of some of those things. Hopefully, we’ll keep progressing. You guys know what Coach Martz is all about, how demanding he is, tempo and pace, and how he works at it. We’re grinding these guys pretty good. We just expect to get better and better as we go.”

    (On if the team is buying into the new culture of the Lions) “Words mean nothing. It’s what you do on tape. What’s happening on tape is, our energy, our effort, and our fundamentals are showing. It’s just making sure we’re on top of the details all the time. We just have to keep cleaning things up. In terms of how we practice and the effort and energy we’re playing with, now we just have to convert those into some wins.”

    (On his relationship with Coach Martz) “We have had nothing but a tremendous relationship, and it kind of revolves around Lovie Smith. I met Coach Martz through Lovie (Smith). We obviously know about my relationship with Lovie and Lovie’s relationship with Coach Martz. It couldn’t be better. He is everything that I am and I believe in, in terms of fundamentals, how hard you coach, how hard you work at it, demands, pushing these players as far as they can go, and caring about the players. As you know, he cares, and I do too, about these players, what’s right for them, and making them do right. That relationship is very good. For me personally, he has been super. He’ll drop me notes all the time saying, ‘Think about this, think about that, I’ve been through that, I’ve been through this.’ I couldn’t be more pleased.”

    (On where he is in terms of getting the results he wants from the Lions) “The thing I always will say is, ‘The last thing to show in a successful business is profit. Sometimes you can’t see it. You, on the outside cannot see it, but us on the inside can see it. Important little things that you want are coming, but it’s not showing up in the win column yet. When your belief system is a strong as mine, I know it’s going to come out in our favor, so we just kind of stay at the grind.”

    (On challenges with the Lions surprising him) “I prepared for the challenge, so whatever happened is not unexpected.”

    Lions WR Mike Furrey

    (On there being a lot of former Rams players in Detroit) “I think this week’s being overshadowed by us continuing to try to execute on both sides of the ball. The only thing on our minds right now is ourselves. We’re so close of opening up both sides of the ball and our defense has been close since Week 1 when we played against Seattle. They’ve had some letdowns. Our offense has been growing over the last couple of weeks and we kind of came out of our shell last week a little bit with 400-some odd yards offense. I think right now, for us, it’s continuing to grow as an offense and defense right now, and this week’s being overshadowed by that. Everything else will take care of itself on Sunday.”

    (On how close they are to reaching where they want to be as an offense) “We left 21 points out on the field offensively on Sunday. To put up 24 and leave 21 out there, we had a lot of opportunities that…it was just so close. We’ve been so close every week. We’ve been getting better and better. Finally we came out this past Sunday, and we’re looking forward to continuing and hopefully be able to come out with a full game this week.”

    (On the team easily grasping Mike Martz’s offense) “They are. I thought it would take maybe just training camp and preseason games but offensively for sure has taken us just the first couple games, the Seattle game and Chicago, not to really understand the system, but to understand how the system is ran—how fast we go on our movements, and everyone has to run the routes hard, you can’t take a play off here and there. I think all those things that we kind of understood going through those first couple games and then everybody had an idea going into Green Bay this past weekend. We just fell short.”

    (On having an advantage over his teammates since he’s played for Coach Martz) “Definitely because you have the understanding of what the offense is and what he expects. It just allows you to play more comfortably and allows you to play faster. You’re not thinking about what’s going on because you’ve been in the situation before. It has definitely helped. Obviously that is one of the reasons that I came up here.”

    (On if Coach Martz has said anything about returning to St. Louis) “No. We’ve already met this morning for a couple of hours and nothing was said. When he says people’s names, obviously you recognize them because you played with them for the last three years. He was no different than how he was in Week 1 against Seattle and Week 2 against Chicago, and last week against Green Bay. Mike’s a competitor and it doesn’t matter who’s out there. Of course we played against a big rival that we played against the last couple of years in Seattle, so his intentions were the same there…then Lovie Smith, who he coached against, and then last week against Green Bay. It’s all been the same. It’s really comes down right now to just us and just thinking about what we’re doing, no matter who we’re playing.”

    Lions CB Dre' Bly

    (On what it will be like for Martz to go back to St. Louis) “It’s going to be big. Mike has been looking forward to this game ever since he left. I still don’t understand why he was fired; he took us to two Super Bowls and has a winning record as a head coach. Whatever happened it happened and I’m glad he came here. So we’re moving forward and I know he’s excited to go back and go do what he does best in the city he did it the best. I’m also looking forward to going back to St. Louis.”

