Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Head Coach Scott Linehan

(Opening statement and injury report) “Our injury report doesn’t look too bad. Pisa (Tinoisamoa) is still going to be questionable this week, but it looks like he has a better chance. Last week we thought he did too, but with the swelling he wasn’t able to play with that hand. He was able to get in a certain amount of plays today, but didn’t have any contact. The swelling is down, we’ve got some things we’re doing as far as the brace that’s put around it, and there’s even a possibility of not having him in a cast, but he doesn’t seem to have the pain he had last week. Other than that, everybody’s pretty good to go and nobody was limited in practice to day.”

(On the possibility of LB Pisa Tinoisamoa’s injury requiring surgery) “At this point there is not going to be surgery. I think the only benefit of the surgery is that it stabilizes that had a little more. I don’t know if it heels it faster, it just keeps it stable. The semi-cast you put on there is a form-fitted protection guard that keeps his fingers stable. He was working with that yesterday. It looks a little funny, but he felt much more comfortable with that.”

(On CB Travis Fisher’s productivity this season) “It’s like any other player. Because you’ve asked about him, it’s hard to single out players individually at this point. We are deep enough into the season where we’ve had some good days and not so good days. One of the things I think in recent weeks that probably hampered him in playing as consistent as he played earlier in the year was that he wasn’t healthy and did try to play through that groin injury he had. Actually, before he came out against Green Bay, he had played pretty well up until that point. Anytime you don’t win a football game or you get beat on a long pass, that’s the last thing that sticks in your mind. Even last week I think other than them completing a corner route on him in the two minute drill before half, he was actually pretty solid in that game. He hasn’t done anything to disappoint us at all this season.”

(On Michigan State Head Coach John L. Smith being fired) “I’m really sorry to hear about that. I heard about that this morning as well. I know that these things happen in this business, and we all know that it certainly can happen and has happened to a number of coaches that have been in this business for a long time. He’s a great coach, a great person, and he was a great mentor to me. He hired me three times when I really needed a boost to get started in coaching and get out of a bad situation when I had left and went to Las Vegas. When the head coach was not retained at Washington I was looking for a job, and back in 1999 he hired me again. He’s always been there for me. I feel bad about it and I have a couple of friends on that staff as well. There is a little uncertainty there, but he will land on his feet. He’ll be working somewhere else and someone will hire him if they’re smart because he’s a great coach. Wherever that is, they’ll be lucky to get him. These things happen in this business and we know it’s a risk we take and there is a lot of pressure to win. They haven’t had a very good go of it this year with some bad luck along the way. He’ll land on his feet; he’s as tough as there is.”

(On the differences between the Rams performance early in the season and the way they’re currently performing) “You really look at the season. I think recently we’ve had some trouble, but I think some of it is because we ran into some teams that have an ‘X-Factor’ player that you can’t totally line up and take away. With LT (LaDainian Tomlinson), if you go one on one you get a bad matchup with Antonio (Gates) or somebody like that. That’s the catch 22 you get into on defense. If you go back to the opener, we were able to stop the run and holdup against that pass. That’s the difference between how we played early in the year and how we played of late. I think some of it is being more disciplined, holding our gap control, and hitting our fits on defense from all vantage points. It’s hard to point out one area. We ran into some pretty good teams at the wrong time and we didn’t do a well enough job of containing those teams. They were able to make big plays. Those teams are going to get yards, but you can’t give up the big plays and that’s what we’ve got to get better at.”

(On the Rams not forcing many turnovers in the past two games) “I think some people have adjusted too. They know we’re pretty aggressive. I think they’re plans have been to neutralize that somewhat. They know we were doing a job of getting turnovers until the last game or two and they’ve executed their plan. I think our adjustment has to be, we know people are going to do that and you really can’t rely as a team to get a lot of turnovers. It’s hard to get a lot of turnovers in an NFL game. I think they key is if you can force a turnover and get your hands on more balls good things are going to happen. I think we can do that by suring some things up that we haven’t been doing well and also getting more guys around the ball. I think that was a thing we were doing a lot better job of in the first three or four games of the year as opposed to now. The more people around the ball the luckier you get. That’s something we’ve really been emphasizing and trying to get done this week.”

(On getting their opponents in third and long situations) “Some of it and that’s a big goal of ours, to get people in that long yardage area so we can run some of our blitz packages that we have. Again, I always give people credit for avoiding third and long on the other side. We’ve got to have to do a better job of having much more success defensively on first and second down.”

