In another thread we were discussing the business end of Rosenblooms decision. This further emphasises that Rosenbloom DID want georgia to have the team. Steve Rosenbloom explains why.


Carroll's offspring from an earlier marriage had begun, as a teenager, doing Colts laundry. Rosenbloom figured to be succeeded by his kid as franchise boss. By now, so much has become estranged. Steve and Georgia don't speak.

"My dad should be able to see what's happened to his legacy," Steve told the Post-Dispatch. He lives north of New Orleans in Covington, La. "Dad wasn't dead 15 minutes and she was in her glory.

"Dad told me he was trying to take advantage of the widows tax exemption (by making Georgia the prime beneficiary). He said he'd rather trust Georgia to do the right thing than to battle with Uncle Sam. He expected her to sit home and do the social things."

source St. Petersburgh Times