    (On if Mike Martz has expressed his feelings on going back to St. Louis) “I just know Mike. I know he’s very excited about going back, and he’s looking forward to the opportunity to go back. He wants to look well when we go to St. Louis, so that’s something to be excited about as a team. I know Mike is very competitive and he’s confident. And this is my first time back since I left; so I’m excited too and I want to play well when I go back.”

    (On the lack of interceptions by the defense) “I think when you get interceptions they come in bunches. We just have to keep playing, stay disciplined in coverage and plays will come. If they keep giving us opportunities to make plays, I’m going to make my plays and help the defense out. That has been the one thing we’ve lacked in is making plays in the back end, but we’ll get our opportunities.”

    (On the playmakers of St. Louis) “They have Steven Jackson and he’s one of the better backs in the league; big physical guy. The thing about him you have to try and eliminate him early. If he gets going early, he’ll be a load for the whole game. So, we want to try and stuff him as much as we can early in the game. The question is the big play guys they have; Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt and (Marc) Bulger in the passing game. Those are the guys we have to try and eliminate from the first play to the last play. If you give them a lot of freedom to run, they’ll eat you alive.”

    (On if Bly has an advantage by playing with the Rams) “I’m not going to say it’s an advantage, but I was telling a couple of the guys; those guys raised me. Isaac and then Torry, we came out together. I covered those guys every day, so that’s why I was able to develop over the years and play at the level I play at. So I’m definitely looking forward to going back and competing against those guys and bringing back some memories. It’s something I’m looking forward to and I know they are looking forward to it. And I hope it goes in my favor.”

    Lions S Terrence Holt

    (On if Terrence has talked to his brother Torry about this week’s game against St. Louis) ‘We talk every day but we’ve been talking about this game since we found out it was on the schedule. This game we’re looking forward too; me in so many ways, Coach Martz in some many ways, Dré and all of the other St. Louis guys on the team. But me, it’s another chance to play with my brother and another chance for this team to get our first win. We’re going on the road and it’s going to be very loud in the dome. It will be a game we have to play very well defensively to match their offense.”

    (On Terrence talking to his brother this week and what that’s like) “We’re too close not to talk. We’re just thinking about how precious this moment is for us. Being able to play each other again, this will be our third time, it doesn’t grow any time you get a chance to play your brother. Especially me being the younger brother, growing up and watching all of his games, I’ve yet to play in St. Louis and it’s something that our family cherishes.”

    (On if Terrence has ever had a big hit on Torry) “No I haven’t. This will be our third time playing each other including preseason and last year. I haven’t had a chance to get a big on hit. I’ve been in on a tackle, but I haven’t got a big hit to brag about. I busted his lip, but it was when I scratched his face the last time when we played. Hopefully this game I will be able to get a shot on him and be able to pick on him about it.”

    (On if Holt feels this is a special game for Coach Martz) “Definitely, anybody that comes from a team you formerly played for and you go back there to play, you get up for it a little bit more. You don’t personally do it, you don’t take other games on your schedule for granted, it’s just something in you - you get up for it. Me, I almost feel like I’ve played for St. Louis; watching them since my brother has been there. I have to get a win vs. him and there’s no better way than to start this week. I know Coach Martz; not to speak for him, but I think he feels the same way.”

    (On if the Holt family will be at the game) “All our family will be there. We know it’s a big game. It doesn’t happen too often where two brothers have a chance to make the league and then play against each other, so it something that we cherish. So, all of our family members that can come will come.”

    (On if the family is going to have the two –sided hats and jerseys) “I don’t think so. We may do something to keep every body on the same page, t-shirts or something; something where you can recognize our family. Obviously his wife and kids will want him to win, but the family will be split. They’ll want us both to do well and we’ll just see who wins.”

    (On the two Holt’s going head to head compared to other brother combinations in the league) “Right, that’s what makes this unique because we do go head to head; Torry being a wide receiver and me being a defensive back - even more head to head. We know it’s special and we can’t wait for it to come. As it grows closer you can’t wait for it to be over. We want each other to do well, but when you play against each other, him being offense and me being defense, I have to stop what he does and he has to try and beat me.”

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    Re: The Quote Sheet - Wednesday

    Sounds good seems like the lions have their heart set on comming to stlouis and getting their first win even though we are not having that happen to us its always good to dream rams 3 - 1 lions O-4 still love ya tho martz but we can't let u have this one
    Torry Holt Dont play that

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    Re: The Quote Sheet - Wednesday

    Sounds good seems like the lions have their heart set on comming to stlouis and getting their first win even though we are not having that happen to us its always good to dream rams 3 - 1 lions O-4 still love ya tho martz but we can't let u have this one
    Torry Holt Dont play that


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