(On the Chiefs “X-Factor” players) “They have a few of them. They have a very similar formula, but a little different because they are different types of players. But with an elite running back, an elite tight end, and an efficient quarterback, it’s very similar to what we encountered last week. Damon (Huard) is playing as good as a lot of guys have played in this league. He really fits into their system and has really stepped in for Trent (Green) and done a great job and their receivers are dangerous.”

(On QB Marc Bulger’s progression in the offense) “He’s playing very solid and very sound. He’s doing what we ask. He’s worked very hard from the beginning of the year until now to establish that. As you know, it’s not easy to make a transition. There were some growing pains and there still are, but he’s much more comfortable with what we’re doing. As you can tell he’s much more decisive. He has no real anxiety about where to go and it takes a while to get comfortable with that. It’s just helped to have time on the job with some new things and new coaches. It as helped to accelerate that because there’s not really differences on offense and the people he’s throwing to are all the same. Those things have come around and he’s just done a good job of being consistent and patient, and doing what we ask.”

(On QB Marc Bulger compared to other quarterbacks he’s coached) “It’s hard to compare. They’re all different. I’ve been fortunate to be around some real talented guys. His accuracy is…it’s a rare combination of accuracy and timing. He’s accurate, but he throws before things make cuts. There’s not a lot of guys that trust that. I attribute that to his time with the receivers here. There were some pretty good ingrained things before we ever got here as far as that goes. That’s something that’s hard to establish for years, especially when you have young receivers, and a completely new system that has no carry over from something you’ve done before. I would think…you went out in there in the field and just said ‘You go run a 10-yard out,’ and ‘Marc, you take a three-step drop and throw it,’ he’d put it right on the money because he really does have a unique ability to put it on the money every time.”

(On QB Gus Frerotte’s influence on and positive relationship with both Bulger and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick) “I think that’s a good point. That is a very good group, and it doesn’t always work that way. I don’t think there’s groups that don’t apply it or anything, but they certainly got…maybe it’s too much or more of a competitive environment where people are kind looking over their shoulder so to speak. I’ve never really had that problem, or been around that myself, as far as a coach and a group like that. I think Gus promotes that. You don’t bring a guy who’s started a lot to a team, new, with a coach that’s been coaching him, and pull that off very well. Initially, I’m sure there was some concern as to the agenda here. From the very beginning we talked about it. We communicated that this was going to be a win-win situation. Marc’s always been on the…he came as a back up, replacing Kurt Warner. Most quarterbacks know every week that they’ve got to play well to establish themselves. Gus has been there. He doesn’t need that. He wanted to help this team by being a back up that we can win with if something ever happened to Marc. He also wanted to help. Marc’s got to also be on the same page, and if he listens, give him the credibility to get the help. It’s really worked well. They get along great because it’s a really healthy working relationship. Not just because they have personalities that match. I think the thing that you said about Fitz[Patrick] is very true because Gus really has the time, and Marc doesn’t at this time of year, to help him with his development. Gus has been like Fitz. A seventh-round draft pick trying to work his way up, just like Marc was. But then was a starter. Doesn’t have the time to spend that time. Now he’s back as a backup, and he’s helping Marc and he’s helping the young quarterback. Someone referred to him as like a coach on the field. It is a great group.”

(On Chiefs QB Damon Huard) “He’s just doing what they ask. He’s not making mistakes that put them in a bad situation, but he’s also making enough plays to help win the games. The throw he hits Gonzales on against San Diego a few weeks in the two-minute drill, you’ve got to make a great throw there. It was good coverage. It was a critical drive, but he made the play. It’s not so much that he’s just being efficient, he’s making plays. That’s a bonus when your backup’s able to do that. I’m very familiar with Damon. He was our quarterback my first year at Washington. I coached Brock, his brother, during my time there. Damon’s always been a type of guy to do what he’s doing now. I’m just really impressed that he came into the league as a guy that needed to prove himself, and everywhere he’s gone, whether it was Miami, or New England, or now Kansas City, he’s never disappointed when they’ve called his number. I think the guy’s really earned the spot he’s in right now.”

(On Huard throwing very few interceptions) “He’s doing a great job of not doing things that kill you. From the flip side, he’s also making enough plays to help you win the game.”

(On T Claude Wroten) “We’re utilizing him a little bit more in our sub packages. His specialty as a young player is probably going to be a third-down pass rush player. We’ve even moved him in some of our odd or three man stuff, to the end because he does have enough pass rush get-off speed to force the rush from there, not just as a tackle. He’s also becoming a bit more of a versatile player. He went down on the opening kickoff last week and got a tackle. You don’t see defensive tackles on kickoff coverage teams very often. That shows that he’s a good enough athlete to do that to make the tackle on the 20-yard line. He’s been, really, one of the young players that has really bought into the fact that you need to improve every day and stick with it. He wasn’t active one game. That, instead of discouraging him, motivated him to work harder next week, and to earn his way back out on the field. He gets more and more playing time, and more situations every week.”

(On the return game) “We’re working on the details of our return game. I think our return game’s very solid, very similar to what most people do. We haven’t executed it. Our timing isn’t there. Some of that’s my fault because I’ve been moving returners around. I think one of the things we need to do and strive for is try to keep a consistent returner there so we can get our timing down. It’s like anything else. You keep changing quarterbacks, that’s not necessarily the answer. You’ve just got to get better at what you’re doing. We were actually close on a couple returns last week. There were a couple that weren’t, but there were a couple that were closer than they looked. A guy tried to take a knock-out shot on a guy. Another guy took a bad angle. Had we got those two blocks, who knows what kind of returns…but they would have been very good. We’ve got to build on that, and take the challenge that we’re going against the elite return team, or returner, probably of the National Football League. Hopefully we can negate that by having success at it ourselves.”

(On blocking being the largest emphasis of the return game) “No question. That’s what was glaring when we were watching the tape. It doesn’t feel that way, necessarily, when you watch in the game, because you’re getting a little discouraged because you’re not getting decent field position off that. If you look back on it, they did a better job of holding blocks this game than the have the last two, we just had one guy have an error, and that costs you. We’ve got to really take a little more pride in that.”

(On having a target number of carries for RB Steven Jackson each week) “I think it was said that you’re looking for the mid 20s. I don’t really put a number on it because if someone lined up, came into the game and lined up in a bear front with eight men out in the box, those touches would go to [Isaac Bruce] and [Torry Holt] and people like that. I think you’ve still got it, even when the run isn’t there, or you’re having a lot of success with it. you’ve still got commit to it because it’s not as easy as it sounds to get the ball to the receivers when there’s not a threat to run, even when they’re lining up to take the run away. I think we’ve hit around 20-plus carries, I know, every time but one. When we do that, I think we’re in position to win the game. Then the receiving part comes as a bonus because we factor our running back into the progression, and Marc knows that a big part of what he’s doing as a quarterback is he’s not necessarily always trying to push the ball down the field. You want to do that if it’s there, but if they cover it, he knows that this guy can create a lot of yards with his legs. That is part of it. As far as a number, I think it’s hard to say each week. It kind of depends on who we’re playing.”

(On the drive starts from kickoff returns) “You don’t want to get caught up in where you start. Over time as you evaluate, you want to look at your drive start and your field position. That’s one of the first stats I look at when I get the stat sheet after every game is your drive start. You want to see how you affected field position in that game, and if the other team has much more favorable drive start than yourself, that’s usually going to be a factor in the outcome. In this game, it was very much the case. I think it affects the team, effects the offense. If you’ve got to go 80, you’ve got to go 70, you’ve got to go 50, I just think where the ball lands you’ve got to go play it. Try not to get caught up in where it start. Logic says the better field position you have, the more success you have. Whether you score or not, you’re still going to effect field position if the field position is favorable most of the game. I think that’s a big part of why we want to get that ball out further than we’re getting it right now.”

(On Willie Ponder’s visit) “He’s certainly got some really good abilities as a kickoff returner. Probably one of the reasons he’s still not with Seattle or the Giants is by bringing in a returner, you would be having to figure out a way to get a roster spot of a guy that would be playing a lot of special teams, and here’s a guy who’s really going to be on one. Who are you going to take off the roster for Sunday? By signing him, you’d really be signing an inactive player in my mind right now. We do need to improve in our return game and that’s why he was here. Just to evaluate. You never know. Anything could happen between now and four, five, six weeks from now. You like to be a little proactive with it. It didn’t necessarily mean we were going to bring him in right away, but is someone we’d be looking at if we continue to struggle. It wasn’t that easy. I think it would really affect our special teams war in a negative way, because we’d loose a pretty good core player by bringing him out.”

(On what S J.R. Reed has to do to become active once again) “I’ve told J.R. this, and I’ve said it a number of times, we weren’t doing a good enough job at that time to warrant just going somewhere else, as far as who was going to come up. What had happened is that we’d had some secondary injuries, and we brought [Dwaine] Carpenter back. He came up. Gave us some more depth in case we had any problems, and actually for two games played very, very well on our special teams. That sometimes happens. It isn’t anything he did. It maybe is a touch of bad luck for him in a sense. He’s a great guy, great person, who understands that maybe he just needs to be patient, keep working hard. If something happens he’ll get another opportunity, but we haven’t given up on him.”

(On being confident in the kickoff return position) “I think we’re still trying to find that guy. That guy’s still here. I think by doing a better job as a unit, that guy will start to surface more. That’s kind of the approach you’ve got to take. It’s easy to get a little bit of a knee-jerk reaction when things aren’t going well, and start maybe searching for answers personnel wise. We’ve done that somewhat. I’d say that’s really not the case. I think we’ve just given some of the guys an opportunity to maybe step up and prove themselves. It hasn’t happened yet, and I think we’ve got to stick with the plan that we’ve got to get better as a unit, and I think the individual will surface if we continue to do that.”

DE Leonard Little

(On how the defense felt about their performance against the Chargers) “It was disappointing as a defense, but knowing the guys that I play with and knowing the guys that play on defense, we’re going to have a better effort this week. We’re going to see the same things we saw last week. We have to make the proper adjustments at the right time and I think we’ll play better this week.”

(On why the Chargers running game was so successful against the Rams) “We just weren’t getting our run fits and we missed a lot of tackles. When you don’t get your run fits it always leaves a big gap, and that goes back to square one. We weren’t getting our run fits on some things they were doing and they capitalized on them and won the game.”

(On Chiefs Running Back Larry Johnson) “He’s very patient. He’s a very patient runner. He sets up his blocks, he reads all of his blocks and gets off of his blocks well, he’s very patient, and he’s strong, so he breaks a lot of tackles too. He’s one of the best we’re going to face all year, besides the guy we faced last week. We have a challenge ahead of us.”

(On comparing Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson to Chiefs RB Larry Johnson) “LT (LaDainian Tomlinson) is a little bit faster and quicker, but their styles are similar because both of them break tackles and can take it the distance any time. They are somewhat different but they are a lot alike when they hit the hole and get downhill. I think he’s more physical. He’s a bigger guy and he’s more patient and when he gets downhill, he’s hard to bring down.”

(On Chiefs QB Damon Huard’s success) “When you have the running game going like they have now, it makes it easier for the quarterback. He can get out in play action and get some other things going, but I think the key is stopping the run. That’s every week for every team in the NFL to stop the run. That’s going to be our challenge this week, stopping the run. Hopefully we can get some pressure on the quarterback and do some things that way.”

CB Tye Hill

(On knowing the Chiefs personnel because of their preseason matchup) “I remember playing against them in the preseason a little bit. I have a pretty good feel of what I’m going to be going up against.”

(On what the Rams defense will work on this week) “Just little things that could have made a big difference in the game like our run fits and missed tackles here and there. It’s just one of those things where you look at it and see how you’ve come up short.”

(On Chiefs RB Larry Johnson) “He’s a very patient runner. He will sit back there and wait for his holes to develop and once he gets to the hole, if it’s not open, he has the power to keep going, so we’re going to have to do a good job of gang tackling this week.”

(On stopping the run being emphasized today in practice) “That’s always an emphasis. We took pride in it today, from the secondary, up to the line.”

CB Travis Fisher

(On what he thinks the Rams defense needs to do to be successful) “Let’s get back to the basics and how it started in Week 1. Stop the run, get back to our assignments and pay more attention to detail.”

(On how he felt about today’s practice) “We want to get back to the way that the Rams play football. We definitely came in focused today as a team and especially as a defense from what I saw. We came in focused, paying more detail to our assignments.”

(On Chiefs RB Larry Johnson) “They have a great team and a great offense. Larry Johnson brings a lot to the table for their offense. It’s not about Larry Johnson and the Chiefs; it’s about the St. Louis Rams and the defense, and how well we play right now.”

(On if he thinks the Chiefs will have a similar to gameplan to the one they used in their preseason matchup with the Rams) “They can come out and do pretty much anything. I’m expecting them to play Chief football the way they’ve been playing it. They’ve been doing a pretty good job so I expect them to keep doing what they’ve been doing.”

(On Chiefs QB Damon Huard) “He’s playing with a lot of confidence right now and he’s looking great. I think all of their players right now are playing very well, at a high level and are playing great football.”

(On Sunday’s game vs. the Kansas City Chiefs) “We definitely have something to look forward to, going into this game. We definitely want to get this win, correct some mistakes we made last game, and get back to Ram football and show everybody that we are a great defense.”

NT Jimmy Kennedy

(On how the loss in San Diego affected the Rams players) “What they did to us hit our pride and guys are taking it personal and we have to go out there and stop the Chiefs.”

(On Chiefs RB Larry Johnson) “He’s a big threat. Everybody knows I played with him at Penn State, so I’m use to it now. He’s definitely a big threat, capable of having a big game against us.

(On keys to success against the Chiefs) “We just have to go out there fix the mistakes we made last week and move forward. We just need to be a little bit stouter and be disciplined in what we’re doing; just play our game.”

(On comparing Chiefs RB Larry Johnson to Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson) “Everybody knows LaDainian Tomlinson is the best player in the league right now. You put that guy up there with Michael Vick, as far as thinking you have him stopped when you really don’t. He can escape out of everything. He had a great game last week. He’s a power runner. He’s not as shifty as Tomlinson is, but he can still make a guy miss. Tomlinson can make a move inside of a move.”

(On the Chiefs being on a roll right now) “They’re playing big time ball. They went out there and did what we wanted to do to San Diego. We’re going to have our hands full with those guys and we have to come ready to play.”

(On possibly trash talking with former teammate Larry Johnson) “I talk trash all the time. Every time I get a chance to talk trash I do it. I’m quite sure I’ll have a few words for him. It’s all in fun though.”

QB Marc Bulger

(On how he feels throwing the ball) “I feel good now throwing it. Obviously there is still a way to go with the offense, but like I said, the record is the only thing that matters. We’ve been getting better on offense, which is a plus. We haven’t been having the roller coaster like you don’t want to have when there’s a new system and I think we’re heading in the right direction.”

(On this possibly being the most productive stretch of games in his career) “A couple of years ago I had a pretty good stretch. Sometimes you have a really good stretch and then something bad happens to you, a tipped ball and things like that. I think the circumstances are right for good stats right now, but that doesn’t matter unless we win.”

(On the time it took for the players to embrace the new offense) “It’s about what I thought. I said a couple of weeks ago, ‘We’re in Week 7 and I think everyone’s embraced it.’ We’re not where we’re going to be, but we’re scoring points, which is nice. You look around the league and a lot of coaches and offenses get a year or two to get acclimated, but I think our guys have done a good job in the first part of the season to get used to it.”

(On feeling a lot more comfortable in the offense) “The first couple of weeks, I don’t know if that is to be expected or not. Just little timing things that I think I can look back now and see what the problem was, but at the time it was kind of hard to pinpoint what it is.”

(On playing against the Kansas City Chiefs) “Hopefully better than we did in the preseason. They have a good group up front; obviously they have veteran guys in their secondary like Sammy Knight, Ty Law, and Patrick Surtain. All of those guys are pretty much household names. Whether they’re older or not, they’re still great athletes. They’ve seen every release; they’ve seen every formation from an offense. For me it’s going to be important to stick to my rules and don’t force it.”

(On more receivers getting involved as the season progresses) “I just throw where the coverage tells me to go and that’s why the guys on our team don’t get frustrated when they don’t get the ball. I know Isaac (Bruce) is a great player and it’s tough to get him the ball sometimes, but the coverage dictates it to me. On some occasions I can pick, but rarely do I just pick a guy because of who it is. I try to stick to my rules, and they might as well not have numbers out there.”

(On Chiefs QB Damon Huard’s success) “At first I think he was trying not to mess it up because they have such a good quarterback with Trent (Green) and Larry Johnson. I think he’s gotten to the point now where he’s one of the reasons why they’re winning. To not make mistakes, throw touchdowns, and get wins are the most important things and he’s been pretty impressive.

Chiefs Head Coach Herm Edwards

(On having a good relationship with RB Larry Johnson) “I think that’s one that I’ve been working on since I’ve started here. I think he’s starting to learn to trust me and that I always have his best interest in hand with whatever we do, whether it’s on the field, or off the field. I think its communication. We’re always talking, talking about things, whether it’s football or other things. I think that’s important.”

(On Johnson or the offense as a whole making changes contributing to his recent success) “I think it’s a little bit of both. A lot of it has to do with, obviously, plays. First couple games, we were a little bit out of sync, obviously, after we lost our quarterback. Then Damon [Huard] came in. Has done a great job. Our offensive line, we lost some players early. When Willie Roaf retired, and obviously John Welbourn wasn’t here for a while. We were kind of going through a transition with that. We weren’t getting a lot of plays offensively. We didn’t have a lot of rhythm. In other words, we were a lot of three and out, so it very, very hard to get your running game, or your passing game, together. Then I thought after the bye week, we really kind of sat down and decided, ‘This is what we need to do a little bit better offensively.’ Damon, obviously, it all spun around Damon and Larry [Johnson]. The last couple weeks, we’ve gotten off plays. We’ve stayed on the field longer, and with that happening, obviously our running game’s picked up, and our passing game’s picked up.”

(On his club overcoming tough obstacles) “We’ve had a few placed at our feet, obviously. Like I told them, when I took this job eight months ago, it was obviously a different team. I didn’t know that there was going to be a bunch of guys retiring, or a bunch of guys getting hurt, but that happens. That’s a part of pro football, and you know it. For the most part, we’ve kind of come together. We’ve weathered a couple storms or two. We’re playing a lot better than we were earlier, but you anticipate that with your football team. I think every coach anticipates that after about week seven or eight that you’re going to get better. You’re going to get better as a team. That’s what you strive to do. You strive to get better in the months of November and December, because if you’re going to try to go to the playoffs, that’s when you need to be at your best, in those months.”

(On telling the guys “It’s about your will to play”) “I believe that. Especially the last few games in the fourth quarter. A lot of these games go into the fourth quarter, unless you get a lot of turnovers early in the football game and it becomes lopsided. Generally, the fourth quarter is about your will, it really is. It’s about your will against your opponents. It’s probably a tight game, a one score game, and just a matter of playing, and doing the little things correctly, and never believing that you’re not going to win the game.”

Chiefs RB Larry Johnson

(On how his body feels after 39 carries and 41 touches on Sunday) “I was fine. I don’t get hit. I give hits.”

(On not having to spend extra time in the training room) “No. I don’t have to spend extra time anywhere. This is what we do. This is what Big 10 backs and Penn State backs do. We’re not quick slashing type guys that need to run out of bounds. That’s not how my body was conditioned. My body was conditioned to take hits and take blows. So that’s why when people say ‘Are you sore,’ I’m not really sore. I practiced today and I had fun jumping around. My body wasn’t aching, so I had fun.”

(On if any changes have contributed to his recent success) “I’m having a little bit input as far as what we do as far as the running plays and the things I like and the things I don’t like. I’m having more of an input more now than I have been since I’ve been here, so I think that has something to do with it. Of course, talking it over with the offensive linemen, and finding out what they like, and what they don’t like. I think that’s what’s making it work.”

(On adjusting to the offensive line changes) “Their job is really to block and to block their men. All I have to do is to run and anticipate where the hole is going to be. If it’s not there, then I have to have my second option of trying to find out where the hole is going to be after the point of impact. I’m not going to gauge what one new guy does or what another new guy does. We all block the same scheme. We all run the same scheme pretty well and that’s how we get things done.”

(On the Rams’ defense) “Those guys, they run to the ball. They play good together. They remind me of the defense that we played in preseason, and every season when we play them. So it’s like we’ve seen them before. I anticipate a whole new different mindset as far as their defense playing at home as far as what they’re going to do to get things done.”

(On settling down in the NFL in order to be successful) “I didn’t have to settle down. People just had to get used to what I’m about and what I’m trying to do as far as how my career goes. If I’m not on the same page as me, then I can’t be on the same page as them. That’s kind of how the transition goes. Herm [Edwards] came in and was on the same page as me and trying to get done the same things that I’m trying to get done. That’s how everything jelled together and how everything worked. That’s why we can have little skits where I’m making fun of him, or he’s making fun of me, because we’re on the same page.”